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This article is about the Season 3 finale of The Loud House. For the episode of The Casagrandes, see Croaked.
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Got kicked out, Cooked!?
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"Cooked!" is the forty-eighth episode of the third season, the one-hundred-forty-ninth episode, the seventh full-length episode, and the third-season finale of The Loud House.


The kids promise to help Dad with the grand opening of his new restaurant by coming up with promotions, but their lack of teamwork and crazy promos lead to an ultimate nightmare in the kitchen for Dad.


Act I

Lincoln is putting up the finishing touches on an empty building. He explains to the viewers that today is the day that Lynn Sr. gets to open up his own restaurant: Lynn's Table. He explains that getting the restaurant wasn't easy.

  • The family had to find a building for sale, and the best they could find is a decrepit seafood restaurant that reeks.
  • Once it was bought, the family pitched in to fix it up. Lynn handled demolition, Lana fixed up the bathrooms, and Lisa became their personal health inspector.
  • Once the place was fixed up, Lynn Sr. needed to find people in need of work. A dinner theater actress and an irresponsible teen were interviewed, but were promptly rejected by the family. Eventually, Lynn hires Kotaro and the Burpin' Burger employee, Grant.
  • After finding their employees, Lynn Sr. wants his family to taste test the food and give detailed points about them, but the family, unable to resist the food's beauty, viciously eat it all without hesitation.

With the grand opening getting close, Lynn Sr. tells his family and co-workers that the only thing left to do is to promote the restaurant. The initial plan is to put up fliers around town, but Lori points out a typo on the poster: it says "GLAND OPENING" instead of "GRAND OPENING". With no time to fix the typo, Lincoln suggests that he and the sisters can do the promotions themselves, and Lynn Sr. accepts, saying that as long as they work together, the restaurant can succeed.

At the Loud House, the siblings hold a meeting, and each one of them propose their idea for a promotion. After presenting all of their ideas, they decide to have a vote to see whose promotion will be chosen. However, every one of the siblings gets one vote (with all of them admitting that they voted for themselves). Eventually, they get into an argument, and declare that they're bailing on the project. Lincoln, however, remains firm with his idea, and with Clyde's help, makes a commercial for Lynn's Table. It is broadcasted on TV thanks to the connections that Clyde's dads have with Patchy Drizzle. Lynn Sr. ends up loving the commercial, but realizes that the sisters are gone, and Lincoln says that they bailed out. Regardless, Lynn Sr. assures that nothing could possibly go wrong.

The siblings can't agree on a restaurant idea for their father.

However, at the Loud House, it turns out that all of the sisters are venting that their idea for a promotion is great, and decide to use them, no matter if someone gets in the way.

Act II

With a few seconds remaining, Lynn Sr. anticipates the grand opening of his restaurant, and when the time arrives, Lynn Sr. opens the doors, and at that moment, a bus full of people arrive. Rita helps the bus driver park and Lincoln escorts them to a table. At first, things go smoothly, but soon enough, the sisters arrive, telling Lynn Sr. about their ideas for promotions:

  • Lisa says that anyone who orders an entrée gets bottomless fries.
  • Luan says that when a birthday is held, the person whose birthday is today is sung a special birthday song, and gets a special dessert.
  • Lori reveals that she brought a photo booth to the restaurant, intending on drawing in a teen crowd.
  • Lana reveals that she allowed house pets into the restaurant after she made a menu specifically for them.
  • Lynn has invited her baseball team, and told her teammates that if their meal isn't at their table in 15 minutes or less, they get it for free.
  • Luna reveals that anyone who arrives gets a free performance from her, as well as saying that they do deliveries.
  • Leni hosts a bingo game for the elders, and says that anyone who gets a BINGO gets anything they want for free.

Eventually, Lynn Sr. becomes too overworked and stressed, and when the siblings barge in to tell Lynn Sr. to keep working to make all of the promises he made, Lynn Sr. tells them to quiet down, saying that he can't keep up with everyone's promotions. Suddenly, Leni unknowingly slams the door onto him, knocking him out cold. Realizing the chaos that they created, the kids admit that it's their fault. Lincoln says that he knows how to fix everything: he goes out to tell everyone that they can't fulfill all of the promises that they made, since they did it without their father's consent. Everyone's initially upset, but Lincoln promises that if they stay, they can get high-quality food for a low price, which they take a liking to. Working together, the family manages to appeal to everyone with the meals they make. Suddenly, Lucy arrives and says that she came up with the greatest way to promote the restaurant: by inviting Katherine Mulligan to the restaurant to interview Lynn Sr.. Unfortunately, Lynn Sr. is still knocked out, but Lincoln says he has another plan.

The restaurant is a success, and Lynn Sr. lets the family name some dishes after them.

During the interview, the kids control Lynn Sr. like a makeshift puppet, and respond to Katherine's questions with body gestures. As a result, the interview is a success, and Katherine encourages her watchers to come over to the restaurant. Back at the Loud House, the whole family watches the interview on TV, and Lynn Sr. is happy to know that everything went smoothly. The kids apologize for making the opening a nightmare, but Lynn Sr. is glad that they acknowledged their mistakes, and as a thanks, he's letting them name a few of the dishes after themselves.


Harold, Howard, Pop-Pop, and Myrtle have no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

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  ? [News report]
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  ? ["A Clincoln McCloud Production. All rights reserved"]
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  The Big Story - Richard Myhill [Katherine Mulligan says her opinion on the restaurant]
  First Date A - Otto Sieben, Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins [Ending]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • This episode takes place after "A Fridge Too Far", as Lynn Sr. stated in that episode that his dream was to open up his own restaurant.
    • This episode also takes place in 2018, because on the "A Clincoln McCloud Production" ending screen, roman numerals that read "MMXVIII" can be seen, which calculates to 2018.
  • Miguel Puga was originally the one who storyboarded this episode. For unknown reasons, he was replaced by Diem Doan in the final version.
  • It is revealed that the Burpin' Burger Employee's name is Grant, which he is named after his voice actor Grant Palmer.
  • The siblings' ideas for promotion to the restaurant:
    • Lincoln - A TV commercial
    • Lori - A photo booth to attract a teen crowd
    • Leni - A bingo game, and whoever gets a BINGO gets something for free
    • Luna - A free jam session for every meal
    • Luan - A birthday song, and a special dessert
    • Lynn - If the meal isn't brought in 15 minutes, it's free
    • Lucy - Bring Katherine Mulligan for an interview
    • Lana - A special menu for pets
    • Lola - A tea party
    • Lisa - Bottomless fries
    • Lily - Displaying her fridge art
      • Lily's promotion is the only promotion that is not known to have gone into effect. While Lola's promotion is known to have gone into effect, it is the only promotion with this criteria that was not shown on-screen.
  • The dishes the family suggested they add to the menu, and what their real names are:
    • Luan - Luan-chovy pizza (Anchovy pizza)
    • Lori - Chicken catcha-Lori (Chicken cacciatore)
    • Lana - Lana-cotti (Manicotti)
    • Lola - Buffa-Lola chicken wings (Buffalo chicken wings)
    • Rita - Hummus and Rita chips (Hummus and pita chips)
    • Lisa - Liso soup (Miso soup)
    • Lincoln - Beef well-Lincoln (Beef wellington)
    • Lucy - Lu-Caesar salad (Caesar salad)
    • Luna - Luna casserole (Tuna casserole)
    • Leni - Hamburgers (suggested by her)
    • Lynn Jr. and Lily were the only family members who did not suggest ideas for dishes.
  • This is the last episode to use traditional touch screen ink and paint animation as the show would switch to flash starting with Season 4.


  • Alex Kidd - The kid with the name "A. Kidd" could be a reference to this 1980-90s Sega video game character.
  • Weekend at Bernie's - The scene where the Loud Family controlled Lynn Sr. during in interview with Katherine Mulligan with strings and him wearing glasses is similar to the 1989's black comedy film Weekend at Bernie's as one of the main characters controlled his dead boss' body using string and has him wearing sunglasses.


  • When Kotaro and Grant were hired to work at Lynn's Table, Kotaro is seen wearing his usual clothes. In the next shot, he's wearing his work uniform.
  • When Lana and Lola get angry at each other, they have front teeth when they don't speak.
  • When the butterfly lands on the giant fish statue on top of the Something Fishy restaurant, the statue falls in the same direction as the side on which the butterfly landed was facing, when it should have fallen in the opposite direction.


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