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Got kicked out, Dad Reputation?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, South Africa,[note 1] and Germany[citation needed][note 2] due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Dad Reputation" is the thirty-second episode (thirty-third in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-first episode of The Loud House.


While playing in her Dad's new band, Luna is worried about her reputation if her friends see her perform.


Lynn Sr.'s new band, the Doo Dads, which consists of Kotaro, Harold and Rodney (Mr. Spokes), is practicing in the garage. Their practice session sounds so bad, that the siblings are well-prepared with earmuffs to block off the awful sounds they make. Luna, having heard about this new band just now, discovers firsthand at how bad they sound. Suddenly, Lynn Sr., discovering Luna, quickly brings her to the garage to show off his new band. Asking Luna for her honest opinion, Luna states that she sees a lot of potential in them, and helps them sharpen their skills so that they sound good (to which the Loud children cheer to). Having finally found the sound they needed, Lynn Sr. asks his daughter if she can play with them for their gig at Lynn's Table tomorrow just for once, and Luna, not wanting to disappoint her father (especially after he pulls puppy eyes on her), hesitantly agrees. As Luna bemoans the decision she just made, Luan arrives with Mr. Coconuts and asks what her problem is. Luna explains that she just agreed to play with the Doo Dads, and is worried that no one will take her seriously as a rocker if she's seen playing with a dad band. Mr. Coconuts suggests that she should prevent the people she knows from seeing the performance.

The next day, the band is bringing their music equipment into Lynn's Table. As Luna gets her stuff, Sam and Mazzy suddenly arrive, forcing Luna to hide in her amp, which is promptly carried into the restaurant by Lincoln and Lynn. Once inside, Luna converges with her siblings to remind them of their plan, which is to prevent her friends from entering the restaurant or stopping anyone who records the performance. Several hours later, as people buy their tickets, the Doo Dads start their show. As they perform, Luna spots several several people trying to record the performance, prompting the siblings to step in and stop them. This ranges from Lily playing with Cheryl to kick her phone away, Lola wearing a giant feathered hat to block off Scoots, Lincoln spitting spitballs onto Howard's camera, and Lana washing a window to drive away Sully, who's outside the restaurant. Later, the performance has ended, and as Luna thanks her siblings for their help, Lynn Sr. tells Luna to come over really quick. It turns out that Mayor Davis has offered them to play at the Royal Woods Festival this weekend, and the Doo Dads eagerly accept the offer. When Luna congratulates them by saying that she can't wait to cheer them on, the Doo Dads reveal that they still want her to perform for them, saying that they couldn't have gotten where they are now without her help, and Lynn Sr., after admitting that he only wanted Luna to play with them once, asks her to play with them again, as they could use it, and Luna, once again unable to disappoint the band, agrees.

Back at the Loud House, as Luna once again bemoans the decision she made, Mr. Coconuts, after being told about the situation, suggests to Luna she fake an injury as an excuse to not play with them. Heeding this advice, Luna pretends that she injured her hands for shredding too hard and that it'll take weeks to "heal". As Lynn Sr. questions what to do now, Lynn tosses a football into Luna's direction, and she effortlessly catches it, causing the Doo Dads to remark that if she can catch a ball like that, her hands will heal sooner than expected, resulting in the plan to fail.

When the weekend arrives, the Doo Dads and the siblings arrive to the park, where the Royal Woods Festival is being held. When Mr. Coconuts comments that at least no one from the high school is present, he's proven wrong when a large group of high schoolers arrive. Suddenly, Luna and Luan bump into Cheryl, who's wearing face paint. This gives Luna the idea to disguise herself and the Doo Dads with face paint, but just seconds after exiting the face painting tent, Scoots, riding a jet ski, splashes water onto them, washing the paint off. In a desperate attempt to conceal their identities, Luna tries to make more suggestions like wearing feathered boas and using a fog machine, but Lynn Sr. says that he's caught up on what Luna's trying to do. Luna ultimately confesses that she didn't want to be seen performing with them, as she fears that no one will take her seriously if she's seen playing with a dad band. Understanding her daughter more, Lynn Sr. tells Luna that she doesn't need to perform with them, and is confident the band will do well without her.

As the Doo Dads get ready to perform, Luna encourages them that they'll do fine. However, upon getting on stage, Lynn Sr. is too nervous to introduce themselves or even move. Seeing her father in danger, Luna proceeds to jump onstage and start shredding her guitar. This gives the Doo Dads the confidence they need to start playing. As they play, Luna spots Sam, Sully and Mazzy cheering her on, and the performance results in overwhelming applause from the crowd.


Lana, Howard, Sully, and Mazzy have no lines in this episode.


  • Since this episode Lynn Sr. and Kotaro's band "the Clang" is transformed into "Doo Dads" by inviting Rodney and Harold.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the ball on Lynn Sr.'s cowbell mallet.
  • At the start of the episode, Luna briefly sings a snippet of "Play It Loud" from "Really Loud Music".
  • The credits of this episode reveals that Mr. Spokes' first name is Rodney.
  • Luna's face paint disguise is similar to the vampire makeup Lori and Leni wore in the Season 3 episode "Fandom Pains".
  • Not counting Luna, the only member of the Doo Dads not confirmed to have kids is Kotaro.
  • Cartoon physics: Luna stuffs herself into her amp without showing any signs of discomfort.
  • Irony: Despite being called the Doo Dads, Kotaro is the only member to not be a Dad since he doesn't have any kids. Luna is even offered to be apart of the band despite being a female teenager making the name of the band somewhat misleading.


  • Dad Reputation - The title of this episode is a pun on Joan Jett's 1980 song "Bad Reputation".


  • At the beginning, Luna is seen with her guitar on her back right side up. Then when Lynn Sr. brings Luna to the garage, her guitar is upside down.
  • During Luna's line, "Focus on the tune, and listen to each other as you jam", the back of her guitar has strings and knobs, which disappear in the next frame before she flips her guitar back.
  • As the Doo Dads are doing their band ritual at Lynn's Table the first time, the bathroom door opens, and Luna appears out of thin air.
  • In some scenes, one of Luna's earrings disappears.
  • During Luna's line, "Mayor Davis? What's going on?", the closed captions misspelled "Davis" as "David".



  1. Banned due to a common African feed, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is illegal. South Africa is to date the only country in Africa where same-sex marriage is legal.
  2. Likely banned due to a shared feed with Central and Eastern Europe, which is shared with several countries where homosexuality is seen as taboo. Same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.

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