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"Cursed!" is the thirty-sixth episode of the The Casagrandes, as well as the final episode of the first season to air.


Celebrity psychic Ernesto Estrella deems Great Lakes City to be bad luck and Abuela believes him.


Act I

Get ready to meet Ernesto Estrella.

As Sergio shows the family his brand new camera, Rosa arrives with all of her Ernesto Estrella memorabilia, saying that he will be visiting Great Lakes City for a book signing, and plans on camping out at the bookstore where he will visit. At first, the family opts to stay behind, but when Rosa says that she will be making tacos while in line, they decide to tag along.

At the bookstore, Hector struggles to set up a tent, Rosa is selling tacos to customers, and Ronnie Anne gets a call from Lincoln to talk about their gum-chewing tricks. At that moment, a bookstore employee comes out and tells the audience that Ernesto has left a message for them. Playing the video on his tablet, Ernesto reveals that he is skipping out on coming to Great Lakes City, saying that the city is "extremely bad luck". This announcement makes the audience depart in dismay.

As the family sits at the dining room table, Rosa is shows to be cowering under the table, believing in Ernesto's words that Great Lakes City is bad luck. When the rest of the family refuses to hide with her, Rosa proceeds to sage the entire house, by which she takes bundles of sage, and burns them around the house while chanting. While she does this, her family members state their plans of going to the park, but visions of Ernesto echoing his words of the city being bad luck causes Rosa to forbid any of them from leaving the building, and proceeds to board up the door to make sure no one goes out. As Ronnie Anne, Bobby and their cousins question what to do about Rosa's behavior, Ronnie Anne, seeing Sergio play with his camera, gets the idea to make a video showing that Great Lakes City is a safe place.

As Rosa continues to sage the building, the kids distract her by having her disinfect Lalo's "fart pillow" and sneakily remove the boards blocking the door so they can leave. Throughout the day, the kids try to show how safe it is to be in the city, but Sergio, serving as the video director, proceeds to make some changes to make it more exciting.

  • Ronnie Anne tries to eat some cotton candy at the park, but Sergio orders Sancho to overpower the cotton candy machine, causing a giant ball of cotton candy to roll over her.
  • Bobby tries to show how great it is to visit the mercado, but Sancho proceeds to throw a fish into Bobby's pants that causes the street cats to storm in and attack Bobby.
  • The kids try to eat some pizza at the pizza restaurant, but then Sancho kicks a sack of pizza dough mix into the oven, causing an explosion.

They must leave Great Lakes City.

Back at the apartment, Bobby is having a video call with Lori and is showing the amount of injuries he got during the day. When Ronnie Anne says that they should not show the video to Rosa, Rosa reveals that she already saw it, having been uploaded to the internet by Sergio. Ronnie Anne tries to explain what they were doing, but Rosa's vision of Ernesto blocks her talking and convinces her that she should have her family leave Great Lakes City. When Rosa announces the plan to leave the city, the family is left horrified.

Act II

The Casagrandes stay with the Louds.

When Ronnie Anne questions Rosa on where they could possibly go, Lori, who is still having her conversation with Bobby, makes the suggestion that they stay with her family, saying that they would "be totally cool with it". However, Rita and Lynn Sr. show some hesitance, saying that their house is already packed with 13 family members. Just before Rita can consider talking things out, the doorbell rings to signify that they have arrived post haste. Sitting at the dinner table, Rosa explains the dilemma she's facing with Great Lakes City being cursed, and after Carlitos shows a drawing of every one of them in a heart, an emotionally moved Rita declares that they have enough space for 12 extra people.

Unfortunately, the Casagrandes soon learn first hand the downsides of living at the Loud House, such as a long bathroom line (being stalled by Lori and Bobby swooning over each other), having to share the kitchen sink when brushing their teeth, and all of them sleeping in Lynn and Lucy's room (with coffins and Fangs the bat). Ronnie Anne tells Rosa that they cannot stay here, as there is too many people, but Rosa is still sticking with her belief that Great Lakes City is cursed. Later, as the kids of both families sit in the living room, having grown tired of these new living conditions, Bobby suddenly slips on some mud Lana is playing with on the staircase, causing him to slide out of the house and crash. When Lincoln comments the Rosa did not see that, Lisa rebuffs him by saying that Rosa should see that so she can understand that bad luck can happen anywhere. This gives Ronnie Anne the idea to prove that if bad luck can happen anywhere, they can go back home.

The kids attempt to stir up trouble in any way they can, such as dumping salt into Rosa's pancake mix (which Leni does not seem to mind), turning their laundry load black and shrinking them, and making the toilet flood the house while Rosa uses it (with Frida making it worse with her crying). Recounting everything that has happened to them, Rosa, instead of coming to the conclusion that bad luck can happen anywhere, believes that she and her family are the bad luck, and declares that to prevent anything going wrong, they move to the woods, much to the kids' horror. After dragging the kicking and screaming kids to the truck, and Carlos failing to convince his mother to reconsider, the Casagrandes depart and the Louds sadly wave them off.

At Flip's Food and Fuel, Rosa is fueling up the truck with gas. When Ronnie Anne goes to the bathroom, she discovers a bus parked in front. Suddenly, she hears Ernesto Estrella in the bathroom talking to his manager on the phone, who reveals that he has a pimple on his forehead. Not wanting to embarrass himself in front of his fans, Ernesto tells his manager to inform the city that his visit will be postponed due to the city being cursed. Now knowing the truth, outraged Ronnie Anne forces Ernesto to fix things up in front of Rosa before she and her family could get into more trouble.

Inside the store, as the Casagrandes hang out, Ernesto appears before everyone and acts as if the family is in dire distress (which Rosa is invested in). Seeing the "bad luck" infecting the family, he requests some items from Flip for a cleansing ritual, for which the family reluctantly partakes in (except for Rosa, who follows along). Once the ritual is done, Rosa believes that the bad luck is finally gone, much to the family's happiness.

Rosa thanks Ernesto for saving his family.

Later, as Ernesto is ready to leave, Rosa approaches him and thanks him for saving her family, as well as giving him a bottle of lotion to help with his pimple. As soon as Ernesto leaves, Rosa arrives back to her truck and reveals to her family that they're going back to Great Lakes City, much to their glee. As they drive off, they accidentally dislodge a fueling station when it's revealed that the hose is still attached to the gas tank, causing oil to spew from the ground. However, Rosa doesn't mind this, saying "that could happen to anybody."


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released before the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to the Loud House episodes "No Such Luck" and "Raw Deal", because in all three cases lies and/or fortune telling cause a superstitious family member to believe in bad luck and make the life of their family harder. In "No Such Luck", it was only lies, in "Raw Deal", it was only fortune telling, and in this episode, it was both.
  • This episode takes place after The Loud House episode "Schooled!", as Lori is said to be visiting home for the weekend, and Lily is seen wearing new clothes.
    • Despite this, most of the subsequent episodes seem to take place before "Schooled!", as the Casagrandes characters don't seem to have aged up.
  • This is the second time where the entire Loud and Casagrande families meet together, the first being The Loud House episode "The Loudest Thanksgiving".
  • This episode features the most voice actors out of any Loud House or Casagrandes episode at 26, beating out The Loud House episodes "The Loudest Thanksgiving" and "Schooled!", which both have 21.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode since "New Roomie" to not premiere on a Friday.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode where Asher Bishop voices Lincoln.
  • As of June 2022, this episode has not yet aired on Nickelodeon in Israel for unknown reasons. Despite this, the following episode "What's Love Gato Do With It?"/"Dial M. for Mustard" is listed as the 20th episode in the series rather than the 19th.
    • The episode was eventually released on Nickelodeon Israel's website on December 23, 2021.[1]
  • Leni and Hector are the only ones who do not mind the taste of the salt-laced pancakes.
  • When Rosa declares that her family should move to the woods to prevent their supposed bad-luck from affecting anybody, a stock image of a forest is shown.
  • This is the first time ever in The Loud House franchise were a stock image is used
  • With the exception of Lincoln, Lori, and Rita, this is the first episode to feature the Loud family.
  • This episode reveals that Carl hates the outdoors, due to feeling like he hates nature and vice versa.
  • Irony: Lori suggests that the Casagrandes should stay at the Loud House, but unfortunately, they do not feel good while living there because of 24 people living in the house together.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • When the upper level of the Loud House flooded, the water level was at about the same height as the doorknobs. In real life, this would not happen unless the entirety of the lower level was flooded or something was blocking the stairs and banisters.
    • After Carl steals his taco, Bobby's teeth shatter from the biting force.
    • Rosa swordfights with a cloud of gas.
  • This is the third Casagrandes episode where Lori appears, following "Flee Market" and "This Bird Has Flown".
  • This is the second Casagrandes episode where Lincoln appears, following "The Horror-Scope".

Dub facts

  • In the Croatian dub, this is the only Casagrande episode in which Lana Blaće voices Lynn.



  • At the beginning, Hector is asleep when Sergio zooms the camera into his nose. Then when Rosa came and announced that Ernesto Estrella is coming to town, Hector is already awake.
  • Near the end of the first act, Bobby is chatting with Lori on his tablet. But at the start of the second act, he is using his phone.
  • Rita says "We totally have space for 12 extra people", but there are actually 11 Casagrande members.
    • She could, however, be including Lalo or Sergio as among the Casagrandes.
  • When the Louds and Casagrandes cheer at the Casagrandes being allowed to stay, Carlota is shown to be sitting next to Carl and CJ, while Lola is shown to be sitting with the Louds (barring Lincoln, who is next to Ronnie Anne). However, when the camera focuses on Carl and CJ celebrating, Lola is shown to be sitting next to Carl.
  • When Ronnie Anne, CJ, Carl, Luna, Luan and Lola brush their teeth at the kitchen sink, Luan's head is shown to be much larger than usual, surpassing the size of Luna's head.
    • Also when they enter into the kitchen, they enter where the stove is instead of the door.
  • When the flood gets into the Casagrandes' room, Bobby and Carlos are shown to be in separate coffins, and Frida is on Lucy's bed. However, when Rosa comes to save them, all three are in the same coffin.
  • When Lynn shoves herself in front on the line for the bathroom, Carlota has no legs in a few frames.


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