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"Deal Me Out" is the eighteenth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-nineteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde worry that they may be too old to still be playing Ace Savvy.


Lincoln and Clyde are at the mall, buying tickets for the Ace Savvy convention. After purchasing their tickets, the two end up running into two of their classmates, who say that they outgrew Ace Savvy when they were younger. When Lincoln and Clyde realize that many of those who are attending the convention are young kids, and wonder if they're too old for Ace Savvy, even though it was how the two first became friends. Regardless, Lincoln and Clyde agree to find a new interest.

Lincoln and Clyde try their hand at skateboarding, fishing, and car repair, but all three attempts don't exactly work out. Gathering all their Ace Savvy collectibles, they head over to Flip's Food & Fuel (which they mistake for a pawn shop) and sell their stuff to Flip, as well as their convention tickets (after Flip transforms his store into a ticket stand).

At a park, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to relax. As they relax, Clyde discovers a kid playing with Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack action figures, and sneaks past Lincoln to play with him. Lincoln, meanwhile, sees a kid watch an episode of Ace Savvy on their tablet, and begins following him to watch the episode. Moments later, Lincoln and Clyde meet up, and fib where they headed off to. At a car repair store, Lincoln and Clyde observe the various mufflers on display. Suddenly, Lincoln sees the comic book store nearby and lies to Clyde by saying that a bug flew into his mouth. The moment he leaves, Clyde sees a man dressed up as Ace Savvy, and quickly goes to take a selfie with him. Meeting up again, Lincoln and Clyde suddenly bring up fond memories of when they were younger, and how they quickly bonded because of their love for Ace Savvy. Unable to hold it in any longer, Lincoln and Clyde admit that they still love Ace Savvy with all their hearts, and could care less if people say they're too old for it. Sometime later, Lincoln and Clyde head back to Flip's to get their stuff back, but he refuses when the boys don't have enough money. Luckily, they manage to convince him by getting him a new muffler.

Just because you're too old for something, does not mean you have to stop loving it.

Later on, Lincoln and Clyde are attending the Ace Savvy convention in their costumes. As they walk around, they discover some of Lori's classmates, Becky, Joey, and Chaz, walking by, and embrace themselves for ridicule. To their surprise, they're revealed to be avid Ace Savvy fans as well, saying that they're never too old to Ace Savvy. Happy that they're not alone, Lincoln and Clyde follow them to get Ace Savvy-styled pancakes.


Lynn, Mollie, Andrew, Bratty Kid's Mom, Teri's boyfriend and Renee's mother have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped" and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs and will also be available on the "The Complete Third Season" DVD.


  • This episode is omitted from Nickelodeon On-Demand on DirecTV for unknown reasons.
  • This episode reveals how Lincoln and Clyde met: during Halloween a few years back, Lincoln was chasing after Lynn, who had separated from their mother. During the chase, Lynn passed by Clyde, and Lincoln ended up crashing into him, giving the latter a nosebleed. Lincoln apologized to him and offered his cape to wipe his nose.
    • According to Lincoln, they were 5 when they met, which means that they have been friends for six years. This was previously stated in the official The Loud House Instagram's segment "Ask Lincoln Loud".
  • Lana and Lynn (through flashbacks) are the only sisters to appear, though the former appeared in both versions and Lori is mentioned by Clyde.
  • This episode reveals that Lincoln has had broken back teeth about since he was 5 years old.
  • Becky, Joey, and Chaz are revealed to be avid Ace Savvy fans as well.
  • The title card music for "Project Loud House" / "Picture Perfect" can be heard frequently throughout the episode and during Lincoln and Clyde's flashbacks.
  • According to Clyde, he knows who Lori's classmates are because he memorized one of Lori's high school yearbooks.
  • Lincoln brings up the Ace Savvy character, Old Maid, which could be a reference to Scoots' alter ego from "Pulp Friction".
    • Wild Card Willy is also mentioned.


  • Deal Me Out - The title of this episode is a poker term for when a player at a poker table wants to take a break, letting the dealer know not to give him cards for the next hand.
  • Superman - Ace Savvy has a headquarters called the "Fortress of Solitaire", referencing this superhero's headquarters called the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Megamind - The man who wears an Ace Savvy costume bears resemblance to Hal Stewart, also known as Titan, from this film.


Lincoln's costume with the same color as his usual clothes.

  • On the title card Riccardo Durante's name is spelled with one "C" instead of two.
  • Lance and Trent's voices have switched in credits.
  • When Lincoln first crashes into Clyde, part of his costume was an orange shirt and blue pants (to look like his original outfit), instead of red.
  • When the fish was attacking Lincoln and Clyde, pieces of their boat can be seen flying off, even though their boat is showing no signs of damage.
  • In the Latin American version, when Clyde says "Look, there's some kids from Lori's class!", he wasn't voiced by Emilio Treviño.

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