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Not to be confused with Chad.

Chaz is a minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "Party Down". He is one of Lori's friends and Leni's ex-boyfriend.


He is one of Lori's friends, who was invited to her party in "Party Down". He later leaves the party along with everyone else, but returns after Leni posts a picture of the new party.

In "L is for Love", Chaz appears to work at a clothing store. It is revealed in this episode that Leni has a crush on him, and she attempts to get his attention by pretending to be a mannequin, which startles him. At the end of the episode, she gives him a love letter.

He was mentioned by Lori liking her selfie in "Selfie Improvement". He also appears in a flashback at Lori's golf tournament.

He was mentioned by Leni sending her cat videos in "No Place Like Homeschool".

At the end of "Deal Me Out", Lincoln and Clyde run into him, along with Becky and Joey, at the Ace Savvy convention. It is revealed here that he, Becky, and Joey have been Ace Savvy fans since they were seven.

In "Friendzy", Leni invites Chaz over in order to have special friend privileges.

In "Really Loud Music", it is revealed in Lori and Leni's song that the latter is dating Chaz.

As of The Loud House Movie and "Undercover Mom", Leni and Chaz are implied to have broken up, as she is shown to have crushes on a boy named Scott and another boy with a cowlick, respectively. However, Lucy Rolls the Dice suggests that the two are still keeping in contact.


Chaz is an obese teenager with dark orange hair, and freckles. He wears an aqua blue cap backwards, a gold t-shirt with horizontal cream stripes, dark gray jeans, and white shoes.


  • Chaz will often say "Chaz like", when he sees something he likes.
  • Closed captioning sometimes misspells his name as "Chas."
  • He is probably 2 inches smaller than Leni.

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