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"Crimes of Fashion" is the twenty-seventh episode of third season, and the one-hundred-twenty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


When Leni gets fired from her job due to missing scarves, Lincoln and Clyde take on the case as Ace and Jack.


A sad Leni reveals to the duo that she got fired.

Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack are in the Fortress of Solitaire where they are finally solving a case. Before Ace reveals who did it, it goes back to Lincoln and Clyde who celebrate the fifth case their heroes have solved, only to be interrupted by Leni who is crying. When Lincoln and Clyde ask what happened, Leni reveals that during her job at Reiningers, her boss, Ms. Carmichael, called her to tell her something important, which Leni initially mistook as an invitation for a scavenger hunt. In reality, she is going to fire her. It turns out that Ms. Carmichael believes that Leni stole several scarves. After hearing her plight, Lincoln and Clyde decide to take the case.

At the mall, Clyde and Lincoln start their investigation, only to be interrupted by Carmichael's son who wants to play with them as his mom is too busy to pay attention to him. While watching Gabby attempting to buy some scarves, Lincoln and Clyde assume instantly that she is the culprit, only to discover that she is actually attempting to buy them with her mom's credit card. After bumping into a stand of training bras which frustrates Fiona, Lincoln and Clyde see Scoots shoplifting some scarves. In an attempt to stop her, they make a tripwire made of clothes hangers only to fail (and also find out that Scoots was actually in a hurry to buy the scarves because she's late for a party), making both Lincoln and Clyde crash into a stand of fragrance which causes Fiona to be angry again. While thinking of a new plan, they discover Fiona running away holding a duffel bag which has a blue cloth. Assuming they have finally found the culprit, they call Ms. Carmichael, while dismissing her son again, at the parking lot, they make Fiona reveal that she actually bought a dress from the competitor's store.

Lincoln and Clyde disappointed in their failure, lament that they don't deserve wearing their costumes, only for Leni to state that a cape can also be a scarf, which causes Lincoln and Clyde to discover the real culprit. Back at the mall, they convince Ms. Carmichael to give them another chance. They ask her son if he wants to play superheroes with them, which causes him to lead them to his hideout, revealing that he was the one who took the scarves as he mistook them for capes. Realizing her mistake, she thanks Lincoln and Clyde.

Leni thanks Clincoln McCloud for saving her job.

Back at her job, Leni encounters Ms. Carmichael who wants to apologize for firing Leni and asks her how can she make it up to her. Lincoln and Clyde later bump into Leni, who thanks the duo and tells them they got another case. While Lincoln and Clyde are celebrating their success, they once again bump into a stand that has sunglasses, angering Fiona once again.


Girl Jordan has no lines in the episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Hit and Run - Sam Spence [Title card]
  Outlander - Jane Cornish [Opening]
  Rooftop Chase - Jay Glover [Lincoln and Clyde solve their fifth case in a row]
  Barbie Hearts Ken - Werner Tautz [Flashback to Leni at work]
  ? ["You mean like, us?"]
  ? ["11-year-old boys who just solved their fifth case in a row"]
  Preppin the Super Weapon - Peter McConnell [Transition to Reininger's]
  With My Little Eye - Peter McConnell [Lincoln and Clyde search for suspects]
  ? [Kid grabs onto Lincoln's cape]
  With My Little Eye - Peter McConnell [Clyde finds a suspect by the scarves]
  Rock Caper Scissors - Peter McConnell [Lincoln and Clyde spot Gabby stealing a scarf]
  Fun Sting F - Gregor Narholz [Lincoln and Clyde knock over a rack of training bras]
  Preppin the Super Weapon - Peter McConnell [Clyde hurts his crime eye]
  Rock Caper Scissors - Peter McConnell [Lincoln and Clyde spot Scoots stealing a scarf]
  Rooftop Chase - Jay Glover [Scoots speeds towards Lincoln and Clyde's direction]
  ? [Scoots drives over the hangers]
  Back With A Vengeance - Peter McConnell [Fiona kicks Lincoln and Clyde out the store]
  Beware of the Piranhas - Peter McConnell [Fiona running away from the store with blue fabric]
  Loser Logo - Steve Jablonsky [Mrs. Carmichael's son upset Lincoln and Clyde won't play superheroes with him]
  Beware of the Piranhas - Peter McConnell [Lincoln and Clyde find Mrs. Carmichael]
  Rooftop Chase - Jay Glover [Mrs. Carmichael comes with Lincoln and Clyde]
  Dramatic Climax - Mike Sunderland [Fiona takes out her new dress]
  Malevolent Mastermind - Peter McConnell [Fiona runs over Lincoln's card collection]
  Maggie's Nights C - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick [Lincoln and Clyde feel terrible for Leni]
  ? ["Wait, did you just say scarf?"]
  ? ["Clyde, that's it! If a cape can be a scarf-"]
  Rooftop Chase - Jay Glover [Lincoln and Clyde return to the store]
  Dramatic Climax - Mike Sunderland [Lincoln and Clyde take Ms. Carmichael to where the scarfs are]
  Preppin the Super Weapon - Peter McConnell [Mrs. Carmichael sees the scarves]
  ? ["Justice was in the cards"]
  Barbie Hearts Ken - Werner Tautz [Leni gets her job back]
  Rooftop Chase - Jay Glover ["Ready to deal out some justice?"]
  Rock Caper Scissors - Peter McConnell [Ending]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • This episode is omitted from Nickelodeon On-Demand on DirecTV for unknown reasons.
  • This episode takes place one month after "Shop Girl".
  • This episode implies that Scoots has been married at least once during her life since Clyde refers to her as Mrs. Scoots.
  • Lincoln mentions that Scoots was in mall jail, which traces back to "For Bros About to Rock".
  • When this episode first aired, it came on before its sister episode "Scales of Justice".
  • Upon closer inspection, a brand of scarf is titled "Scarfed for Life", which is a wordplay on the expression "scarred for life", which refers to someone being scared of something for the rest of their life.


  • Crimes of Fashion - The title of this episode is a pun of crime of passion, which refers to a violent crime, especially homicide, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime.
  • Sly Cooper - Music from this video game series plays throughout the episode, specifically the tracks by Peter McConnell.


  • On the title card, Lincoln is missing one of his sideburns.
  • When Fiona drives over Lincoln's deck of cards, her mole is missing.


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