This is a list of the characters seen in The Loud House.

Main Characters

The following characters are the major characters seen in most of the episodes.

Picture Name Description
S2E08A Ace Savvy
Lincoln Loud The series' protagonist, an 11-year-old boy who is the middle child and only son in his family. He is known for making creative plans around his sisters' antics to get through the day and achieve his goals. He is usually seen reading comic books and playing video games.
S03E16A Lori asnwering it
Lori Loud The oldest sister in the family. She is 17-years-old, and while sometimes overbearing and cruel, is truly a caring sister, and leader at heart. She often leads sibling meetings and, spends most of her time on her phone with her friends, especially her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago.
S3E11B Dream Shopping List
Leni Loud The second-oldest sister in the family. She is 16-years-old, and although she may not be very bright, she is very kind-hearted. However, she does possess a vast knowledge of fashion designing and can turn nearly any piece of fabric into clothing. She can also easily pick locks.
S03E17 I need direction
Luna Loud The third-oldest sister in the family. She is 15-years-old, a free-spirited and caring musician, with a great passion for rock and roll music. She plays different instruments, but mainly her electric guitar, which she refers to as her "axe".
S1E18A Luan breaking fourth wall 4 Luan Loud The fourth-oldest sister in the family. She is a fun-loving, goofy 14-year-old comedienne and prankster. On April 1st, she sets up pranks around the house, making her siblings want to stay in their rooms. However, Luan has her methods of luring them out.
S3E19B Yeah, I guess they are after all
Lynn Loud The fifth-oldest sister in the family. She is an athletic 13-year-old tomboy who participates in various types of sports, is very competitive, and superstitious. She is always determined to be number one.
S3E08B Lucy Reading a Poem
Lucy Loud The fifth-youngest sister in the family. Lucy is an 8-year-old goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear out of nowhere, which often frightens her siblings. Still, she has amazing poetry skills and never fails to ask her siblings for rhymes of words.
S03E17 Lana dancing on a toilet
Lana Loud The fourth-youngest in the family, 6-years-old, and the older of the family's two twin girls. Lana is a tomboy who loves to play in mud, much to her twin Lola's annoyance. She's also very well experienced with tools and has numerous exotic pets.
S2E23A The more you read the easier it gets
Lola Loud The third-youngest sister in the family, 6-years-old, and Lana's polar-opposite identical twin sister. Lola is a conceited and occasionally bratty girl, who often assumes the role of an antagonist whenever her siblings anger her.
12DoC Ten beakers mixing
Lisa Loud The second-youngest sister in the family who, despite being only 4-years-old, is very smart and gifted. She enjoys different experiments, and also using her siblings as test subjects. She also invades their privacy such as installing cameras in the bathroom.
S3E02A You Yincoln Youd
Lily Loud The youngest sister in the family. She is only 15-months-old, and her diaper has a foul smell, which she takes off mostly. Lily rarely cries, and she is often seen as very happy and bubbly in the Loud House.
S2E05A I don't need that appointment Clyde McBride Lincoln's best friend, who is also 11-years-old, serves as a wingman to him in his exploits, follows him in his adventures and also being his partner in crime. He also has an unrequited crush on Lori.

Supporting Characters

The following characters have appeared in several episodes often playing large parts, though sometimes appearing only as cameos.

Picture Name Description
S3E18B Lynn Sr offers pizza Lynn Loud Sr. The Loud siblings' father, who works as a chef as of "Job Insecurity" and owns a restaurant as of "Cooked!". His kids have inherited numerous traits from him, such as Luna, with their love of music, Luan, with their sense of humor, and Lynn with their love of sports.
S2E05B Rita thanks Lynn Sr. for giving up Veronica Rita Loud The Loud siblings' mother, who works as a dental assistant as revealed in "A Novel Idea". She is more mature than her husband, but is very affectionate and loving towards her children, and supports them no matter what.
S2E03A Howard and Harold look at each other Howard and Harold McBride Howard and Harold McBride are Clyde's dads. Howard is the neurotic and overemotional one with buck teeth, and Harold is the calm and athletic one. They both show a lot of protection and care towards Clyde.
S2E18A Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas Bud Grouse Bud Grouse is the Loud's next door neighbor. He often calls out to the Louds, and says "Hey Loud", and then says something random. Lynn Sr. claims he is just "an old coot with a bad lasagna addiction."
S3E09B Bobby is recording a video Bobby Santiago Lori's boyfriend, who often works at various locations. Like Leni, he is not very bright, but he is really friendly and caring, and responsible as well, as he takes his multiple jobs seriously.
Ronnie Anne characters page Ronnie Anne Santiago Bobby's younger sister, and Lincoln's former bully and second best friend. She has an aggressive personality, and depicts it to everyone else, but she loves her family and friends as well.
S2E13 Maria felt relived from those cats Maria Santiago Maria is the mother of the Santiago siblings, who works as a nurse. While she often works double-shifts at the hospital, she cares very much for her family.
S2E13 Hector with canned sardines Hector Casagrande Hector Casagrande is Rosa's husband and the owner of the family's bodega, which he plans to let Bobby take over when he retires. He enjoys gossiping with his customers and serenading his family with his guitar.
S2E13 She's not done eating! Rosa Casagrande Rosa Casagrande is Hector's wife and the resident cook of the Casagrande family. While she is always happy to cook for her family, she tends to go overboard. She keeps many scented candles, lucky talismans, potions and health remedies.
S3E21 Come join us Carlos Casagrande Carlos Casagrande is Maria's older brother, Frida's husband and the father of Carlota, CJ, Carl and Carlitos. He is bibliophilic and an absent-minded college professor who often states facts he reads from books.
S2E13 One more! Frida Puga Casagrande Frida Puga Casagrande is Carlos' wife, and the mother of Carlota, CJ, Carl and Carlitos. She loves to take pictures for just about every family moment, but tends to be very emotional and is moved to tears very easily. She also has a talent for painting.
S2E13 Carlota looks into her wardrobe Carlota Casagrande Carlota Casagrande is the oldest and only daughter of the Casagrande siblings. She has a high interest in fashion, enjoys thrifting and giving makeovers.
S2E13 I'm Super CJ! Carlos Jr. Casagrande Carlos Jr. Casagrande, often known as CJ, is the second oldest of the Casagrande siblings and has Down Syndrome. He loves to play superheros and pirates.
S3E09B Well. hello, mi vida Carlino Casagrande Carlino Casagrande, often known as Carl, is the second youngest of the Casagrande siblings. He enjoys feeling like a boss and can be a bit of a show off sometimes, especially to Lori, who he has a huge crush on and will often try to upstage Bobby for her.
S3E21 Food fight! Carlitos Casagrande Carlitos Casagrande is the youngest of the Casagrande siblings. As a joyful and curious toddler, he likes mimicking every movements of his family.
S4E01 I just wanna try every new thing I can! Sid Chang Sid Chang is Ronnie Anne's newest best friend in Great Lakes City. Ever since her arrival, she strives to try out every new thing with Ronnie Anne.
S03E11A Same here! Liam Liam is a classmate with a bowl haircut, and a close friend of Lincoln's.
S03E11A Rusty at the sub station Rusty Spokes Rusty Spokes is an easily scared, ginger classmate with freckles, and another good friend of Lincoln.
S2E05A Fountain fixed Zach Gurdle Zach Gurdle is Lincoln's classmate at school and other close friend.
SOL Charles finds the last slice Charles Charles is the Loud family's pet dog, and is the pet the Loud kids seem to interact with the most (particularly Lincoln).
S2E11B Cliff chasing the laser Cliff Cliff is the Loud family's pet cat, and out of all the pets, has been the one who's interacted with the Loud family the least.
S1E03B Geo notices Linc Geo Geo is the Loud family's pet hamster, and is always in his hamster ball.
The Loud House Walt Walt Walt is the Loud family's pet canary, and for some reason, has a really angry expression most of the time, and tends to get annoyed by them, mainly Lincoln.
S2E13 Lalo Lalo Lalo is the Casagrande's pet dog, and will spend most of his time licking Ronnie Anne and eating a lot of food.
S2E13 Sergio fells in love Sergio Sergio is the Casagrande's pet parrot and will spend most of his time around Bobby while sometimes teasing the members of the family.

Recurring Characters

Recurring characters have appeared in more than one episode, but not in enough to qualify as one of the other major characters.

Picture Name Description
S2E05A I'd like to introduce our new student Agnes Johnson Lincoln and Clyde's enthuastic and cheerful fifth grade teacher.
S3E02B Albert winks again Albert Albert is the maternal grandfather of the Loud kids, and more commonly known as Pop-Pop. He loves adventures, sport activities, eating spicy food, and especially his grandchildren.
S3E21 Flip introduces the viewers 2 Flip Flip is the owner of Flip's Food & Fuel, and could be seen at times as a vendor at various locations. He is unhygienic and quite rude.
S03E11A This girl Girl Jordan Jordan (also known as Girl Jordan) is another one of Lincoln's female friends.
S1E17A Mick Swagger in Luna's fantasy Mick Swagger Mick Swagger is a rock musician, whom Luna heavily idolizes.
S1E14B Aunt Ruth giving orders Ruth Ruth is the Loud siblings' aunt, whom she asks to watch her cats, eat old moldy pudding that she offers, and to massage her feet every time they visit her, much to their annoyance.
S3E14B Scoots is at the scarves Scoots Scoots is an elderly woman who is always seen driving in her red scooter and has a tendency to be quite cranky, aggressive and brash.
S4E03A Dr. Santiago Arturo Santiago Arturo Santiago is Maria's (ex-)husband and Ronnie Anne and Bobby's father. He's a doctor of physics who currently lives and works in Peru.

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