The following is a transcript for the episode "Deal Me Out".


[The episode starts at the Royal Woods Mall, where Lincoln and Clyde are in line to get tickets for the upcoming Ace Savvy convention.]
Lincoln: [Slaps down the cash] "Two tickets, please."
Clyde: "And two programs."
[The vendor hands them two flyers and Lincoln passes one to Clyde.]
Lincoln: "Whoa, check this out! There's gonna be a panel of Ace's arch-enemies. I hope the Old Maid is there!"
Clyde: "And I have some questions for the Flash Card. There's a rumor he's getting his own spin-off!"
Lincoln: [To the viewers] "Clyde and I are going to the Ace Savvy Convention tomorrow. It's one of the most sacred Clincoln McCloud traditions."
Clyde: "Hey, there's Lance and Trent." [Goes up to the two boys] "Hey, guys. Picking up tickets for the convention?"
Trent: "Nah, but my little brother is. We're just waiting while he's in line."
[Suddenly, Ace Savvy appears behind Lincoln and Clyde.]
Ace Savvy: "Hello, boys. Who wants a picture with their old pal Ace?"
[Lincoln and Clyde gasp in excitement and pull out their cellphones to take a picture but...]
Lance: "No thanks, dude. We're a little past our Ace Savvy phase."
Trent: "Yeah, we gave that up when we were seven."
[Lincoln and Clyde look at each other.]
Ace Savvy: "No big deal. Guess it's just not in the cards. [Holds up his set of cards then Ace strikes a pointing pose to Lincoln and Clyde. The boys do the same.]
Trent "And that's why we gave it up." [scoffs] "So dorky."
Lance: "So, what are you guys doing here?"
Lincoln: "Uh, us?" [He and Clyde look nervous, they hide their programs.] "Just hangin' at the mall, like guys do."
Clyde: "Yeah, you know, lookin' for chicks, buying aftershave, mature stuff."
Trent: [As he and Lance walk off] "Cool, well, see you in school Monday."
Clyde: [worried] "Oh no, Lincoln! Do you think they're right? Are we too old for Ace Savvy?"
[Lincoln and Clyde look around to see kids younger than them dressed in Ace Savvy attire.]
Lincoln: "Huh. I guess we are the oldest kids here."
Clyde: "And we have outgrown our costumes a little."
[Flashback to Lincoln and Clyde struggling to get their Ace Savvy costumes on. Clyde ends up falling backwards; End flashback.]
Lincoln: "And according to the program, we're too tall for the Bounce House of Cards." [realizing] "Wow. Maybe we are too old for Ace, and we've just been blind to it."
Clyde: "Maybe. But what are we gonna do? Quit Ace? It's what brought us together in the first place."
[Flashback to Halloween when Lincoln and Clyde were five, and a seven year old Lynn, wouldn't wait for her brother, who was dressed as Ace Savvy.]
Young Lincoln: [To Lynn] "Lynn! Wait up! Mom said you have to stay with me. [Walking along in the opposite direction was a five year old Clyde, dressed as One-Eyed Jack, Lynn hurdles right over him, he looks in annoyance at her running off and returns to his trick or treating, Lincoln is still chasing her, but runs right into what was about to become his best friend. The boys bump into each other, and Clyde's nose starts bleeding, Lincoln helps him up.] "Oh jeez, I'm sorry." [Offers Clyde his cape] "Here. use my cape. Ace Savvy is always ready to lend a hand.
Young Clyde: "Thanks," [The boys shake hands] "I'm Clyde, what's your name?"
[Flashback ends]
Clyde: [tearing up] "Dang it." [uses his flyer as a tissue] "That story gets me every time."
Lincoln: "I know Ace brought us together, but Clyde, we were five years old. Maybe it's time we move on and find new hobbies. Stuff that's more for kids our age."
Clyde: "Dr. Lopez does say 'I can't move forward if I'm always looking in the rear view mirror'. Let's do it!"
Lincoln: "Aces!" [realizes] "Sorry, starting now."

[Later, the boys are at the skate park.]
Lincoln: "Okay, I've done some research, and apparently, skateboarding is an appropriate hobby for eleven year olds. [They are now on opposite sides of the half pipe, and Lincoln goes for it.] "Hey, I'm doin' it! [High fives Clyde on the other side.] "Give it a try Clyde."
Clyde: "Here I go!" [But then, Clyde slips from his skateboard, Lincoln slips from his own as well, and both crashed each other at the back of their heads, making their helmets break.]

[Later, the boys are at the lake fishing.]
Lincoln: "According to my research, kids our age really like fishing. And bonus, we can cook and eat what we catch."
Clyde: "I packed us some sandwiches, but okay." [Just then, Clyde suddenly gets a bite on his rod.] "Whoa! I think I got something!"
Lincoln: "Reel it in! That's our lunch!"
[Clyde does so and reels in a large, monstrous fish. The boys shriek in terror as Lincoln swats the fish off the boat.]
Clyde: "Get it out!"
[The boat toppled over as Lincoln and Clyde gasped up to the surface.]
Lincoln: "Well, the important thing is, we caught one."
Clyde: [Sees the floating sandwiches] "Yeah, and we still have our sandwiches for lunch." [Just as he says that, the fish emerged and eats them.]

[The Loud House. The two boys enter the garage where Lana is doing some repairs on Vanzilla.]
Lincoln: "Okay, Clyde, technically, this next hobby is for 17 year olds, but I thought we could get a head start." [to Lana] "Hey, Lana. Think you could teach us some car repair stuff?"
Lana: [stares at them for a couple of seconds then bursts into laughter. She looks at them again and Lincoln has an angry look on his face.] "Oh, you're serious. Uh, sure. So, uh, I was just giving this baby a tune-up. As you can see, the timing belt's a little worn away over here, which is a problem because then your water pump's gonna need to be replaced."
Lincoln: "What's this do?"
Lana: "Don't touch that!"
[Cuts to outside shot of the Loud House.]
Lincoln: "Why not?"
[Suddenly, hot steam bursts in and nails them right in their faces. Cut to Lincoln and Clyde in the kitchen, who have frozen peas and frozen tilapia covering their eyes.]
Lincoln: "All good mechanics probably get burned on their first day."
Clyde: "Oh, for sure. Could you pass me some more frozen tilapia?"
[Lincoln tosses another frozen tilapia on Clyde's head and Clyde gives a thumbs up.]

[Later, the boys are biking down the street with their Ace Savvy stuff.]
Clyde: "Are you sure we need to get rid of our Ace Savvy stuff?"
Lincoln: "I know it hurts, buddy, but now that we have new hobbies, we just don't need it anymore.
Clyde: [to his toy] "Tell that to my One-Eyed Jack action figure. He's giving me his signature death glare." [Clyde looks uneasy as he stuffed it in the box, he sighed in relief.]
[Cut to the Flip's Food and Fuel sign.]
Clyde: "Flip's Food and Fuel? I thought we were going to a pawn shop."
Lincoln: "We were, I guess I wrote down the wrong address"
[Lincoln and Clyde were about to leave, but Flip stops them off-screen.]
Flip: "No ya didn't, chief. You've come to the right place." [Presses the button on his remote witch changes the sign to 'Pat's Pawn & Prawns'.]
Clyde: "Pat's Pawn & Prawn? Who's Pat?"
[Flip presses the button on his nametag, switching it to 'Pat'.]
Flip: "You're lookin' at 'em." [Walks inside, then comes back out.] "Name's Pat, I'm Pat. This here's Pat.
[Lincoln and Clyde looked at each other, then shrugged, and walked inside. Once inside, Flip pressed the button reveling various comics and electronics, Flip pulls out a bucket of prawns and munched on one. The boys look at each other again, shrug, and place their stuff on the counter.]
Flip: [Checks the items in the box.] "Ehh, let's see here. I'll give ya ten bucks for the whole she-bang." [Pulls out a ten dollar bill.]
Lincoln: "TEN BUCKS?!"
Flip: [Holds the money out to the boys.] "Take it or leave it?! Pat's a busy guy!"
Lincoln: [Angrily takes the bill] "Fine." [Realizes something else] "Wait Clyde, we still have our tickets to the convention."
Clyde: [Sighs] "Guess we should sell those, too."
Flip: "You're in luck! That's my other business!" [Presses the button switching the sign outside to 'Tucker's Tix & Tux'. Flip then changes his appearance of the shop wearing a tuxedo.] "Welcome to Tucker's Tix & Tux!"

[Later, at the park Lincoln and Clyde are carrying their skateboard gear sitting on a bench.]
Lincoln: "I don't know about you, Clyde, but I'm loving our new hobbies."
Clyde: " Me too, buddy. I am not looking at the rear view mirror anymore." [Pulls out his mirror from his helmet.] "Well, I am, but, it's just for safety." [He looks up from his mirror and sees a kid at the sandbox playing with action figures of Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack. Clyde, not wanting Lincoln to find out about this, spoke to Lincoln.] "Uh, just realized, I forgot my... aftershave this morning, I should go to the bathroom and dab some on." [Walks off, sneaking past Lincoln on the bench, and goes up to the kid.]
Clyde: "Hi there! Mind if I join?"
Kid at Sandbox: "Sure. You can be Ace."
Clyde: "Well, usually I'm Jack."
[The kid hands Clyde a One-Eyed Jack action figure and the two of them start playing. Meanwhile, at the bench, a mother and a son, who is watching Ace Savvy TV show on a tablet walked by, Lincoln took notice of it and followed them.]
Flash Card: [Laughs evilly] "Looks like I've got the upper hand, Ace!"
[Lincoln starts repeating the line Ace Savvy said on the episode.]
Lincoln: "Think again, Flash Card! No one makes Ace Savvy fold!" [The kid notices Lincoln behind him.] "Sorry, I just really love this episode. You mind turning up the brightness?"
[Later, the boys come back to the bench and gasp at each other in surprise.]
Clyde: "Sorry it took so long, gone to the bathroom and I realized I haven't shaved, so had to do that first."
Lincoln: "No problem, I, uh, was over at the pond, talking bait with some fisherman."
[The boys sit down on the bench smiling nervously, glancing at each other a bit.]

[Later, at the Royal Woods Mall, Lincoln and Clyde are at a car shop.]
Clyde: "Just two guys checking out mufflers. What an age appropriate way to spend a Saturday."
Lincoln: "Totally, I don't feel bad at all for missing the convention today. "[Goes up to a muffler] "Ah, here's a beauty, I bet it really... muffles!"
[Suddenly, Lincoln hears some laughter from kids at the Mega Comics store through the window reading some comics related to Ace Savvy. Lincoln, not wanting Clyde to find out about this, goes up to him, playing with a wrench.]
Lincoln: [Faking a cough] "Ugh, I gotta go use the [coughs] bathroom. Bug flew in my throat."
Clyde: "A bug?" [Drops the wrench, concerned] "Are you okay? What were it's markings?"
Lincoln: [Still fake coughing] "I didn't see it, I just tasted it." [Coughs] "Ugh, be right back." [Runs off, then Clyde lifts his shirt over his nose, not wanting to be sick]

[At the comic book store, Lincoln is reading Ace Savvy while laughing, meanwhile, at the car shop, Clyde is smelling some car fresheners.]
Clyde: "Huh, there is a difference between Douglas Fir and Evergreen."
[Suddenly, Clyde hears laughter from the kids talking to Ace Savvy.]
Kid #1: "Cool! Ace!"
[Clyde looks around making sure the coast is clear, drops the car fresheners, smiles sheepishly at the viewers.]
Ace Savvy: [Talking to his young Ace fans.] "So I threw Wild Card Willy in the clink, then shuffled off to the Fortress of Solitaire."
Kid #2: "No Way!"
Kid #3: "Wow!"
Kid #4: "Sweet!"
Clyde: [Cuts in front of the girl, who is peeved.] "Excuse me, Mr. Savvy, big fan here, can I get a quick photo?" [Takes photo with Ace] "Now I just have a few questions." [Pulls out a long list] "Starting with episode one..."
[Cuts back to the car shop, Lincoln and Clyde got alarmed meeting back with each other.]
Lincoln: [Faking an excuse] "Sorry that took so long, that bug was really stuck in there good."
Clyde: [Also faking an excuse] "That's okay, a bug actually flew into my mouth, too. I went into a different bathroom. Well, guess it's time to buy one of those mufflers."
[After purchasing the car mufflers from the shop, the boys ran into some kids wearing Ace Savvy attire with flyers for the convention.]
Kid #5: "I can't wait to see the Old Maid on the villain panel!"
Kid #6: "Me too! I hope she brings her evil cat."
[Lincoln and Clyde nervously chuckles at that.]
Clyde: "Kids, right?"
Lincoln: "So glad we're passed all that dorky stuff."
Clyde: "Let's go grind... or shred... or you know, wh-whatever it's called."
[The boys exited the car shop with their happy grins on their faces, but their grins slowly start to fade with sadness and disappointment as they start to recall their childhood memories together as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack. Cuts to a flashback with them solving the case of the muddy footprints.]
Young Lincoln and Clyde: [First they investigate Charles' feet.] "Nope." [Then Cliff's] "No." [And then Baby Lana, the boys gasped in surprise figuring out the case.] "Jackpot! We've got two of a kind!" [Gave each other a high-five while Baby Lana shrugs.]
[Cuts at the table where Clyde is trying to fix Lincoln's Ace Savvy action figure.]
Young Lincoln: "And then Lynn came out of nowhere and roller-skated right over him!"
Young Clyde: "It's okay." [Glues the arm back on] "I can fix him, though I'm not sure he'll ever shuffle again."
[Lincoln hugged Clyde in gratitude. Cuts to the kitchen where Lynn Sr. is washing the dishes.]
Young Lincoln: "Dad, One-Eyed Jack and I solved the case of the missing bologna."
Young Clyde: [Holds up Cliff] "We've got the culprit right here."
Lynn Sr.: [Gives them a thumbs up and a wink] "Good work, boys! You've done it again!"
Young Lincoln and Clyde: [Jumping for joy] "ACE AND JACK FOREVER!"
[Flashback ends where Lincoln and Clyde are feeling regretful for their decision of giving up Ace Savvy.]
Lincoln: "Clyde, I can't do this anymore! So what if we're too old for Ace? I'm just not ready to give him up."
Clyde: "Me neither! I don't care what Dr. Lopez says!" [Pleadingly] "Please don't tell her I said that, I don't wanna hurt her feelings."
Lincoln: "Clearly this makes us happy, so I say we enjoy it as long as we want to. [Determined] Let's go get out stuff back!"
Clyde: "And our tickets! We can still make the convention! Let's just hope 'Pat' and 'Tucker' are both working today."
[Cuts to Clyde slapping the $10 bill on the counter to 'Tucker' at the shop.]
Clyde: "Here's the money you paid us for the tickets. We'd like to buy them back."
Flip: "Hold up, chief, prices changed. You're forgetin' 'bout the handling fee, the storage fee, and the resale fee." [Raises his eyebrows]
[Lincoln and Clyde looked at each other and groaned.]
Flip: "Hey, I'm the nice guy here. Wait'll you try to get your toys back, then you're gonna have to deal with Pat, and he's in a mood.
Lincoln: [Suddenly gets an idea] "How 'bout we trade you a new muffler for them?"
[Flip smiles in agreement as a cash register sound chimes.]

[Cuts to the Ace Savvy Convention, named Savvy Con, Lincoln and Clyde are wearing their costumes.]
Lincoln: "Clyde, that was so cool when the Flash Card said you asked him a good question."
Clyde: "I know, I don't even mind that he called me 'Clade'." [Just then, he saw something from his eye patch.] Look, there's some kids from Lori's class!"
[Points to said kids; Becky, Chaz, and Joey.]
Lincoln: "How do you know that?"
Clyde: [Covers his mouth, nervously.] "No reason, I'm not saying I memorized her yearbook or anything."
Lincoln: "Uh, they must be here with there little brothers and sisters."
[The boys are scared when they're approaching.]
Clyde: "Oh, geez. They're walking this way! Get ready to be teased." [braces for humiliation but Lincoln stood firm.]
Lincoln: "Stand tall, Clyde." [Flips down Clyde's eye patch] "We can get through this."
Joey: "Hey One-Eyed Jack, that utility belt is rad. What booth did you get that at?"
Clyde: "Oh, actually I made it"
Joey: "No way! The detail is amazing!"
Clyde: "Thanks. It even fires poker chips." [Fires one. The guys are astounded by it.]
Joey: "Sick!"
Lincoln: "Wait, you guys are into Ace Savvy?"
Becky: "Yeah! Whadya think we're doing here?" [She along with Chaz and Joey show their Ace Savvy T-shirts to Lincoln and Clyde.]
Chaz: "We've been into Ace since we were like seven!"
Lincoln: "Really, You never felt like you were too old?"
Becky: "No way. We'll never be too old for Ace."
Chaz: [Points] "Look! They're selling One-Eyed Flapjacks! We gotta go snag some!" [Runs off]
Joey: [To Lincoln and Clyde] "You guys wanna join?"
Lincoln and Clyde: "Yeah!"
[Becky and Joey walks off to catch up to Chaz.]
Lincoln: " Hey Clyde, can you spot me some money? I spent all of mine on mufflers."
Clyde: "No problem, buddy. One-Eyed Jack is always ready to lend a hand."
[They both locked arms with each other having a great time.]

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