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This article is about the Loud family dog. For the human character, see Minor characters/The Casagrandes#Charles Little Bull.

Charles is an animal character in The Loud House.


Charles is the Loud family's pet dog. He was adopted into the family when Lana found him and cried until they agreed to keep him.[1] He has been with the Louds before Lincoln met Clyde.[2] Although he generally does not play a large role, Charles makes frequent cameo appearances throughout the series.

Charles is a very sociable, friendly dog. He tends to hang out in Lincoln's room a lot and sleep on his bed, but Lincoln doesn't seem to have any more ownership over Charles than the other Louds. Charles also enjoys hanging out with Lana since they both enjoy playing in the mud, and he enjoys playing with Cliff, Geo, and Walt.

Charles also has a mischievous, scheming side. For instance, in "The Maltese Bear", he steals Lola's money for unknown purposes, and in "Pets Peeved" and "So Long, Sucker", he formulates plans with Cliff, Geo, and Walt.

Like many dogs, Charles has a big appetite and will eat many things. In "Slice of Life", he fights over pizza with Cliff, Geo, and Walt, in "Potty Mouth", he steals a doughnut from Lily prompting her to swear, and in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", he even swallows a note.


Charles is a Pitbull Terrier dog with small white ears, a small black nose, and a black spot over his left eye. He has freckles and a black concentric circle on his back.


  • Charles is named after Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, while he is modeled after the two dogs featured in Cliff Sterrett's comic strip Dot and Dash.
  • Of all the Loud family pets, he hang out with the Loud kids the most. He's also the most featured of the pets.
  • He is the first Loud pet to play an important part in a story, as he tries to make Lincoln confess in "Butterfly Effect", and the second time was all four of the original Loud pets in "Pets Peeved".
  • He seems to be the closest to Lincoln, Luna, and Lana.
  • In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Charles was present and was turning one year old when Luan was first starting comedy at age eight, which implies that he is eight years old.
    • Seeing as he was present seven years ago, this means that Lana found him when she was still a baby.
  • One of the Lincoln Vlogs reveals that Charles was named by Lincoln, and that he was named after Charles Schulz in-universe as well as out-of-universe.
  • "Party Down" reveals that his now-deceased grandfather was a labradoodle. This makes Charles three quarters pit bull terrier, one eighth Labrador, and one eighth poodle.
  • As revealed in "Undercover Mom", Rita is the only person whose lap he sits on.
  • One time, he pooped in Mr. Grouse's yard, and the latter wanted the Loud family to pick it up for him.[3]


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