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Coach Niblick is a minor character in The Loud House and The Casagrandes.


Coach Niblick is a golf coach of Fairway University. He first appeared in the episode "Driving Ambition". Coach Hutch introduced Lori to him. Lori tried her hardest to impress Coach Niblick. Initially her fails made him disinterested and he considered leaving, but eventually Lori impressed him enough that he gave Lori a spot in his golf team.

In "Don't You Fore-get About Me," Coach Niblick gave Lori a tour of Fairway University.

In "Ghosted!", Coach Niblick blows his whistle, but he is hit in the chest. With the Petoskey Open tournament the next day, Niblick complains about his team being off their game, but Raj then tells him that they are weaker because of Shanks Bogey's absence. The next day, he is seen at the Petoskey Open, cheering Lori after she gets a hole in one.

In "Lori Days", Lori's roommate Marisa quotes Coach Niblick's words of wisdom to give Lori advice.


He is a tall and slim man with big nose, short blonde hair and eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with a sweater around his neck, brown jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle, and white golf shoes.


  • In "Lori Days", according to Lori, Fairway University sells a Coach Niblick quote-of-the-day calendar.
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