This page describes Cristina's relationship with Lincoln.

Her relationship with Lincoln is rather ambiguous than detached. Lincoln has, or at least had, a crush on her, though the feeling does not appear to be mutual. How Lincoln got a crush on her is not known, although he mentions "the way [she] looks at [him] in the lunch line".

S1E02B We're laughing AT you, not WITH you

Cristina with an unclear reaction.

In "Making the Case", she watched Lincoln's new video which featured her and makes an unclear reaction. At the end of the episode, Lincoln mentioned she transferred to another class due to being uncomfortable with him.

In "The Green House", she was likely disappointed at Lincoln for ruining their efforts for the Save a Polar Bear Challenge, and even booed at him like their classmates.

In "For Bros About to Rock", Luna notices her, and thinks she's perfect for Lincoln. She sees him and just disappears from the scene later without any logical reason.

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