This page describes all of Darcy's relationships with her family and friends.

Lisa Loud

S2E20B Darcy hugs Lisa

Darcy hugging Lisa.

Lisa is Darcy's classmate in Ms. Shrinivas's kindergarten class and her first friend.

Darcy likes playing with her plush giraffe with Lisa, playing on the seesaw, eating lunch and helping with her experiments.

Lisa chooses Darcy to be her new friend after Ms. Shrinivas tells her that she needs to make a human friend in order to bring up her grade in social skills. At first Lisa only acts like a friend just to boost her mark, and once she gets an "A" she tells Darcy the truth, hurting Darcy's feelings. Ms. Shrinivas revokes Lisa's "A" and gives her a time out for how she treated Darcy. During Lisa's time out, Darcy comes by and gives Lisa a cookie out of sympathy, and Lisa, realizing the benefit of having friends, offers Darcy half the cookie and invites Darcy to join her, rekindling their friendship.

In "Friendzy", Darcy is one of the many friends Lisa invites over in order to have special friend privileges.

In "Racing Hearts", Lisa and Darcy were partners for the Astonishing Quest. They compete in a game of laser tag, where they lose after Luna zaps them.

Ms. Shrinivas

S2E20B Ms. Shrinivas is not pleased

Ms. Shrinivas hugging Darcy.

Ms. Shrinivas gave Darcy a hug to comfort her after she told her teacher how mean Lisa was to her.


S2E20B Rafo

Darcy playing with Rafo.

Rafo is Darcy's favorite stuffed toy. She sleeps and plays with it.

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