This page shows all of Clyde McBride's different attires he has worn throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
S2E10B Lincoln and Clyde playing volleyball
Various episodes During a volleyball match, Lincoln and Clyde wear red T-shirts with a black stripe, and red shorts with yellow stripes.
Clyde Sleep
Various episodes His sleepwear consists of navy blue pajamas and white slippers.
S1E10A Linc Clyde having ice cream
"Hand-Me-Downer" and "Butterfly Effect" Clyde wears a purple cycling helmet.
S1E11A Lori and Clyde on bike
Clyde's Hazmat Suit
"The Waiting Game" and "One Flu Over the Loud House" Clyde wears a hazmat suit to Chandler's party. He wears one again so he can safely give the Louds his "Heal Meals".
Clyde in a Suit
S3E26 Clyde cheering
"Absent Minded" and "Cooked!" Clyde wears a blue suit jacket and a yellow tie.

Season One

S1E01B I will now
"Get the Message" In Lincoln's dramatization on how they will get Lori's phone and delete the hateful message he left on it, Clyde tears his shirt to reveal a white tuxedo underneath it. He also uses a black marker to draw himself a mustache.
S1E01B Clyde still bleeding
He is shirtless for a brief scene afterwards, with a mustache drawn on with a gold marker.
S1E04B You're making great strides
"A Tale of Two Tables" He is wearing an outfit similar to the outfit worn by Mickey from Rocky.
Barber Clyde
He dresses up like a barber to give Lincoln a new hairdo for the grownup table.
S1E04B Doing our taxes
He is wearing a green visor and has a huge pencil in his left ear.
S1E08B Clyde unmasked
"Changing the Baby" When he thinks Lily is replacing him as Lincoln's best friend, he spies on them disguised as a newsstand worker...
S1E08B new look for Clyde
...and a clothing mannequin.
Baby Clyde
He then dresses up like a baby thinking it's the only way to win Lincoln back.
S1E09A Clyde and Lynn with the hackysack again
"Overnight Success" His pajamas are dark blue. The top has a zipper.
S1E10B Clyde talking to Lincoln
"Sleuth or Consequences" He cosplays as Ace Savvy's partner One-Eyed Jack when preparing to go to the comic book convention.
Skydiving Lori & Clyde
"Butterfly Effect" He wears a red parachute when he goes skydiving with Lori.
Spider Clyde
"Along Came a Sister" In a flashback to the previous year's Halloween, Clyde went trick-or-treating as a spider, and accidentally terrified Leni and Mr. Loud, who are afraid of spiders. He wears his costume again to try to stall the Exterminator from killing Frances, but to no avail.
S1E12B Walt with Clyde smiling
"Chore and Peace" He wears a wedding tux when Walt accidentally ends up sending Lori's "text" to him instead of Bobby and he believes Lori finally decided to accept him as her beau (a boyfriend or male admirer).
S1E13A Boys in SMOOCH gear
"For Bros About to Rock" He dresses up as one of the band members of SMOOCH at Luna's insistence.
S1E15B Hello, Dr. Lopez?
"Save the Date" He disguises himself as a waiter at Jean Juan's French Mex to make sure that Lori and Bobby stay apart only to fail in the end.
S1E19A Clyde already did the pie crusts
"Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" Clyde and Lincoln wear identical aprons while baking.
S1E19A Linc and Clyde with balloon animals
They later wear bow ties while selling pies and balloon animals.
S1E19A Con Man Clyde
As the Girl Guru's partner, Clyde adds a tan-colored hat to the outfit from before.
Clyde McBride from the Loud House with Apron
"Roughin' It" Clyde wears an apron, similar to the one from "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", but with a white undershirt as well.
Clyde McBride from the Loud House Without Glasses
Clyde takes off his glasses so that Lincoln can use the lenses to make a fire.
S1E26A Clyde tosses his corn dog
"Study Muffin" In Clyde's fantasy of acting bad when he goes to middle school without Lincoln, he wears a black t-shirt and black pants. His hair is styled into a faux purple mohawk, and he has a skull drawn on the left side of his head.

Season Two

Clyde's Blue Winter Outfit
"11 Louds a Leapin'" Clyde's snow gear is composed of black pants, purple boots, a purple-gray jacket, and a gray hat similar to Lincoln's.
S2E1 Howard and Harold McBride with Clyde
Clyde wears a red turtleneck, while still wearing his black pants and shoes.
S2E02A How to adjust the expiration date
"Intern for the Worse" Clyde wears a white uniform, a black tie with a red outline, and a white soda jerk hat when working for Flip.
S2E03B Lincoln and Clyde's Picture Day photo
"Brawl in the Family" Clyde is seen wearing one of Lincoln's orange shirts for Picture Day.
S2E06B That is gross
"Cheater by the Dozen" Lincoln and Clyde wear white cook hats and white aprons, because they work in Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro to pay debt for the destruction Clyde caused.
S2E07B Plan C for Clyde
S2E07B Lincoln's inflatable pants
S2E07B Clyde prepares to impersonate Lori
S2E07B Recreating Lori giving Baby Lincoln ice cream
S2E07B Rusty appears
S2E07B Elf Clyde
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde recreating Lincoln's birthday
S2E07B Clyde as Lucha Libre Lynn
S2E07B Clyde as circus clown
Clyde the Lion Tamer
S2E07B Clyde as contortionist
S2E07B Clyde as connon man
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Luan on beach
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Lana building a snowman
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as his dad
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Lynn seeking easter eggs
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Lucy during halloween
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Leni giving haircut
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Luna
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as baby Lisa
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde as Lola
S2E07B Clyde as Mom holding Lincoln
"The Whole Picture" Clyde wears various costumes of Lincoln's sisters and parents, as well as one of Santa Claus' elves.
Student Council Lincoln and Clyde
"Out of the Picture" Lincoln and Clyde, as Student Council members, were wearing black robes, and white wigs.
Chess Club Lincoln and Clyde
Lincoln and Clyde, as Chess Club members, were disguised as pawns (Lincoln as a black pawn, and Clyde as a white pawn).
Morticians Club Lincoln and Clyde
Lincoln and Clyde, as Morticians Club members, were wearing black tophats, black suits, black trousers, black shoes, white shirts, and red bowties.
S2E14B Oh, hey Lincoln
"Room with a Feud"
S2E17A Clyde with a periscope
"ARGGH! You for Real?" When Lincoln and Clyde were watching the taping of ARGGH!, he wears a black turtleneck sweater, a beige belt, and gray boots. He also wears a purple helmet with purple night vision goggles on his head.
S2E24 We decided to go through the neighborhood counterclockwise this year
"Tricked!" To get into Huntington Manor, he and Lincoln wear light blue suit jackets, white collared shirts, and red and black striped ties.
S2E26A We are ready for launch
"Snow Way Down" Clyde was forced to wear an overly protective, bundled up snow suit by Howard and Harold. It was a puffy dark purple jacket with a scarf, mittens, a purple hat, and dark purple shoes.
Clyde's Purple Winter Outfit
Clyde wears the same snow gear in "11 Louds a Leapin'", but in purple.
S2E26A Linc and Clyde laughing
Clyde only wore his snow clothes and had to wear a yellow helmet, so he wouldn't kill himself, when sledding.

Season Three

S3E10A Kids also like Fishing
"Deal Me Out" While fishing, Clyde and Lincoln wear yellow life jackets with black straps.
S03E11A Humidifier
"Pasture Bedtime" Clyde wears a protection hat at Liam's sleepover.
S3E15A Lincoln and Clyde scraping barnacles off
"Absent Minded" He and Lincoln wear scuba diving gear.
S3E19B One sixth grader owned up to farting one time
"Middle Men" Clyde wears a lab coat during biology class.
S3E19B No way we can mess this up
Clyde wears gym clothes for gym class.
S3E26 Bail!
"Cooked!" Clyde disguises himself as a tree to help film Lincoln's commercial.

Season Four

S4E06B Firefighters Lincoln and Clyde
"Recipe for Disaster" Clyde disguises himself as a firefighter.
S4E9B Putting on spacesuits "Rocket Men" Clyde wears a space suit.
Brave The Last Dance 5-55 screenshot
"Brave the Last Dance" Clyde wears a black suit.
S4E18B Brave the Last Dance panorama 5
Clyde disguises himself as a chef.

Other media

One eyed jack clyde deuces wild
"Deuces Wild!" He cosplays again as One-Eyed Jack during his and Lincoln's superhero fantasy.
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