That was weird. Your life flashed before my eyes.

—"Two Boys and a Baby"

Clyde McBride is a main character in The Loud House.


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NOVEMBER 15, 2016 • Nickelodeon Animation

Clyde is an only child and Lincoln's best friend. He has two dads, Howard and Harold, who tend to his every whim, and are always there for him. He and his dads own a vicious cat named Cleopawtra, and a friendly kitten, Nepurrtiti. Clyde has also mentioned having a grandmother, and he is shown to have a goldfish in "Purrfect Gig". He and his dads live in a fancy single-story house.

According to an Instagram post from the production crew, Clyde is Howard and Harold's adoptive child. [3] This was later proven in "Baby Steps".


Clyde as a salesman.

Clyde is awkward, caring, nerdy, sweet, and supportive at the same time. Lincoln can always count on Clyde to help him with a plan. Like Lincoln, Clyde has a passion for comic books, video games, and science fiction movies. He is also a cat lover and owns two cats that he loves very much, even though his oldest cat Cleopawtra always misbehaves.

Clyde is quite intelligent beyond his years. He knows how to do taxes and about table manners as seen in "A Tale of Two Tables" and knows how to take care of babies because he learned about it from magazines in Dr. Lopez's waiting room. Besides, he seems mildly rich through his parents, given his nice house and lifestyle as shown in "Attention Deficit" and "Roughin' It". He is socially inept, but ultimately a very friendly and kind person. Clyde is patient and enjoys the company of all of Lincoln's sisters since he gets lonely with being an only child.

Clyde is very neurotic, cowardly, cautious, and worrisome. He has asthma, which requires him and his dads to carry an inhaler everywhere. According to his parents, he cannot consume meals with too much sugar or orange juice with pulp. Clyde is allergic to certain kinds of nuts, but not peanuts, however, as shown in "Snow Way Down", his dads are afraid he might later develop a peanut allergy. He is also sensitive to gluten (possibly non-celiac gluten sensitivity). "Dance, Dance Resolution" shows that he suffers from acrophobia, a fear of heights, and can show severe signs of altitude sickness because of it. Clyde often panics and overreacts; when he does, he hyperventilates into a paper bag that he carries with him at all times.

Clyde is a huge fan of Blarney, the show's version of Barney the Dinosaur as seen in "The Price of Admission". He knows all of Blarney's songs by heart. He also owns many stuffed animals that keep him company. Clyde has his laptop and a white noise machine in his room. "April Fools Rules" shows that he has a baseball trophy, possibly passed down from Harold (who used to be a baseball player). He also possesses both a humidifier and a de humidifier as shown in "Overnight Success" and "Pasture Bedtime".

A running gag on the show's first two seasons is Clyde's unhealthy and obsessive crush on Lori. Seeing, hearing, or even thinking about her causes him to freak out, bleeding profusely through his nose, and act like a malfunctioning robot in some cases. He occasionally faints as well. In his closet, Clyde has a shrine filled with candid pictures of Lori and treasures things she gives him or has touched or he has stolen from her. Clyde also sends Lori gifts, as seen in "Change of Heart", but Lori stores Clyde's gifts in a box. Sometimes, Clyde tries to sabotage Lori and Bobby's dates, but always fails and ends up making their love stronger. In the third season, this gag comes up a lot less frequently. Clyde may have finally managed to keep his excessive behaviors around Lori under control thanks to Leni's lessons. Despite this, Clyde still feels something for Lori, only that he does not prove it and does it now in a less obsessive way than in the past. After the third season, Clyde's crush on Lori seems to have disappeared definitively, as he has since had crushes on Stella in her introductory episode, and on Emma and later Chloe in "Brave the Last Dance". Meanwhile, Clyde and Lori seem to have become good brotherly friends, as shown in some later episodes and also in two official comic books "Loud and Proud" and "The Struggle is Real".

Nick Description

"Clyde is Lincoln's best friend and wingman. As an only child, Clyde is jealous of Lincoln's full house and is always willing to play his part in a crazy scheme. He has a big crush on Lori and can't act normal when she's around. Clyde spends so much time at the Loud House; he's almost an honorary sibling!"

—Nickelodeon, 2016


Clyde McBride Asset from the Loud House Game.png
Clyde wears circular glasses with thick black rims and blue-tinted lenses. He has freckles and black hair styled into an Afro. Just like Lucy, his hair always has a bright outline (although he is white and Lucy's is blue). He is normally seen wearing black pants, and a yellow-and-blue striped shirt with a white-collar. He wears black tennis shoes with three white stripes, and white laces on each.

Clyde's sleepwear consists of a blue nightshirt with a white collar and a pair of matching pants. Howard has mentioned that Clyde also owns footsie pajamas.


Clyde without his glasses.

Clyde wears glasses. They look nearly identical to Lisa's in design and color scheme. However, Clyde's glasses are somewhat more oval-shaped and less thick. The color of the lenses is a lighter shade of blue than Lisa's.

Clyde rarely removes his glasses. He has been seen without them in "The Waiting Game", "Roughin' It", "A Fair to Remember", "Kick the Bucket List", "Be Stella My Heart", and "Game Boys". His actual eyes are very small pupils with bags around them. The title card of "Baby Steps", which features Lincoln and Clyde as babies, implies that Clyde has needed his glasses since his babyhood.

Alternate versions and alter-egos

Girl Clyde

Main article: Genderbent Royal Woods#Girl Clyde

Linka and Girl Clyde.

At the end of "One of the Boys", Lincoln is sent to a second alternate universe in which every character's gender is swapped. A female version of Clyde is seen in a photo, alongside Lincoln's female version, Linka.

Girl Clyde has long black hair with a blue ribbon in it. She wears a yellow short-sleeved dress with a single, horizontal, white stripe in the middle. She also has glasses identical to Clyde's and purple hoop earrings similar to Leni's red ones. Girl Clyde might have a crush on Loki Loud, the male version of Lori, and she likely has two moms (female versions of Howard and Harold).

This version of Clyde eventually ceases to exist, as it's revealed the entire ordeal is just Lincoln's dream.

One-Eyed Jack

Clyde interpreting One-Eyed Jack.

Clyde is a fan of the Ace Savvy comic books, just like Lincoln. Lincoln and Clyde have cosplayed as Ace Savvy and his sidekick, One-Eyed Jack, respectively. In the episode "Sleuth or Consequences", the boys dress up as them for a comic convention that they ultimately never attend.

In the comic Deuces Wild! and the corresponding short, Lincoln and Clyde pretend to fight a giant gas monster as Ace and Jack. They are joined by the sisters' superhero alter-egos at the end of the comic to help defeat the monster.

In "Pulp Friction", Lincoln and Clyde create a comic book for a contest and imagine themselves in the roles of Ace and Jack respectively.

In "Tricked!", Clyde dresses up as One-Eyed Jack for Halloween.

In "Deal Me Out", Clyde cosplays as One-Eyed Jack, but then he and Lincoln are made fun of for cosplaying and wonder if they are too old for Ace Savvy. However, they eventually learn that one is never too old. Clyde also mentions to a little girl that Jack is the character he tends to cosplay as, and it's revealed that he dressed as Jack for Halloween at age five.

In "Crimes of Fashion", Clyde cosplays as Jack to assist Lincoln (dressed as Ace) in trying to determine why some scarves at the mall have been disappearing.

In "Recipe for Disaster", Clyde again dresses as Jack to help Lincoln (who is, once again, dressed as Ace) investigate something. This time, they are investigating the disappearance of Lynn Sr.'s recipe book and the fact that some frozen dinners have the same recipes as Lynn Sr.'s food.

In "Kings of the Con", Clyde cosplays as Jack at a convention, along with the Loud children, who cosplay as Ace and the Full Deck.

In the game Ace Savvy on the Case, Clyde cosplays as Jack on his way to a convention.

Danny McBride

Main article: The Loud Rabbits#Danny

Warren and Danny

In "White Hare", he appears as a beaver named Danny in Lincoln's dream.

Danny is a big brown beaver with a blue and yellow striped shirt. Danny is similar to Clyde in every way: awkward, caring, nerdy, sweet, and supportive at the same time. He also seems to have an unhealthy and obsessive crush on Betty similar to Clyde's crush on Lori.

Like Girl Clyde, this version of Clyde also ceases to exist since it was just Lincoln's dream.

Calyde of the McBride Clan

In "10 Headed Beast", Clyde, in order to entertain a bored Lincoln, pretends to be a warrior named Calyde of the McBride Clan.

Calyde resembles Clyde, only fully-grown and more muscular. He also wears a different outfit: black boots with large silver rims, black shorts, a lime green belt with a large gold buckle, a lime green jerkin, a blue collar, and black arm bands with a blue hem on the bottom and a lime green hem (with a red gemstone) on the top. However, he still wears glasses.

In the fantasy sequence, Calyde gives Lincoln's alter-ego, Linc the White-Haired, help for curing his boredom by getting an object similar to a TV remote. Despite being an adult, Calyde still speaks in Clyde's voice.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Clyde as The Ghost of Christmas Present.png
In "A Flipmas Carol", Flip dreamt of two Ghosts of Christmas Present, who resembled Lincoln and Clyde.

The ghost Clyde resembles Clyde but has no legs and wears a green elf costume.

In the dream, the two Ghosts of Christmas Present showed Flip the results of his conning. The ghost Clyde also frequently quoted Dr. Lopez to Flip.


Side view with different size lenses.

  • Clyde is allergic to gluten, but he can be seen eating things with gluten in a few episodes.
  • According to the official The Loud House Instagram's segment "Ask Lincoln Loud", Lincoln and Clyde met by running into each other, dressed as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, respectively.
    • This was then confirmed and incorporated into "Deal Me Out".
  • Clyde has dressed similar to all the members of the Loud family: he used Lincoln's shirt in "Brawl in the Family", he used a diaper to be like Lily in "Changing the Baby", and he dressed up like the rest of the Loud family in "The Whole Picture".
  • Whenever Clyde is shown from the front, the lenses of his glasses are the same size. When he is shown from the side, however, one appears to be larger than the other.
  • Clyde has broken the fourth wall and talked to the viewers in two episodes: "Changing the Baby" and "One Flu Over the Loud House".
  • Early in the show's development, when the Loud family was composed of anthropomorphic rabbits, Clyde was a beaver.
  • Symbols frequently appear in Clyde's glasses to express his emotions. For example, his eyes are replaced by swirls when he is nauseous and by hearts when he is lovestruck.
  • According to the Loud House Hairdo game, Clyde's hairstyle is called "Crispy Curls".
  • Clyde's ideal superpower is to not get a nosebleed every time Lori walks near to him.
  • "The Loudest Yard", "L is for Love", "Fool Me Twice", and "The Spies Who Loved Me" are the only episodes where he appears without any dialogue.
  • In "A Tale of Two Tables", it is revealed that Clyde knows much about table manners and likes helping his parents do the taxes. It is also revealed that Clyde has been at the grown-up table for his entire life because his dads don't have a kids' table.
  • As seen in the promotional short "Dinner Party", Clyde would probably sit between Lincoln and Lori at the Louds' feast table every Thanksgiving.
  • In "Overnight Success", Clyde proves to be a very good hackysack player.
  • In "Snow Way Down", it's revealed that Clyde is not allergic to peanuts, but that his dads are concerned that he will develop a peanut allergy in the future.
  • In "Cheater by the Dozen", it is revealed that Clyde gets nauseous from the shaky cam.
  • In "Out of the Picture", he stated, "I have nine years of therapy under my belt" to Coach Pacowski, indicating he began therapy when he was 2 years old.
  • It has never been revealed who Clyde's biological parents are, or why they gave him up for adoption. It is also unknown if Clyde ever knew his biological parents, or if his adoptive fathers knew them.
    • Also, Clyde McBride is not his birth name since he was adopted.
    • In "ARGGH! You for Real?", Clyde mentions being born 1 month prematurely.
    • In "Out of the Picture", Clyde tells Coach Pacowski that he has had nine years of therapy with Dr. Lopez. If Clyde followed Dr. Lopez's therapy for a long time, who was also Howard's therapist, this means that he probably was adopted when he was a very small baby (about 2 years old, or younger if Clyde began therapy after his adoption).
    • In the official comic "Love Out Loud", it is revealed that Harold and Howard have been together for 20 years. This implies that Clyde probably was adopted 8 years after the start of their official relationship.
  • The official Instagram page for The Loud House occasionally misspells Clyde's surname as "Clyde McBryde" in their hashtags, such as on this video, and this image.
  • It is revealed in "Change of Heart" that, despite having a crush on Lori, he hates the way he acts around her since he can't control himself when she's nearby.
  • It is revealed in "Tricked!" that Clyde's nose bleeds when he's scared.
  • It is revealed in "What Wood Lincoln Do?" that he can't blow up balloons because he loses consciousness whenever he tries.
  • As revealed in "Absent Minded" that Clyde has a perfect school attendance.
  • In "Antiqued Off", it's revealed that he has a love for antiques, and also that he doesn't like magic shows (and only goes to them because Lincoln likes them).
  • Clyde is the second person to change voice actors due to his/her voice actor hitting puberty, the first being Lincoln.
  • According to Living Loud: Surprise Party, he is allergic to dogs, hamsters, canaries, and bats. However, this information is dubious because the game also states that he is allergic to cats, which he is not, as evidenced by him owning two cats. Additionally, Clyde interacted with Charles in "Game Boys" and Walt in "Chore and Peace" and didn't have any allergy symptoms.
  • "Pasture Bedtime" reveals that Clyde feels nauseated when he lies, and "Stall Monitor" reveals that chamomile tea alleviates this nausea.
  • In "Tough Cookies", it's revealed that he started wearing striped shirts sometime after meeting Lincoln and that Lincoln convinced him to buy his first one.
  • It is revealed in a Listen Out Loud episode that he wants to own a restaurant when he grows up.
  • "Absent Minded" is currently the last episode where he had a moment where he thinks romantically about Lori.
  • According to Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's VLOG, he always picks "rock" during Rock, Paper, Scissors, due in part to the fact that his dads don't allow him to use scissors, even in an imaginary game.
  • He is shown to be quite a good cook. In "One Flu Over the Loud House", he makes the sick Louds a meal, in "Brave the Last Dance", he fixes up a cake, in "Flying Solo", he bakes to blow off steam, and one installment of the vlog reveals that he knows how to dice, saute, and flambe.
  • "Predict Ability" reveals that Lincoln always chooses him as his study partner.


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