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The following is a transcript for the episode "Clyde and His Dads".


[At the McBride house, Clyde, Howard, and Harold are hiding in the attic.]

Howard: "Clyde, honey, why are we meeting in the attic?"

Harold: "In the dark."

[clyde turns on the light]

Clyde: "Because- [speak in the ear] Because we have to wrangle the cats to take them to the vet today, and I don't want thern to hear our strategy"


Harold: "It's time to take the cats to the vet again?"

Howard: "But I haven't healed from the last visit."

[Howard shows his injured arm from the last visit]

Clyde: "Don't panic. We can do this. Remember, there are three of us and only two of them."


Clyde: [shows the carriers] "We just have to get them in these carriers."

Harold: "Eaiser said than done."

Clyde: "Ah! Well, I present to you plan A: The element of surprise. And remember, stay calm. They can smell fear."


[In the living room, Howard tries to capture Nepurrititi with a network]



[Cleopawtra is sleeping and Harold tries to capture her]


[Nepurrtiti walks on the sofa and sleeps, Clyde hides in the couch pillow to capture her




[Back to the attic, Clyde and his dads plan another plan]

Clyde: "Onto plan B, the flank. Last I saw the cats, they were napping on the couch, which is here we'll ambush them. I'lll come from here, and you flank from here."

[they agree]

[However, like the first plan, that plan doesn't go well.]


[In the attic]

Clyde: "OK, plan B was a bust. So I guess we'll move on to plan C."

Dads: "What's the plan C?"

[Clyde shows a picture of a cucumber]

Dads: "Cucumber?"
[in living room] Clyde: I read somewhere that cats are deathly afraid of them."
[A cucumber is tossed at the cats, and the cats are horrified. Surrounded by cucumbers, the cats discover a box labeled "Cucumber Free Zone"] Clyde: "Ya!"
[and jump into it. Suddenly, it's revealed that it was a cage they jumped into. With the cats captured, the McBrides begin celebrating.] Clyde: "The internet was right, cats really do hate cucumbers."
[laughing] [Sometime later, Clyde and Harold are hiding in their dark attic again.] Clyde: "Dad, why are we meeting in the attic again?"
[Harold turns on the light] Harold: "Because when I went to get the keys, I saw the calendar on the fridge. The cats don't go to the vet til tomorrow. Today we have to take your dad to the dentist, and I don't want him to hear our strategy."
Clyde: "But I still haven't healed from his last visit!"
[In the room, Howard is taking care of the cats and hears Harold calling him] Harold: "Oh, Howie! Here, Howie!"
[In the end, Clyde and Harold attempt to catch Howard, which proves to be just as hard as trying to catch the cats.] Clyde: "Well, time for plan B."

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