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Got kicked out, Cheater by the Dozen?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Indonesia and Malaysia due to Bobby removing his pants and Clyde's reaction, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Cheater by the Dozen" is the eleventh episode of the second season and the sixty-third episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln and Clyde think that Bobby is cheating on Lori, they follow him around town, gathering evidence.


Lincoln and Clyde are playing video games at the latter's house, when he tells the former about "The 20/20 Rule," so that their eyes aren't constantly looking at the screen. However, when they look out the window, they notice Bobby, and Clyde immediately thinks that Bobby is cheating on her, when they see him go into another girl's house. After Bobby leaves, they go across the street, and ask him what he was doing, but Bobby tells them to not tell Lori he was there, stating it's complicated, and rides off.

Lincoln plans to tell Lori, but when he sees her, she looks so happy talking to Bobby, that he can't bring himself to tell her about what he and Clyde saw. Clyde calls him on the walkie-talkie, but Lincoln says that he couldn't bring himself to do it. Clyde mentions how he feels about Bobby, and the rest of the sisters barge into Lincoln's room, with Lola demanding that Lincoln tell them about Bobby cheating on Lori. After Lincoln explains everything that he and Clyde saw, Lisa points out that while what the boys saw and heard suggests that Bobby's cheating on Lori, they don't have enough evidence to prove Bobby's alleged unfaithfulness. Lana agrees to this, pointing out that a person has to be "a zillion percent sure" of something before telling Lori about it, because she will get furious if she's presented with false information. Lynn vouches by revealing that one time, after she once told Lori that they were out of bread but later discovered that there was still a loaf left in the house, Lori beat Lynn with said loaf.

Sometime later, the sisters (minus Lori) are with Lincoln at Clyde's house, as they stake out to get more info on Bobby. Luna announces to the others when Bobby shows up, and they listen in through a radio link, and notice them seemingly kissing through the curtains. When they exit the house, however, it turns out that the guy kissing Clyde's neighbor was a different person (presumably her actual boyfriend), while Bobby's apparently just friends with the couple. The sisters conclude that Bobby's not cheating on Lori, and get upset at Lincoln for apparently wasting their time.

Later, Lincoln and Clyde are at the mall playing in the arcade, when Clyde brings up the 20/20 rule again. They look away, only to see Bobby in another store, and with another girl. They once again suspect Bobby of being a cheater, just with a different girl, and proceed to try and get photographic evidence before telling Lincoln's sisters again. They follow Bobby around, and see him get into another girl's car, and they proceed to try and get proof that Bobby's cheating. They arrive at a hill, where they take a picture of Bobby and the other girl in the car, and they drive off. Lincoln and Clyde continue to pursue them, eventually Bobby gets dropped off, and they follow him to yet another girl's house. They use the girl's dog to get a camera into the house, and Bobby begins to remove some of his clothing, as this only strengthens their suspicions. They follow Bobby to a café, and they notice him doing a tango with random man. They once again see him with the girl from the mall, and they see them in a jewelry store, and Bobby makes a pose with a little jewelry box, that makes it seem like he's proposing to the girl. They now feel they have enough evidence to prove that Bobby is indeed cheating on Lori, and go to tell the sisters (minus Lori). They feel bad for Lori, as she is ecstatic for her and Bobby's date that night.

The kids confront Bobby about his alleged cheating.

They go off to tell Lori, but she's already gone, and they can't contact her cellphone, so Lincoln decides that they need to head over to the restaurant to confront Bobby themselves. They arrive at the restaurant, and question Bobby about proposing to that other girl. Clyde attempts to attack Bobby, but he falls back, and lands against a bunch of food, causing it to fall over on the floor. Lori arrives, and is surprised to see her siblings at the restaurant, and Lincoln tells her that Bobby has been cheating on her, which surprises both Lori and Bobby.

Lincoln presents all of the evidence that they gathered to prove Bobby's cheating on her, but Bobby disproves all of their suspicions. He mentions that the girl from the mall, Dana, is his co-worker from the department store, and explains that she assisted him with the dress and earrings that he purchased Lori for their date. The girl whom he drove around with is a girl named Monica (whom he knows from his tour guide job), and explains that she was helping him out by showing him romantic locations that Bobby can bring Lori to. He says that the older woman whose house he visited, Pam, was fitting him for a tuxedo, and that the man from the café is named Darin, whom Bobby met on the bus, and that he was instructing Bobby on how to dance. Finally, he explains that the first girl, Teri, is his co-worker from the pizzeria, and that she was teaching him how to order food in Italian Mandarin.

Lincoln, the sisters, and Clyde feel bad for thinking that Bobby was cheating on Lori, and assume that Lori will be (understandably) furious for nearly ruining her date with Bobby. However, instead of being angry, Lori appreciates them for trying to look out for her. Everything seems fine until Giovanni tells the group that his linguini dim sum was ruined because of them, so as punishment, Lincoln and Clyde (and presumably the other sisters) have to work with him in the kitchen to pay back for it while Lori and Bobby enjoy their date.


Lily, Monica, Darin, and Teri's boyfriend have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Tirages de portraits", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
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  • According to Kevin Sullivan, Lynn's line, "One time, I told her we were out of bread, but then she found a loaf and beat me with it." is his favorite line in the series.
  • The music that plays during the montage of Lincoln and Clyde spying on Bobby is the same as the title card music for "Get the Message."

Switched positions.

  • When Lori and Bobby are dancing Tango, and they do the spin, the positions they're in are reversed, with Lori being in the position that the man is usually in, and vice versa.
  • This episode reveals that Lori will get upset at whoever tells her false information. According to Lynn, one time, she claimed that there was no more bread left, but when Lori found a loaf of bread, she beat up Lynn with said loaf.
    • Humorously, later in the episode, when Lori says she is furious for everyone's suspicions, Lynn hides the breadsticks just in case Lori were to beat them up with them.
  • It wasn't clear whether Pam's dog was male or female, since Lincoln calls the dog a "good boy" and Bobby calls the dog a "pretty girl."
  • It's revealed that Bobby used to work at a department store, as well as a tour guide, and at a dry cleaners.
  • This episode shows that Clyde can get nauseous from shaky footage.
  • Teri's boyfriend appears in the episode "ARGGH! You for Real?," as a staff crew member.

That says "anchovy."

  • While Lincoln and Clyde are making "Kung Pao anchovies," the can they open reads "鳀鱼," which is Chinese for "anchovy."
  • Innuendo: When Lincoln and Clyde were viewing the footage from the dog, Bobby is seen taking off his pants, and Clyde quickly shielded his eyes. The way the scene played out implied that Clyde was watching an erotic film.
    • In addition, Pam's line "Why don't you slip out of those clothes, and we'll get started" implies that something inappropriate will occur.
  • Irony: The sisters get upset at Lincoln for apparently wasting their time, despite it being their idea to barge in his room and come up with the stakeout in the first place.

International edits

  • Due to the innuendo mentioned above, the episode was banned from airing in Indonesia and Malaysia.
    • In the Sinhala dub, the scene with the innuendo was cut.
  • The episode's reference to the Italian language ("Ti amo." "That's 'I love you' in Italian!") was localized to Chinese in the Italian dub.



  • Possible: Lori was seen with an extra pair of eyelashes when she was tango dancing with Bobby.
  • When Lincoln shows the pictures to Bobby, there is one where Bobby's with Dana in the dress shop, which is impossible, since Lincoln and Clyde didn't start taking photos until after that.
    • Also, there is a picture of Bobby with Teri, but Lincoln and Clyde never took a picture of that either.
  • When the dog approached Bobby, he was kissing the camera rather than the dog, so it is strange he did not notice the camera.
  • When the siblings confront Bobby about which of the people he was supposedly cheating with he brought to the restaurant, Luna says "the blonde, the guy, the dog?." However, none of the girls that Bobby cheated with is blonde. It's possible she was referring to Monica, but her hair is red, not blonde.
  • At the end of the episode, after Bobby explains, Clyde says he was wrong about the dog. Before this scene, Clyde was nowhere to be seen.
  • Occasionally, the bell on Clyde's tandem bike is missing.

Lisa has two voice actors?! Where's Lola's name too?

  • Normally Clyde's house doesn't have a bush right next to the door, like it was shown when Lincoln, Clyde, and the sisters (sans Lori) were spying on Bobby.
  • On CC (Closed-Caption subtitles), the caption showed Clyde as having said "hope" was replaced with e.
  • In the credits, Lola is misspelled as Lisa.


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