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"Date with Destiny" is the fourth episode of the third season, and the seventy-ninth of The Casagrandes.


Rosa hears an Ernesto Estrella prediction that Maria and Arturo could get back together.


While serving breakfast to her family, Rosa discovers Ernesto Estrella's show is on. Ernesto predicts that those with a water sign will have a lifetime of happiness... if they can get back with their ex by tonight. Since Maria is a water sign, Rosa believes that she'll get back with Arturo, but Maria remains skeptical, saying that she isn't even going to see Arturo today; she's going to help Frida with an art instillation, and Arturo is boarding a flight to go a medical convention. Undeterred, Rosa insists to Ronnie Anne and Bobby that they will get back together, and the two decide to make it a reality after Rosa tells them that their first date took place at the pier.

Ronnie Anne arrives to Frida's art studio, and discovers her mother completely covered in plaster and papier-mache. She decides to "take her out to lunch" (while having her ride atop a skateboard for easier transportation). At the same time, Bobby catches up to Arturo just before he boards a taxi taking him to the airport and "offers" to take him there himself in the mercado van. What follows is Ronnie Anne and Bobby attempting to bring Maria and Arturo to the pier. After several mishaps, the two arrive to the pier. While they wait for Arturo to finish his call to reschedule his flight, some seagulls perch themselves onto Maria, the extra weight causing her to roll down the slanted pier. A backstage hand at the edge of the pier witnesses Maria skate by, and quickly rushes to her aid when she lands in the ocean, the water softening the plaster enough to come off. Maria discovers that the man who rescued her is T-Bone, a roadie she was in a relationship with, and T-Bone offers to invite her to the pizza restaurant where they used to eat. Seeing their efforts result in Maria getting back with a different ex, Ronnie Anne and Bobby decide to get T-Bone out of the picture so that she can get back with Arturo.

At Amores Pizza, Maria and T-Bone sit at a table. Ronnie Anne and Bobby, watching from a nearby table, proceed with their plan to make T-Bone look bad. First, they replace the mint-flavored breath mints with garlic-flavored, resulting in him getting bad breath. As the two place their orders, T-Bone says that he has ananaphobia, the fear of pineapples, and Ronnie Anne and Bobby decide to exploit that by having the waiter serve them a pizza completely dedicated to pineapples. Because of his fear kicking in, T-Bone cuts the dinner short by running away in complete cowardice. At that moment, Arturo arrives and offers to sit next to Maria. However, instead of the two rekindling their love, they proceed to mildly converse with their phones. Bobby, unsatisfied that the sparks aren't flying as high as he hopes, grabs a plate of spaghetti and ties to the two together, demanding them to love each other again. Perplexed by all that has happened, Ronnie Anne reveals to Arturo that he and Bobby went through all this trouble to try and get them back together, saying that they were told a fortune where if they got back together by tonight, they would be promised a lifetime of happiness (which she admits sounds dumb when said aloud). Maria and Arturo respond by telling them that they're technically back together right now, not in a romantic sense yet, and Arturo makes the suggestion of the four of them having dinner at the pizza restaurant every month. Bobby is still dissatisfied, since it's only for one day, but Maria assures him that the lifetime of happiness comes from the fact that they're all together as a family and they will always will be. As the family hugs it out, Ernesto, watching from outside, declares that his fortune has come true.



  • This episode's plot is similar to "The Horror-Scope":
    • Both episodes involve Ernesto Estrella making a romantic prediction about a certain elemental star sign, and a female in the Casagrande family is revealed to have that element for whatever their star sign is.
      • "The Horror-Scope" reveals Ronnie Anne's sign, fire, and this episode reveals Maria's, which is water.
      • In addition, both episodes reveal the elemental sign for a Santiago.
    • Rosa claims in both episodes that Ernesto's predictions are incredibly accurate. In this episode, the rest of the family chimes in that Ernesto made predictions about them that ended up becoming a reality.
    • In the end, Ernesto's predictions in both episodes turn up to be true, but metaphorically.
      • Ronnie Anne "finds love" in the form of Sid's missing lovebird, while Maria "gets back together with an ex" in the form of spending some (platonic) time with her ex-husband, Arturo.
  • This episode reveals certain things about Maria:
    • She is a water sign, meaning she's either a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.
    • She used to be in a relationship with T-Bone, who first appeared in "V.I.P.eeved".
    • Her favorite flowers are daisies.
    • Neither she, nor Carlos, nor Carl, believe in Ernesto Estrella's fortunes.
  • This episode reveals that Maria and Arturo's first date was at the Great Lakes City pier.


  • Date with Destiny - The title of this episode describes an inevitable future event or encounter, especially one which is likely to be momentous.

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