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"Clyde Tours Lynn's Table" is the sixteenth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Clyde shadows Chef Lynn Loud at Lynn's Table to learn the ins and outs of running a restaurant.


Clyde is pampered (i.e. sunscreened, sunblocked and a picture taken) and dropped off by his fathers at Lynn's Table, which is bustling with business at the moment. Kotaro is on his way to deliver an order of hot wings to a customer with special Lynn's Table roller-skates when he encounters Clyde, who compliments the skates and sends him on his way.

In the kitchen, Clyde meets Lynn Sr. and proceeds to shadow him as the lunch rush begins. The first meal of the day is a special Pump-Lynn pie; after washing their hands, they get to work, and Clyde picks up soap (actually olive oil) and passes some of the mixing boals over to Lynn Sr., who thanks him for "pre-gleasing" it. As they go on making the meal, they answer questions from listeners. The first from Gina, who originates from Hazeltucky, who asks them the secret to a perfect dish. Lynn Sr. says he'll get to it later as he breaks into song while opening up a can of pumpkin puree. Noticing the little ditty he just song, he attributes the secret to that.

Clyde attempts to mix and ditty as he goes, but fails. Lynn Sr. reveals that he has made extra pies before he arrived as a failsafe, putting those in the oven. Lynn Sr. says that making extras is a thing to learn in the restaurant business, outside trusting the customer's judgement and making sure not to read reviews.

Kotaro pops in to tell the two chefs that the lunch rush is on, and it's much more hectic than before, for it's the weekend of the Rattlesnake Roundup, which nets customers - and snakes - from here to the Poconos. Clyde inspects the crowd, and it seems he and Lynn Sr. have a lot of work to do... and one of the customers happen to be Scoots. Kotaro is sent to deal with her after losing an RPS game to Lynn Sr.

Lynn Sr. starts to tend to frequent customers like Mr. Grouse and Flip as the rush becomes absolutely hectic as Kotaro spills Flip's hot prune soup and a scorpion is found in Flip's soup, though Clyde is able to tend to the latter with some ice packs and some anti-venom. The pies are still in the oven; with the desserts prepared and lunch orders taken, it is time to get cooking. With a hectic schedule, they get to work. After serving the customers their order, Clyde asks Lynn Sr. one last question. This as the pies start burning! Lynn Sr. boasts about his ability to put out fires. Lynn Sr. swiftly puts out the fire and they stir up a quick backup dessert thanks to Clyde and his dads' recipe. While doing it, he nails the mix and ditty method, and it isn't long until the McBride famous banana pudding is ready to serve. Everyone likes the pudding; Lynn Sr. asks Clyde if he can add it to the Lynn's Table recipe book as Clyde is called by his dads back home.



  • According to Clyde, his dads always make him carry anti-venom and ice packs.
  • Clyde is revealed to want to be a restaurant chef.
  • Irony: The pump-Lynn pie starts burning as Lynn Sr. boasts about his ability to put out fires.


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