Clean-O-Clock is an online time limit game based on The Loud House.


Lynn Sr. and Rita leave the house and put the kids in charge of cleaning it while they're gone. You have 2 minutes to help the kids clean up as much of the house as possible, before their parents get back.

You will take control of Lincoln and four randomly selected sisters (except Lily).

A meter is in the top left corner of the screen to show your status on the house's condition. If it's in the red, that means you're in danger. If it's in the green, it means you're safe. If it's in the yellow, that means you're not in danger yet, but getting close. Your goal is to keep the meter away from the red as much as possible.

Each day, the house is split up into three sections, with the living room always being the starting point, as well as two other randomly generated rooms to clean.

  • The Kitchen
  • The Basement
  • The Front Yard
  • Upstairs
  • The Attic

When you choose one kid and have them clean up a mess, you cannot have them complete another task until they finish the first, but you can switch to another kid to do the work instead. You can swipe between rooms to clean up the messes around them.

The kids can clean up any messes such as stains, mud prints, the dishes, and pet poop. Lily is always in the living room in her high chair. Sometimes, she will make a mess in her diaper, and any of the kids can change her. Sometimes, the pets will come charging through one of the rooms and leave their messy prints on the floor for the kids to clean up.

Along with that, the kids also have some unique and exclusive items to look at or pick up at random. The object in question will appear in a speech bubble over them.


  • A comic book
  • His handheld gaming console
  • His walkie-talkie
    • NOTE: When this is used, Clyde will come over. If Lori happens to be in the same room as the walkie-talkie at the time, he'll look on lovestruck.


  • Her phone
  • The living room telephone
  • The TV (watching clips from the show)


  • Her special driving outfit
  • Luan's fake spider
  • The TV (watching a fashion show)


  • Her guitar
  • Her violin
  • The TV (watching a rock concert)


  • Mr. Coconuts
  • Her camera
  • Any of her siblings helping in cleaning
    • NOTE: When this appears over her, she squirts the sibling in question with her trick flower.


  • Her basketball
  • Her soccer ball
  • Her dodgeball



  • Her frogs
  • The bathroom sink
  • The TV (to fix it when it breaks down)


  • Her makeup
  • Her mirror
  • Her tea table


  • Her blackboard
  • Her book
  • Her beakers in her room
    • NOTE: This will cause an explosion and leave a stain on the wall next to her room.

If you click on an object that the kids were not thinking about or which does not belong to them, they will shake their heads in disagreement.

When time is up, the parents' reaction will be based on the meter's position at the time. If it's in the green, you did a good job and it will be added to your streak of successful cleaning days. Rita will also exclaim, "I can't believe you kids did all this!" while Lynn Sr. does a goofy dance. If it's in the red, they will be upset and your streak will be reset. If it's in the yellow, it will be added to your streak of successful cleaning days, however, the parents will be silent with neutral expressions and Lynn Sr. will not dance.

The game does not seem to have an end to it, as it can go on for many days and leaves off on the day you ended the last time you played it on your next session.



  • This game was released on the 1st anniversary of the show's premiere.
  • The clips Lori watches on the TV, if she wants to watch it are from "Changing the Baby" and "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".
  • The concert Luna watches looks like the one she was shown at in "Sleuth or Consequences".
  • If a day ends with the meter in the green, Lynn Sr. will do his cowbell routine from "House Music".
    • He's also wearing his clothes from his youth while doing the routine, although his pants do not expose his underwear.
  • The meter that keeps track of your progress is based on Lincoln's wrist meter from "The Green House".
  • Characters' lines of dialogue, the scenarios in which they say those lines, and the episodes they were taken from:
    • Lincoln - "Total Turbo 22: the world's awesomest racing video game!" when handed his console ("Driving Miss Hazy"), "Cadet Lincoln calling Cadet Clyde, do you read me?" when handed his walkie-talkie ("Left in the Dark"), and "Ace Savvy- the world's savviest crime-fighter." when handed his comic ("Sleuth or Consequences")
    • Lori - "Bobby... only twelve messages today? I thought you cared about me!" when answering the phone ("Get the Message"), "Finally!" when watching TV ("Get the Message"), and "Hello... oh, hi, Bobby." when answering her cell phone ("Left in the Dark")
    • Leni - "These are all the rage right now!" when wearing her driving outfit ("Heavy Meddle"), "What, is there a spider on me? Get it off, get it off, get it off!" when handed Luan's fake spider ("Left in the Dark")
    • Luna - "TV tonight is gonna be rockin'!" when watching TV ("Left in the Dark"), "One, two, three!" when playing her guitar ("House Music"), "When it comes to music, I know all" when playing her violin ("For Bros About to Rock")
    • Luan - "Wet's up?" when she squirts her siblings ("Space Invader"), "Science fiction stinks and that's a science fact!" when playing with Mr. Coconuts ("Changing the Baby"), and "This is totally gonna go viral!" when handed her camera ("Left in the Dark")
    • Lucy - "Fangs.." when calling Fangs ("Back in Black"), "Even I need a break from the darkness now and then", when reading Princess Pony ("Sleuth or Consequences"), and "And now a look into your future" when holding the crystal ball ("Come Sale Away")
    • Lana - "That'll hold, carry on!" when fixing the TV ("Toads and Tiaras"), "Who's hungry?!" when feeding Izzy ("Sound of Silence"), and "Big Bertha coming through" when fixing the sink ("Sleuth or Consequences")
    • Lola - "Mirror, mirror in my hand, who's the prettiest in the land?" when looking in her mirror ("Picture Perfect"), "It's princess makeover time!" when putting makeup on ("Overnight Success") and "More tea?" when having a tea party("Changing the Baby")
    • Lisa - "Some of us are trying to solve for Y." when she writes on the blackboard ("Along Came a Sister")
    • Rita - "I can't believe you kids did all this!" when you win ("Suite and Sour")
    • Lynn Sr. "How did we get such thoughtful kids?" when you lose ("Suite and Sour")
      • In the game, he's being ironic when he says this, but in the episode the line is taken from, he's being sincere.
  • When Clyde is lovesick, a dreamy version of the title card music plays. The standard title card music is also used at the end of a level.


  • Whenever Leni blinks or has her eyes closed, her eyelids are colored with Lori's eyeshadow.
  • Sometimes, the arrow on the meter will glitch out and point all the way to the far end of the red area. This does not affect your progress in any way, so you will be fine if you did a good enough job regardless of this happening.

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