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S4E21A Lynn and Mr. Grouse

Got kicked out, Come Sale Away?
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"Come Sale Away" is the thirty-eighth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


The children are determined to out-sell each other at the Loud family's annual garage sale.


The story begins with Lincoln explaining to the viewers on how he and his sisters compete in almost everything (which he proves by showing them flashbacks of Lynn beating everyone up the stairs, Luna carrying the most grocery bags, and Lola producing the biggest soda belch, all followed by them gloating, and doing victory dances in front of their siblings). Lincoln has not had much of a winning streak, so he is determined to outsell his sisters at their annual garage sale.

Originally, he does not bring in much money, so he tells Clyde to come over, and act to get people to buy his things. It seems to work, but despite this, Lincoln still ends up in last place. So he takes various materials from the house, and sells them. His sisters are outraged, and so they also take everything in the house to also try and sell them. Lincoln ends up bringing in the most money, but in the ensuing chaos they realize they sold Lily's blanket by mistake, making her cry. Lincoln promises he'll be a hero and get Lily her blanket back, but the girls see this as Lincoln challenging them, so they compete to see who can retrieve Lily's blanket first. They go to every house (resulting in them meeting an angry dog, an angry customer, a game of bingo, and Lori getting a trash can thrown at her) until Lincoln tracks it down to Flip's Food & Fuel and tries to convince Flip to hand over the blanket.

S1E19B Rita does the Victory dance

The Louds are performing their victory dances.

Lincoln must pay for the blanket, but when he arrives home with the blanket it turns out the sisters have the same blanket, because Flip swindled them out of their garage sale money. Soon, it's revealed that Lily's blanket was being washed as Mom enters the room with a basket of clean laundry and Lily is delighted to be reunited with her blanket. Mom finds out that the kids sold all of the materials/furniture in the house, which leads to them being grounded. The siblings compete over their victory dances, and eventually, so do their parents. Over at Flip's, Flip mixes the chemicals he bought from Lisa, which then causes an explosion, destroying his entire store.


T-Bone, Agnes Johnson, Lincoln's female classmate, and Billy's dad have no lines in this episode.


  • It is revealed on a picture on the wall that Lori used to have braces as a young teenager.
  • This episode occurred on a Thursday, because Lynn Sr. was cooking goulash, and in "Fed Up", it's revealed that Lynn Sr. cooks goulash on Thursdays.
  • The old black and white TV from "Left in the Dark" appears in the large pile, as the siblings were selling everything in the house.
  • Lily breaks the fourth wall in this episode when she gives a blank stare to the viewers while the others start to compete over who will find her blankie.
    • This suggests she was aware that they didn't sell her blankie and that she was actually pretending to be sad in order to make them stop competing over everything.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, where Lincoln dismisses having accidentally sold Lily's blanket, Lily says "Lincoln malo, ¡quiero mi mantita!" ("Bad Lincoln, I want my blankie!") instead of babbling like in the original version.
    • Also, Clyde's British accent is localized to a Cuban accent.



  • When Lynn says they must have sold Lily's blankie, Lana had front teeth for a second.
  • When Lucy and Lisa are playing bingo, one of the lady's cats is missing its nose.


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