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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the Season 3 finale of The Loud House, see Cooked!.
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"Croaked" is the sixth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid teach Adelaide about the Day of the Dead to help her get over the death of her frog.


Rosa explaining Day of the Dead to Ronnie Anne and Sid.

Today is Day of the Dead, and the Casagrande family is hard at work getting ready for the festivities, such as Bobby and Hector hanging decorations and Carl spreading marigold petals on the ground. As the family decorates, Ronnie Anne and Sid ask Rosa what she's doing. Rosa says that she's decorating something called an ofrenda, which is a collection of objects placed on a ritual display meant to honor those who have passed away. She elaborates that the ofrenda is for Lazaro, Rosa's father and Ronnie Anne's great-grandfather, and that his favorite things were bowling and tamales, hence why the ofrenda has those two things on display. Sid asks if Day of the Dead is good for pets as well, since Adelaide's pet frog, Froggy, died not too long ago, and Rosa says yes, but before she can further explain the traditions, Ronnie Anne and Sid leave.

Inside the Chang apartment, Ronnie Anne and Sid see just how much of a mess Adelaide is over the death of Froggy. The two girls attempt to cheer her up by saying that today is Day of the Dead, which is the time of the year Froggy could come and visit. They explain to Adelaide that they need to make an ofrenda first. Adelaide hands the girls some of Froggy's favorite things, such as his favorite food bacon bits, his favorite movie The Hoppit, a shoestring as a jump rope, a jar of flies, and a lily pad with a big flower. With the ofrenda complete, Adelaide decides to sit and wait for Froggy to return, but when Ronnie Anne and Sid attempt to tell her that Froggy doesn't really come back to life, Adelaide gets sad again, saying that the ofrenda makes her miss Froggy even more. Seeing how they're back to square one again, Sid gets an idea.

At Pete's Pets pet store, Pete allows the girls to rent a frog the day, saying that he's a fan of Becca's alligator show. With a frog in their possession, they bring it to the Chang apartment and tell Adelaide that Froggy is here. This make Adelaide happy, and proceeds to spend her entire time with "Froggy". As Adelaide sleeps, Ronnie Anne and Sid proceed to take the frog back to the pet store.

When the girls arrive back to the apartment, they discover that Adelaide had fallen in love with the holiday so much, that she wants to do it again, this time with her Great Aunt Milly, Mr. Woodford (which Ronnie Anne and Sid don't know who he is) and Abraham Lincoln. Realizing the situation they put themselves into, the girls proceed to act like those people to make Adelaide happy. The girls proceed to act like Great Aunt Milly, and they quickly consult Carlos, who agrees to act like Abraham Lincoln for Adelaide. As Adelaide works on her ofrenda, she suddenly encounters "Abraham Lincoln" and "Great Aunt Milly", and proceeds to greet them. Not long after greeting them, the three attempt to leave, but their disguises fall off, causing Adelaide to realize that no one really came back (as well as revealing that Mr. Woodford is a dog), causing her to fall into sadness again and resent Day of the Dead. Knowing that they messed up, Ronnie Anne and Sid proceed to consult Rosa, since she's the one with all the knowledge of Day of the Dead.

Rosa knocks on Adelaide's door and explains to the little girl that Froggy really did come back. Taking Adelaide to the Casagrande apartment, Rosa explains the true meaning behind Day of the Dead: it's a holiday meant to honor the spirits of those who passed away, and that while they can't see the spirits physically, they can be seen from the heart. This cheers Adelaide up since she now knows what to feel. At that moment, "Froggy" arrives, as well as Pete, who explains that there was a trail of bacon bits that led back to the apartment. Remembering the bonding the frog and Adelaide shared, Sid asks Pete if they can keep the frog, and Pete agrees on a deal that allows him to sit in the splash zone of Becca's alligator show.

Later, the Casagrandes and Changs celebrate Day of the Dead together, and Frida tells the families to get ready for a photo. Once the shot is taken, the printed photo reveals the spirits of both Lazaro and Froggy. Suddenly, Ronnie Anne asks where Carl is.

In the Loud House!

Carl, who is revealed to still be spreading marigold petals, finally spreads the last remaining petals in his basket. With his task finally complete, he asks himself where he is. It's revealed that he's in Royal Woods, Michigan... right in front of the Loud House.


Maria, Carlota, CJ, Becca, and Stanley have no lines in the episode.


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  Baila Y Zapatea - Ramon Stagnaro [Title card; montage of Adelaide and Froggy; ending.]

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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • This is the first title card not to feature Ronnie Anne in any way, unless it involves the color of papel picado.
  • On October 21, 2019, the Nickelodeon YouTube channel ran a 24-hour long live stream playing this episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Loud House.
  • Izabella Alvarez has stated on Instagram that this episode is her favorite.
  • This episode reveals that the Santiago family has owned at least two goldfish, and when one died, Maria and Ronnie Anne replaced it and Bobby was fooled. Seeing as they do not appear to have a goldfish now, but the trick still works on Bobby, it is unknown what happened to the second goldfish.
    • It also reveals the same fact about the Chang family, although in this case, Sid wasn't fooled.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, bacon bits are genericized as meat snacks.


CS1E03B The Hoppit.png
  • Croaked - The title of this episode references the fact that it's about a frog, and that the term "croak" also means to die.
  • The Hobbit - According to Adelaide, Froggy's favorite movie is called The Hoppit, a clear reference to this film franchise based on the book of the same name by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Shark Week - The Frog Week is based on the Discovery Channel's one week special annual TV programming block.
  • National Geographic - The National Frogographic channel is a parody of this television channel.
  • Betty White - The late great aunt Millie resembles the veteran actress.


  • Plot Hole: It is unknown how Carl made it back home.
    • It could be possible that the Louds gave him a ride home.


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