Darin McGowan is a storyboard artist on The Loud House.

He previously worked on As Told by Ginger, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, The Mr. Men Show, and Futurama.

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  • In the episode "Intern for the Worse", the caricature of himself appears in the episode, voiced by John DiMaggio, which is interesting, as he previously worked on Futurama.
  • Darin's birthday (1031) is hidden in a few episodes he boarded.[1] These are all the known occurrences:
    • "Making the Case" - On the lower-right corner of the camera screen when Lincoln records his sisters doing embarrassing things.
    • "Pets Peeved" - On Lisa's chalkboard when describing how long each Loud kid will sleep with Watterson.
    • "Out of the Picture" - The amount of yearbook pictures Lincoln tried to upload to the computer is 1,031.
    • "The Mad Scientist" - On Lisa's whiteboard when she explains to the scientists about Einstein's theory of time travel through wormholes.
    • "Absent Minded" - In Clyde's journal when he documents the day he gets his perfect attendance plaque.
  • Darin wrote the song Ooh, Girl, which can be heard numerous times throughout the show.[2]
  • Darin is the second person after Kyle Marshall to have storyboarded and directed at least one episode perspectively.

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