The following is a transcript for the episode "Cooked!".


Act I

[The episode begins with Lincoln applying some paint to a building.]
Lincoln: [To the viewers, excited] "Today's the big day. The grand opening of my dad's restaurant, Lynn's Table. That's right, his dream of opening his own place is finally coming true. But let me tell ya, it hasn't been easy getting here."
[Lincoln looks up as it pans up to the restaurant's sign. Fade transition flashback to a different sign that reads "Something Fishy Restaurant".]
Lincoln: "First, Dad had to find a place."
[The Loud family looks at the restaurant that their dad picked out. The outside of the building appears to be grody-looking and worn down, and the fish head on top of the building rotates slowly for a second, and then short circuits. Everyone, expect for a jubilant Lynn Sr. and Lana, looks aghast at the worn down restaurant.]
Lynn Sr.: "So, what do you guys think?"
[Lily raspberries disapprovingly.]
Lola: [Pinching her nose in disgust.] "I think, it stinks!"
Lana: [exuberant] "That's the best part! [inhales deeply] Cod, with a hint of lobster paste."
[Lincoln, Lola, and Lisa are nauseated. Just then, a butterfly flies past them and it lands on the giant fish head, which shakes the second it does, resulting in falling off, completely avoiding the Louds, who scream at the incoming impact. The fish head then bounces off offscreen.]
Lynn Sr.: "Look, it's going upstream to spawn." [laughs]
[The fish head crashes into Vanzilla.]
Lynn: "Yeah, on your car."
Lynn Sr.: [notices] "AAHH!" [runs up to the destroyed van] "Ah--oh-oh no, not Vanzilla."
[Flashback #2]
Lincoln: "Once Dad bought the old fish shack, we all pitched in to fix it up." [A truck backs up to the old restaurant.] "Coming through." [The family set to work on the new restaurant.] "Lynn handled the demolition."
[Lynn tears up a part of a wall with a baseball bat.]
Lynn: "You want me to knock down that wall too, Dad?" [Runs to said wall]
Lynn Sr.: "No no, no no, no no no no no, that one's load-bearing!" [Starts chasing after Lynn]
Lincoln: "And Lana fixed up the bathrooms."
Lana: "I hooked you up big time, Dad. That bathroom is so nice, I wouldn't be surprised if people stopped by just to use it."
Lynn Sr.: "Well, I hope they'll at least buy an appetizer."
[Suddenly a toilet in the other bathroom flushes, Hops comes out.]
Lana: "Hops was testing out the heated toilet seats."
[Hops gestures that the heated seats are working perfectly.]
Lincoln: "And Lisa helped Dad get ready for his health inspection, though I think she was little tougher on Dad than the actual inspector."
Lisa: [Measuring the distance between the dumpster and the back door.] "Tsk tsk tsk, your dumpster should be a minimum of fifteen feet from your exit, you're three inches short, that's an infraction." [Lynn Sr. throws his chef hat to the ground.] "Hm, no hairnet, that's another infraction."
[Resumé transition]
Lincoln: "Next, it was time for Dad to hire a few employees."
Lynn Sr.: "So, why do you want to work here?"
Mrs. Bernardo: "I was just cast as Waitress #3 in the Royal Woods One Act Festival, so I need to prepare for the role. [stands up and begins singing.] Would you like a table or would you like a booth. [stops singing and Lynn Sr. is weirded out.] Oh, did I mention it was a musical?"
[Rita and the kids give a thumbs down. Another resumé transition.]
Lynn Sr.: "So, why do you want to work here?"
A. Kidd: "Yeah, my parents are forcing me to get a job since I left our car's sunroof open in the rain and ruined it, but I'm like, really responsible."
[Rita and the kids shake their heads for no, but Leni gives two thumbs up, and everyone looks at Leni.]
Leni: "What, I find him relatable."
[Lori and Luna give deadpan expressions.]
Lynn Sr.: "Why do you want to work here?"
Mr. Grouse: "I don't want to work here, Loud, I came to tell you your dog went on my lawn. Feel free to pick it up!"
[Mr. Grouse walks off.]
Lincoln: "But eventually, Dad found the perfect people for the job, his best friend and band-mate Kotaro, and Grant, the Burpin' Burger's two time employee of the month."
[Rita and the kids give thumbs up. Lynn Sr. hires Kotaro and Grant and they fist bump.]
Lynn Sr.: "Pound it guys, now blow it up." [They do so]
[Dishes transition]
Lincoln: "The best part of helping Dad get ready was tasting the sample menu."
Lynn Sr.: "Now everyone take a comment card and rate the dishes based on presentation, texture, flavor-" [Hears gnawing, and sees that everyone has already devoured the sample menu.] "Slow down, I need detailed feedback."
Lynn: [Belches up scraps of paper, and groans.] "I just ate my comment card."
[Everyone groans. End of flashback]
Lincoln: "All that's left now, are a few last minute touches."
[Lincoln puts the paintbrush into the can, and slides down the ladder. He walks casually to the door, but Leni unknowingly hits him with it.]
Leni: [Looking for Lincoln] "Lincoln! Dad's gathering everyone!" [Doesn't see Lincoln] "Oh, I guess he's not out here."
[Leni casually walks back inside, and Lincoln, having been hit by the door, falls to the ground in pain.]
Lynn Sr.: [As Lincoln walks in] "Hey everybody, I just wanted to say thanks for helping get this place ready." [Takes a breath, and pulls back the curtain behind him.] "Ta-da!" [Everyone admires the renovated place.] "Now there's just one thing left to do, and it's kind of a biggie; publicity." [Gestures to a wagon full of flyers, and starts handing them to his kids.] "Now, I had a truck load of flyers made for you kids to distribute all around town, nothing fancy just advertising "great food at a great price", I was thinking that could be our motto."
Lori: [Notices something] "Uh, Dad, I think there's a typo."
Lynn Sr.: "What?" [Looks at the card] "'Come on down to Lynn's table for our gah... gland opening '? Ah no."
Lisa: "It sounds like you're offering treatment for lymphadenitis."
Lynn Sr.: "What am I gonna do? There's not enough time to reprint these. Oh, ah, this is bad, this is a - no one's gonna show up and we'll be totally sunk." [Sighs, and Rita comforts him.]
Lincoln: "Hey Dad, I've got an idea; why don't you let us take care of the promoting? I'm sure we can come up with something."
Lola: "Yeah! We can help Daddy."
Luan: "Of course, I'd be gland to do it." [Laughs]
Lynn Sr. "Ah, kids, thank you; you don't know what this means to me, and I just know you'll think of something brilliant," [The kids are pleased] "when you put your heads together, you always do."
Lisa: "Whelp, I'll go ahead and recycle these."
Lynn Sr.: "Ah, sweetie, we don't have a recycling bin yet."
Lisa: "Oh, I see," [writes on her clipboard] "that is another infraction."
[Lynn Sr. facepalms]

[Back at the Loud House, the siblings are having a meeting.]
Lori: [Banging her shoe as a gavel.] "Okay, so let's all pitch our ideas on how to promote Dad's restaurant, then we can vote for our favorite. Who want's to go first? [Lincoln volunteers] "Why am I not surprised?"
Lincoln: [Taking the spot] "Picture this; airing on every TV in Royal Woods, a commercial for Dad's restaurant." [Pulls down a projector screen showing his plan.] "The angle, 'Let a man used to cooking for thirteen handle your huge party, big groups encouraged, buses welcome', a-thank you, a-thank you."
[Next is Lisa]
Lisa: "According to my research, and personal experience; there's nothing people love more than... Bottomless baskets of fries! I propose we offer them with every entrée."
[Lori's turn]
Lori: "I say, we install a photo booth," [holds up a reel of herself and Bobby.] "it would pull in literally every teen in Royal Woods."
[Luan's turn]
Luan: [Holding a cake] "So as you see, mine is the batter idea." [Smashes the cake in her face.]
[Montage of the other siblings' ideas.]
Lola: "Ta-da! It's perfect."
Luna: [Wailing her guitar] "Ta-daaaa! Yeah!"
Lucy: "Ta-da."
Leni: "And there it is, bingo."
Lynn: "It's a home run."
Lana: "And there you have it." [High fives Hops]
[Finally, Lily shows her fridge art and babbles.]
Lori: "Thank you, Lily, displaying your fridge art is a very creative idea. Now that all of us have presented, let's put it to a vote."
Lori: [Pulls out the last vote, the siblings are in suspense.] "...and one booger smeared vote for Lana's plan." [Tallies it on the chalkboard, which shows that everyone got one vote, all siblings except Lori groan.]
Lincoln: "It's officially an eleven way tie. Did everyone just vote for themselves?" [Everyone nods] "Well, I think we should go with my commercial idea. No offense, but... it's the most thought-out plan."
Lisa: "Excuse me, hours of research went into my fries proposal."
Lynn: "How are you gonna get your commercial on TV anyway, Stinkin'? Huh? Did you even think about that!?"
Lincoln: "Yes I did, Lynn! Clyde's dads happen to have a connection at the TV station."
Lynn: "Pfft. What a load."
Lincoln: "You're just mad that no one liked your idea."
Lynn: "Yeah, well, I liked it."
Luan: "You also liked the taste of your own burps. Now what about my plan?"
Lana: "Forget that. I say we use mine!"
Lola: "No! Yours stunk big time!"
Lola: "MAKE ME!"
[The Twins start to fight, followed by the rest of the siblings. They all stop.]
Lucy: "That's it. I'm done with this conversation."
Lori: [Spits out part of Lola's sash.] "Well, I'm done with you guys BEING IN MY ROOM!"
Lola: "Well, I'm done with looking at your face, Lori!"
[The rest of the sisters, minus Lori and Leni, angrily go back to their rooms, but Lincoln calls out for them.]
Lincoln: "Guys, wait! What are we gonna do for the grand opening?"
[However, the sisters don't listen to him and just slam their doors. Lincoln sighs as he heads to his room.]
Lincoln: [to the viewers] "Well, my sisters may be fine with dropping the ball, but I'm not. Dad's counting on us. [shuts the door like his sisters did.] So I’m just gonna go ahead and make my commercial without their help. And when busloads of customers show up to Dad's restaurant, he'll have me to thank. All I need now is a cameraman. [Takes out his walkie-talkie.] Clyde, how would you like to help me shoot a commercial?"
Clyde: "Uh, yeah, I'm in."
Lincoln: "Umm, do you think you could bring that tree costume you wore last Christmas?"
Clyde: "Okay, now I'm really in."

[Later, the boys are at Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet.]
Jean Juan Host: "Welcome to Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet. How can I help you?"
Lincoln: [In his suit] "Can I get a table for thirteen? The rest of my party is outside parking."
Jean Juan Host: "Thirteen? That's a lot of people to seat. Why didn't you call ahead?"
Lincoln: [Turns towards the camera hidden in Clyde's tree costume, and sighs.] "Does this ever happen to you? Being publicly shamed for trying to dine with a big group."
Jean Juan Host: [Confused] "Why are you talking to that tree?" [Realizes something; suspiciously] "When did we get a tree?"
Lincoln: [Still talking to the camera.] "Well, at Lynn's Table, big groups are our specialty, [Shows a reel of photos.] after all, chef Lynn's been cooking for a family of thirteen for years."
Jean Juan Host: "Are you filming?" [Lincoln realizes that she's on to them.] "You can't do that in here!"
Lincoln: [Hastily] "Cut! Bail, Clyde! Bail!" [The duo make a run for the tandem bike, and ride away, the host shaking an angry fist at them.] "Nice work, buddy, we got what we needed, on to the next location."
[Right at that moment, the bike falls forward.]
Clyde: "Sorry, my branches got caught in the spokes."

[At the grand opening...]
Lynn Sr.: "Okay team, T-minus five minutes until the grand opening. By the way, I ordered too much ginger, so really push the Lynn-ger chicken."
[Just then, Lincoln and Clyde walk in with a portable TV.]
Lincoln: "Dad, we've got the greatest surprise for you ever; Clyde and I took care of the whole promotion problem, we made you a commercial."
Clyde: [Checking his watch] "And it should be airing, right about now." [Turns the TV on.]
Katherine Mulligan: "And in local news; several civilians have reported seeing an alleged... tree monster, riding a bicycle. This is Katherine Mulligan, and I'll have the full story for you, after the break."
[The boys' commercial starts with Clyde adjusting the camera onto Lincoln.]
Clyde: "Okay, rolling."
Lincoln: "Bowling?"
Clyde: "No, rolling."
Lincoln: "Have you ever gone out to eat with a big group and had this happen?"
[Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet]
Jean Juan Host: "That's a lot of people to seat. Why didn't you call ahead?"
Lincoln: "Have you too been..."
Male Voice: "Rejected!"
[Aloha Comrade]
Aloha Comrade Host: "It's going to be at least hour wait."
Male Voice: "Rejected!"
[Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro]
Giovanni Changs Host: [laughs] "You're kidding, right?"
Male Voice: "Rejected!"
[Bangers and Mosh]
Bangers and Mosh Host: "I can seat you in pairs, but one person's gonna have to sit by himself."
Male Voice: "Rejected! Re- Re- Re- Re- Re- Rejected!"
Lincoln: "Well, then come on down to Lynn's Table. [Sets off a confetti popper, but the wind carries the confetti away.] Chef Lynn will be sure to take care of your large party." [The wind blows the picture of Lynn Sr. off of Lincoln's hand. Lincoln gets it back.] "After all, when it comes to serving delicious food to big groups, This father of eleven is an expert."
Clyde: [Holds a toy school bus in front of the camera.] "Buses welcome."
[Clyde makes bus noises while the end credits play, all crediting Clincoln McCloud. Some special effects and finally and the ending screen.]
Lincoln and Clyde: "A Clincoln McCloud Production. All rights reserved."
[Commercial ends]
Lincoln: "So, what'd you think?"
Lynn Sr.: "Uh, I think it was... Fantastic! Talk about showmanship, you and Clyde knocked it out of the park. How did you get it on TV?"
Clyde: "You know Patchy Drizzle, the local weatherman? My dad plays racketball with him."
Lynn Sr.: "Thanks, Clyde, hey, there's a free appetizer with your name on it."
Clyde: "Yum, well, I'd better go home and change into my formal wear for the opening." [Leaves with the TV.]
Lynn Sr.: "Hey, keep an eye out for that tree monster, especially if he offers you candy!" [To Lincoln] "Great work, son. Did the girls help too?"
Lincoln: "Psh, no, they all bailed after we couldn't agree on an idea."
[Meanwhile, the girls are all by themselves ranting over what happened.]
Lori: [On the phone with Bobby] "Can you believe it, Bobby? They all bailed after we couldn't agree on an idea."
Lisa: [Into her tape recorder] "Except me, I came up with-"
Lana: [To Hops] "The perfect idea."
Luna: "A killer promo."
Lola: "A flawless plan."
Lucy: [To Edwin] "All on my own."
Luan: "And, it's totally gonna bring in-"
Leni: "A ton of customers."
Lynn: "Half the town."
Lily: "Poo-poo da-gah."
Sisters (minus Lily): "The place is gonna be packed!"
[Back at the restaurant]
Lynn Sr.: [Sighs] "Well, no worries, son, looks like the grand opening's gonna be smooth sailing."
[End of Act I]

Act II

[At the grand opening, Lynn Sr. takes one last look at the place, checks the time, and takes a deep breath.]
Lynn Sr.: "Okay guys, this is it, time for the grand opening to officially begin. Oh, I hate to start without the girls, but the show must go on." [Opens the door, and a bus pulls up, he gasps at this.] "Son, the commercial worked."
Bus Driver: "Where can I park my bus?"
Lincoln: "I'll handle it."
Rita: [Comes out and grabs his shirt.] "Ah, nice try." [To the bus driver] "Alright, are we working with a hydraulic brake system here?"
[The driver gives a thumbs up.]
Lynn Sr.: [Pleased, goes inside] "Alright my friends, pound it," [all four guys do a fist bump] "now blow it up." [They do so. Lynn Sr. runs into the kitchen and gives a thumbs up, Grant and Kotaro grab some menus and each give a thumbs up too, Lincoln gives one back and opens the door.]
Lincoln: [To the crowd] "Hello! And welcome to Lynn's Table," [as everyone passes] "please make your way to the host stand, we can seat your entire party immediately." [Kotaro escorts everyone to a booth, and Lincoln notices another bus pulling up.] "Yes, keep those buses a comin'." [Runs out, but Rita grabs him again.]
Rita: "Lincoln."
[Lynn Sr. happily gets to work in the kitchen, and starts singing to himself.]
Lynn Sr.: "Chipity-chop, a carrot's a root, yeah, I'm cookin' a root, yeah, it's out of the ground, but, I washed it off, and chipity-chop chop, just slice." [Continues cooking] "a chipity-chop, chipity-chop chop, a slice, slice, slicety- [Cuts himself] "Ow! My finger." [Lisa runs in] "Lisa! Sweetie, there you are.
Lisa: "Father, I come bearing the solution to your promotional problem."
Lynn Sr.: "Oh, did you do your own promo too?"
Lisa: "Yep, I took it upon myself to make an offer to potential customers," [clears her throat and shows her chart.] "bottomless baskets of fries, with the purchase of an entrée."
Lynn Sr.: "That's a great idea, short stack!"
Lisa: "Apparently. I've just escorted in four tables worth of patrons, all clamouring for endless potato goodness." [Walks off] "Start your fryers."
Lynn Sr.: [Going to get the potatoes.] "Two promotions at once? Sure got some creative kids." [Slices the potatoes and starts singing again.] "A peel-ity pie, a peel-ity pie, a this guy is making some frenchy fries." [Cuts his finger again] "Ow, my finger!"
[Luan runs in.]
Luan: "Dad, guess what?"
Lynn Sr.: "Chicken butt?"
Luan: "No, no no, this is no time for jokes. I have to tell you about this genius promotion I did!"
Lynn Sr.: "You did a promotion?"
Luan: "Uh-huh, and it's sure to bring in a ton of customers. I spread the word that if you celebrate your birthday here, you get a free dessert, and the whole staff sings you a special birthday song."
Lynn Sr.: "That's a fantastic idea, honey!"
Luan: "And, our first birthday's ready for a song. [Grabs her father's hand and escorts him out the kitchen.] Come on, I'll teach you the words on the way." [They, along with Kotaro and Grant are at the table of the birthday kid.] "A-one, two, three..."
Luan, Lynn Sr., Kotaro, and Grant: [singing] Happy, happy birthday, from all of your new friends. We hope you have a good one, here with us at Lynn's, hey!
[The people in the restaurant applaud.]
Luan: "And now, for your special birthday dessert."
Lynn Sr.: "Ho, I can't wait to see this. Oh, right, I have to make it."
[He heads off to do so, but then runs into a photo booth as it's being delivered.]
Lori: "Oh, sorry, Dad. How do you like the promotion I did for your restaurant?"
Lynn Sr.: [Slightly nervous] "Oh, ha, another promotion."
Lori: "Yeah, it's a photo booth, totally going to draw in the teen crowd. Look, there's already people waiting to use it." [Over at a table, some teens are creating spitballs.] "So far, they've only ordered water, but still, I'm going to go break it in." [Enters the booth]
Lisa: [Runs up to Lynn Sr.] "Father, where are the fries? Chop chop, and I mean that literally."
Lynn Sr.: "On it, honey." [Runs off] "Ugh, okay, uh, I gotta bake the cake, fry the potatoes, and, agggh, what was that other thing?" [Suddenly, he trips over a large dog, He looks around and sees that some patrons have cats, there's a bald eagle at a booth, a turtle being fed a salad, and a deer eating grass out of a crate.] "Did someone leave the door open?!"
[Lana comes out from under the deer.]
Lana: "Hey, Dad! I got the best news!"
Lynn Sr.: [sighs] "Let me guess, you did a promotion?"
Lana: "Yup, I said we're offering a special menu for pets."
[Lynn Sr. whimpers, and then gasps when more buses pull up.]
Lincoln: "Dad, we got two more buses." [Runs outside as Grant gets the menus ready, Lincoln comes back in.] "It's a bachelorette party, they wanna know where they can put their mechanical bull."
Lynn Sr.: "Uh, hmm..."
Luan: We've got another birthday." [Pushes her dad to said birthday.] "One, two, three..."
Luan, Lynn Sr., Kotaro, Grant: [fast singing] Happy, happy birthday, from all of your new friends. We hope you have a good one, here with us at Lynn's, hey!
Luan: "And, your birthday dessert." [Clears her throat, which Lynn Sr. realizes is his cue.]
Lynn Sr.: [Picking up where Luan left off.] "Will be coming later." [He hurries off. In the kitchen, Lynn Sr. grabs some salt, some pepper, a bowl, a wooden spoon, and frantically starts mixing, when Lynn Jr. comes in.]
Lynn: "Dad, I totally crushed this whole promotional thing."
Lynn Sr.: [Nervous] "You did?"
Lynn: "I got my whole softball team here, I told them you were running a special for the athlete on the go."
Lynn Sr.: [Still nervous] "Okay, what is it?"
Lynn: "If you don't get your food in fifteen minutes or less, it's free." [Lynn Sr. is horrified by this.] "I made the announcement at the game, so the other teams hear too."
Lynn Sr.: "What?!"
Lynn: "Oh, and you should probably start cooking, cause it's already been like eight minutes." [Races off]
Lynn Sr.: [Stutters] "Wa, wait." [She leaves anyway] "Ah, okay, okay, first; birthday cake, then second birthday cake, french fries, correction; I need lots of french fries, food for pets. Ahhh! Lynn, there's no time to think! Just cook!"
[Lynn Sr. starts cooking left and right trying to keep up with everything, when Kotaro comes in, freaked out.]
Kotaro: "It's getting even crazier out there, Lynn, you might wanna take a look."
[They look at the dining room, Luna runs by the service window, with her amp, to a booth.]
Luna: "As promised, every meal comes with a free concert. And a-one, two, three! [Starts rocking] "Lynn's Table! Come in if you're able!" [One boy gets scared and starts crying in his mother's arms.] "If not, we deliver!"
Lynn Sr.: [To Luna] "No we don't!"
[Elsewhere, Leni is hosting a game of bingo with some elders.]
Leni: "Okay, remember everyone; if you get a bingo, you win a free app!"
Lynn Sr.: "No! You don't!"
Leni: "B-11!"
Scoots: [Stamps her card] "Bingo, baby! Haha, fry me up some pickles!"
[Lynn Sr. groans, and then looks in the direction of the chicken sounds.]
Liam: "I've always wanted to take the gang out for a night on the town," [said gang being some farm animals.] "and it is Virginia's birthday so, we'd sure love a song."
Lana: [Pulls out a party hat and puts it on Virginia.] "Here you go, birthday princess."
[Lisa comes through wheelbarrowing her fries, but the chickens cause her to spill them.]
Lisa: "Gah! My fries!" [One of the chickens starts chasing her.]
Lana: [Looks at the mess] "Oh, I'm so sorry about that, tonight's dinner is on us."
[In the kitchen Lynn Sr. is really sweating as he sees all the chaos in the restaurant, he nearly faints.]
Kotaro: [Catching him] "Gotcha, buddy."
[Lola, Lana, Lisa, Lincoln, Luan, and Lynn Jr. come into the kitchen.]
Lola: "Daddy, where are those finger sandwiches for my tea party?"
Luan: "I've got another birthday, but she doesn't speak English, so we've gotta do the song in Korean."
Lana: "Order up, a bowl of crickets for the iguana at table six."
Lisa: [Bringing in her wheelbarrow.] "Father, I need forty pounds of fries pronto, the potato fiends won't rest."
Lincoln: "Dad, another bus just pulled in, they said they're gluten-free paleo-vegans. We can make something for them right?"
Lynn: "Dad, I need a chicken fried steak, we've got thirty seconds, go, go, go."
[Lynn Sr. sighs and everyone starts clamoring at once, and Lynn Sr. has officially had enough, he grabs a pot and a ladle and bangs them together to get everyone's attention.]
Lynn Sr.: "Everybody, stop! These promotions are just too ding-dang much!"
Lincoln: "Sorry, Dad, we didn't know everybody was doing their own thing."
Lynn Sr.: "I just wish you kids had worked together to come up with one idea, that I could have handled, but now there's just too many things hittin' me all at once." [Just then, Leni hits him with the door; dazed.] "There's another one."
Leni: [Unaware] "Hey Dad, Bernie just got a double bingo. do we have Ba-ba-ga-noush?" [Looks around] "Where's Dad?" [Everyone points to behind the door, Leni looks and her father blacks out; still clueless.] "Why is he napping during the gland opening?"
[Lynn and Lisa get the wheelbarrow and put their father in it.]
Lisa: [Checking his pulse] "His vitals are fine, but when he wakes up, he'll have a considerable contusion."
[Everyone looks at the ground, disappointed in themselves.]
Luna: "Dudes, I feel terrible."
Lori: "Me too, Dad's opening night is a disaster, and it's all our fault."
Rita: "Well, with your father out of commission, I don't think we can keep the restaurant going." [Everyone sighs] "I'll go tell the customers they have to go home." [Walks off, but then comes back and puts the pot on her husband's head.] "Just to be safe." [Takes off again]
Lincoln: [Gets an idea] "Mom, wait, maybe it's not too late to save the grand opening."
Lana: "How are we gonna do that?"
Lincoln: By working together, just like Dad wanted us to do in the first place."
[The girls like the idea.]

[In the dining room, everyone is chattering away, Lincoln gets up in front of everybody.]
Lincoln: "Excuse me! May I have your attention, everybody!" [Everyone looks at him, and he clears his throat.] "I know you all came here cause of the promotions we offered-"
Elderly Woman: "Bingo!" [Realizes that she interrupted.] "Oh, sorry."
Lincoln: "But the thing is, my sisters and I came up with those without telling our dad, so unfortunately, we can no longer honor all of our promises." [Everyone groans, clearly not pleased by this.] "But if you're willing to stick around; there is one promise we can honor, our dad's great food at a great price." [Everyone is willing to go for that. Lincoln returns to the service window.] "Okay, time to work together, pound it guys." [Everyone pounds it] "Now blow it up."
[They blow it up. In the kitchen, Grant chops some carrots, and adds them to the soup Lori's stirring. She adds pepper and ladles it into a bowl Rita holds out for her, Rita puts the bowl on a plate, and adds some oregano.]
Kotaro: "Order up!" [He and Lynn skate up to the service window.] "Potato and chicken dump-Lynns."
Rita: [Gives a thumbs up and checks the pot.] "Fresh out."
Lori: "No problem, Mom, I know that recipe by heart." [Comes to the window and puts out two bowls of soup.] "Here, this Lynn-til soup goes to table three."
Lynn and Kotaro: "Got it."
[They take the soup and stake off, Kotaro almost losing his balance. Meanwhile, Leni is escorting a mother and daughter to their seating.]
Leni: "Please take a seat. Oh, but, give it back at the end of your meal."
[The two take their seats and Lisa offers them menus.]
Lisa: "May I recommend the Lynn-ger chicken?"
[Lincoln places a bread bowl on the table and Luan leaves them some water, they are pleased by this. Luna and Lola are clearing the other tables, and take the dirty dishes to the sink where Lana and Virginia are cleaning.]
Lana: "Thank you."
[She and Virginia start licking the plates clean. Everyone is busy in the kitchen.]
Lynn: "Order up. This is the home stretch guys, we're almost there."
[Everyone cheers, when suddenly Lucy arrives.]
Lucy: "Where's Dad? I have the ultimate promotion, I invited Katherine Mulligan from channel three to come interview him."
Rita: [Shocked] "You did what?"
Luna: [Points to their dad] "Bad timing, dude."
[Lynn Sr. is still unconscious with Lily fanning him.]
Lucy: "Gasp."
Lincoln: [Covering Lucy's mouth] "Nobody panic, I've got an idea."

[Later, at the interview.]
Katherine Mulligan: "This is Katherine Mulligan, here at Lynn's Table, talking to the man behind the name, Chef Lynn Loud." [Lynn Sr.'s hand goes up, then his head flops down but jerks up, he's wearing Leni's sunglasses and has his mouth taped open. In the booth behind him, the kids are controlling his arms with strings.] "This has been the most successful grand opening Royal Woods has ever seen. How'd you do it?" [The kids make their dad shrug, Katherine is amused.] "So modest. How does it feel?" [Thumbs up] "I bet. And how do you plan to celebrate?" [Sleeping gesture, and snoring noises.] "Ha, ha, a good night sleep, I don't blame you." [To the audience] "Well, Lynn Loud is a man of few words, but he lets his food do the talking, I'm Katherine Mulligan saying that if you're looking for a delicious, family-friendly meal, look no further than Lynn's Table."

[That night at the Loud House, the Louds are watching the interview.]
Lynn Sr.: "Wow, thanks for making me look so good, kids, I can't believe you pulled that off."
Lincoln: "It was the least we could do after the mess we made."
Lynn Sr.: "Well, once you worked together, you really turned things around. In fact, the grand opening was even better than I could have hoped for, Ah, bring it in here."
[Family hug, which they all enjoy.]
Lynn: "Bring it in."
Lynn Sr.: "Now, I was thinking; since you guys were such a big help, maybe I should name a few dishes after you."
Luan: "Ooh, how about a Luan-chovy pizza."
Lori: "Oh oh, chicken caccia-Lori."
Lynn Sr.: "I love those! Keep 'em coming."
[Cut to an exterior shot of the house. The camera slowly zooms out as the family continues to list off potential dishes.]
Lana: "Lana-cotti."
Lola: "Buffa-Lola chicken wings."
Rita: "Hummus and Rita chips."
Lisa "Liso soup."
Lincoln: "Beef well-Lincoln."
Lucy: "Lu-Caesar salad."
Luna: "Luna casserole."
Leni: "Ooh, I got one: hamburgers."

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