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Cleopawtra is a minor character in The Loud House.


Cleopawtra is the pet cat of the McBride family. In "April Fools Rules", she is extremely violent and vicious. Despite this, Clyde views her as a sibling, and seems to care a lot about her. Clyde, Howard, and Harold usually have to put Cleopawtra in a time-out crate when she gets feisty. However, in "Baby Steps", she is shown to be much calmer and docile.

In the same episode, the McBrides get a new kitten named Nepurrtiti, who is supposed to be Cleopawtra's sister from a different litter of kittens.


Cleopawtra has orange fur, razor-sharp claws, jagged teeth, and bright green eyes.


  • Her name is a pun on Cleopatra, the last known pharaoh of Egypt, and the word Paw, which is what cats have.
    • This makes sense, due to her dominant nature. Also, people in ancient Egypt worshiped cats at some point in history.
    • In Portuguese her name is Cleopata, which is also a pun because Pata means Paw.
  • In "Purrfect Gig", it's revealed that both she and Nepurrtiti get nervous when two or more strangers come over, get cranky if not served breakfast at ten, get taken for walks like dogs, and hate baths.
  • "Clyde and His Dads" reveals that she and Nepurrtiti are afraid of the vet, the dentist, and cucumbers.

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