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"Copy Can't" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


When Ronnie Anne notices that she's the only person Carlitos won't copy, she becomes determined to change it.


At morning, the family is eating breakfast. While Ronnie Anne chats with Sid about the go-kart race they're about to participate in, Carlitos begins to mimic his family members, much to their glee. However, Ronnie Anne is disappointed to learn that Carlitos won't copy her, no matter how silly she tries to be. Frida and Carlos assure Ronnie Anne that Carlitos just needs some time to know her.

Ronnie Anne attempts to help Carlitos know her more by doing some activities with her, like doing tricks at the skate park, pretending to act like a monkey and baiting him with a snack from the mercado. Unfortunately, none of her attempts are successful. Suddenly, Ronnie Anne realizes that Carlitos likes it when Ronnie Anne gets injured, as he likes to call her "Ow". Before long, Ronnie Anne's newfound tricks end up winning over Carlitos. However, it turns out that her plan ends up working too well, as Carlitos refuses to move from Ronnie Anne's side and won't let the other members of the family take care of him or sleep without her.

A few days later, Ronnie Anne has been driven completely insane from Carlitos' constant attachment to her. When Sid, checking in to show her modified helmet, makes the suggestion that someone should dress up like Ronnie Anne to fool Carlitos. Ronnie Anne accepts Sid's plan and has Bobby dressed as Ronnie Anne, which Carlitos falls for.

With Carlitos fully distracted, Ronnie Anne and Sid can participate in the Great Lakes City Go-Kart Rally. Back at the mercado, as Bobby plays with Carlitos, Carlitos sees on the TV a news story about the go-kart race today and discovers that Ronnie Anne is participating in it, making him trap Bobby (after seeing through his disguise) and using Lalo to head to the race. At that moment, the race starts and just as Ronnie Anne and Sid race, Carlitos arrives and jumps onto Ronnie Anne, causing the girls' steering wheel to break off and make them crash.

Arriving back to the apartment, Ronnie Anne admits that she shouldn't have forced Carlitos to like her. Suddenly, Carlitos begins playing with a new toy, making Carlos point out that when babies play with one thing for too long, they get tired of it and play with something else. This gives Ronnie Anne the idea to act like a complete nuisance to Carlitos, and by the next day, Carlitos has finally moved on from Ronnie Anne and goes back to Carlos and Frida (even though Frida is oblivious to Carlitos' change in interest as she has dressed as Ronnie Anne in an effort to win him back).


Despite being listed in the credits, Hector has no lines in this episode.


  • The title of this episode references Carlitos' habit of mimicking his family members.


  • Plot hole: Ronnie Anne says that she's the only one that Carlitos never copied, But in the The Loud House Carlitos did copy. Such as "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" when he copy her after Carlota waxed her legs and said "Ow, Ow, Ow!" and in "The Loudest Thanksgiving" when he copy her when Ronnie Anne is annoyed that the Louds used Bobby's love for the theater in an attempted to have Bobby spend Thanksgiving at the Louds instead of his family.


  • Copy Can't - The title of this episode is a pun of copycat, a person who mimics the actions of someone else.

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