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"Curse of the Candy Goblin" is the fifth episode of the third season, the eightieth episode, and the sixth full-length episode of The Casagrandes.


When the kids take trick or treating too far, they must return their candy to the neighborhood goblin.


Act I

It's Halloween night in Great Lakes City. At the Casagrande apartment, each of the kids show off their respective costumes: Ronnie Anne is La Tormenta, Bobby is a zombie, Carlota is Alisa Barela, CJ is Hector, and Carl is El Falcon. After showing off their costumes, each of them brags about getting the most candy, and Carl decides to make their Halloween a bit more interesting by holding a bet: whoever gets the most candy while trick-or-treating gets to take everyone else's candy. After the kids agree, Carlitos and Sergio arrive as a ghost and a devil respectively, intending to join along. Unfortunately, the kids refuse to let them come, saying that Carlitos is too young (thinking he'll be scared by the haunted houses), and Sergio's ability to fly would put him at an advantage of covering more houses. After the baby and bird sit down on the couch in a huff, the kids quickly leave.

Throughout the night, the kids go from house to house, trying to get as much candy as possible. Meanwhile, the adults, participating in the festivities, transform the mercado into a haunted maze, with their first unwitting victim being Laird. After Laird runs away out of fear, Vito arrives dressed as an alien, and discovers that he's wearing the same costume as Carlos, causing him to leave so he can change costumes, saying that two people can't wear the same costume. Back at the kids, after venturing to more places to get candy, they arrive to one last house, which has a bowl of candy on the porch. After trampling a pirate-clad Sancho, they approach the bowl, and a sign comes down with a warning, reading "Only take one... or the Candy Goblin will come!" Thinking it's just a scare tactic to keep them well-behaved, the kids proceed to take the entire bowl and head back home to count their earnings. The second they leave, Sancho arrives and discovers to his shock that the bowl is empty.

At the mercado, as the family cleans up, Sergio and Carlitos lament over not getting to do anything for Halloween, and decide to leave. At the same time, Vito arrives dressed up as a pumpkin, and to his relief, no one's wearing the same costume. However, when he tries to enter the store, his costume's wide size causes him to get stuck in the doorway. As Carlitos heads back into the apartment to watch TV, the kids arrive, ready to count the pieces of candy they collected. However, before they can start, Carlota discovers that the Candy Goblin warning came with them, and the lights suddenly go out. Bobby begins to panic, thinking the Candy Goblin is real, but when Ronnie Anne tries to tell her brother that there's no such thing as the Candy Goblin, the monster suddenly appears by the window, scaring them witless.

Act II

The Candy Goblin enters the apartment, and warns the kids that because they took too much candy from him, they better run. They do so, and proceed to take shelter in the other apartment. As the kids pour their candy into their backpacks for safekeeping, they eventually get into an argument over who's going to win, where they neglect Carlitos' warning that the Candy Goblin is about to enter. They attempt to barricade the door, and just when they succeed, the Candy Goblin appears by the window, causing the kids to quickly take shelter in the other rooms. When the Candy Goblin ends up finding them all, the kids attempt to retreat to the mercado, but because Vito's costume is stuck in the doorway, the Candy Goblin catches up to them, and tells them that he'll leave once they give back the candy they stole. The kids get into another argument when they refuse to surrender their candy, as it would mean they would lose the competition. As a result, the Candy Goblin proceeds to kidnap Carlitos and use him as an ultimatum, before flying away. Realizing they no other choice to save their youngest sibling, they must return their candy to the Candy Goblin.

In the mercado, as the adults struggle to get Vito out the doorway, Rosa arrives with a plate of tamales to refill their energy. As the adults eat, Vito is suddenly revealed to have gotten out of his costume, saying that he couldn't resist Rosa's food. Although he's not stuck in the doorway anymore, the costume still is.

Meanwhile, the kids arrive to the house where they stole the candy, and are prepared to put them back in the bowl. However, the bowl is missing, and the doors of the house suddenly open, meaning they have to go inside. Upon entering, Bobby accidentally lands on a statue that activates a spinning wall, putting him in a secret room. The others proceed to enter when they hear Carlitos laughing, and find a room full of creepy dolls. They approach a baby carriage, thinking it's where Carlitos is, but it turns out to be the Candy Goblin. As the scared kids exit the room, they find the bowl, and promptly give back the candy they stole. However, the Candy Goblin, not satisfied, tells them to surrender all their candy. The kids call the deal unfair, but after he threatens them, they relent, and the monster gives Carlitos back. The Candy Goblin, wanting them to suffer more, tells them that he expects them to give their candy to him next year, and before the kids can get a chance to argue about, he scares them away.

Back at the mercado, as Vito attempts to get his costume out the doorway, the kids arrive, and the amount of force they give is enough for the costume to pop out. With the problem finally solved, the adults ask the kids how their Halloween went, and Bobby sobbingly tells them it was horrible, because of how the Candy Goblin kidnapped Carlitos after they took too much candy, and how they had to rescue him. Suddenly, the adults begin to laugh, thinking it's just part of their wild imaginations, and Rosa offers them a bowl of the mercado's candy. After the adults exit, the kids apologize to Carlitos for getting him in trouble, and promise to take him trick-or-treating next Halloween.

Later that night, as the family sleeps, Carlitos wakes up, exits his crib, and crawls up to the rooftop, where the Candy Goblin floats up and lands. Suddenly, the monster pulls its head off, revealing Sergio and Sancho. It turns out that the three created an elaborate scheme to get the candy from kids as revenge for leaving them out during Halloween. As the baby and the two birds bask in their success, the real Candy Goblin suddenly appears before them, making the three scream in terror.


Par has no lines in this episode


  • This is the final Season 3 episode to premiere in 2021.
  • This episode makes The Casagrandes the fourth Nicktoon to have two episodes officially set on Halloween, after Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Harvey Beaks.
    • However, if one takes into account that the second Halloween episode of It's Pony premiered in Australia five days before this episode's US premiere, this makes The Casagrandes the fifth Nicktoon to have two episodes set on Halloween.
    • If one also counts Doug, which got two more Halloween episodes under Disney, The Casagrandes is the sixth Nicktoon to get more than one official Halloween episode.
  • The costumes worn by the characters:
    • Ronnie Anne - La Tormenta
    • Bobby - Zombie
    • Carlota - Alisa Barela
    • CJ - Hector
    • Carl - El Falcon
    • Carlitos - Ghost
    • Hector - Zombie
    • Rosa - Spider
    • Maria - Bloody surgeon
    • Carlos - Alien
    • Frida - Pop star
      • Her costume is one of Alisa Barela's outfits from "V.I.P.eeved".
    • Sergio - Devil, then the Candy Goblin
    • Vito - Alien, then witch, then pumpkin
    • Par - Carrot
    • Laird - Eye-patched muscle man
    • Sancho - Pirate, then the Candy Goblin
    • Mrs. Flores - Cat
    • Mr. Nakamura - Skeleton
    • Margarita - Bride of Frankenstein
    • Mr. Inflatable - Witch
  • This episode reveals that CJ has the ability to propel himself through the air by farting, that Mr. Nakamura only gives candy to trick-or-treaters who behave themselves, and that Vito doesn't like to wear the same Halloween costume as someone else.
  • When Carlitos turns the TV on, the movie shown is Evil Hat Man: The Brimming, the same movie Ronnie Anne and her friends were watching in "Home Improvement".
  • Foreshadowing: When Sancho discovers the bowl of candy empty, he gets a glimpse of the Candy Goblin warning, which indicates he was part of the plan to get revenge on the kids.
    • Him and Sergio being part of the disguise is further indicated by how the Candy Goblin has the capability of flight.


  • Curse of the Candy Goblin - The title of this episode could possibly be a reference to the story arc from the comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, "Curse of the Green Goblin".
  • KaBlam! - Carlos is dressed up as the character Prometheus from this Nickelodeon sketch comedy show's skit Prometheus and Bob.


  • When Ronnie Anne tackles Carl, the elote on the floor disappears.
  • When Rosa throws her shoe at the Candy Goblin, she calls it a chancla. However, she was wearing her regular shoes at the time, not her chanclas.
  • When the children and Lalo shiver under the bed, Carl's teeth are exposed, and he has his missing incisor.

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