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"Deep Cuts" is the twenty-ninth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-seventy-eighth episode of The Loud House.


When Luna discovers that the high school music club will be axed due to budget cuts, she leads a protest.


S4E16A Luna and her band performing

The Music Club attempts to save their club the only way they know how: through song.

At the high school, Luna, Sam, Sully and Mazzy are heading to their Music Club, but discover a note on the door. It states that the Music Club is cancelled because of budget cuts. Not wanting to let the music club go away, they hold a protest outside the building, where they promptly perform a song to change the mind of their principal, Rivers. Rivers ends up loving the performance so much, she decides to reopen the music club, much to the disappointment of her personal assistant, Oliver.

Later, Lori enters Luna and Luan's room with anger, saying that because Luna saved the Music Club, Rivers is cancelling the Sports Club. When Luna argues back that she had to what she had to do to save her club, Lori decides to fight back. At the high school, Lori and all the members of the Sports Club give off a performance that makes Rivers change her mind.

As Luna congratulates Lori on saving the Sports Club, Luan enters with anger, saying that Rivers is planning on getting rid of the Theatre Club. Lori argues that she had to do it because her Sports Club was almost shut down by Luna wanting to keep the Music Club. Fighting back, Luan and the other members of the Theatre Club quickly put on a performance to show the world without theater. The performance moves Rivers so much, she agrees to keep the Theatre Club.

Later, as Lori, Luna, and Luan congratulate each other for saving their clubs, they overhear Rivers and Oliver talking, as Oliver informs her that she has to make up her mind on which club to cut, reminding her of the school's tight budget. As a result, the three sisters spearhead a protest in front of the school to prevent Rivers from cancelling any of their clubs.

The protesting gets so heated up, they eventually begin arguing with each other. Lori attempts to stop her members from hurting each other, but a series of mishaps causes the giant acorn statue in the center of the courtyard to break off from its stand and roll right into the school, completely destroying the entrance. After running the numbers, Rivers and Oliver inform all the students that in order to cover up the damage with their extremely tight budget, they have to shut down all the clubs, much to everyone's dismay. The students quickly apologize for their destruction and when Rivers asks how they're going to raise enough money to save their clubs and repair the school, Lori, Luna, and Luan come up with an idea.

S4E16A Lori, Luna and Luan singing

With all the clubs saved, this calls for a celebration song!

Sometime later, the three have set up an entire fundraiser campaign, where the attendees can participate in activities such as being a professional in sports, acting like a stage star, or playing with instruments. The fundraiser ends up being a success and with all the money they made, the school can be repaired and all the clubs will be able to stay, much to everyone's happiness.


Leni, Lynn, Lucy, Benny, Amy, Lyberti, Parvana, Shannon, Dana, and Errol have no lines in this episode.



  • In the context of this episode, the title refers to the removal of a school club having a deep impact on not just the school, but to the members of those clubs.
  • Shannon can be seen wearing her Montague scarf from "Stage Plight".
  • Oliver is never mentioned by name.
  • In the Russian, Bahasa Indonesian and Malay dubs, this episode is the first to give Sam a speaking role, as her relationship with Luna was not mentioned.


  • Deep Cuts - The title of this episode refers to any song by an artist that only true fans of the artist will enjoy/know.


  • When Luna and her band find out that the music club is cancelled, the strap on Luna's guitar switches from her right shoulder to her left.
    • The strap on Sam's guitar case switches sides as well.
  • When all three clubs are protesting, Lori is holding a sign with a check mark on it. In the next shot of Lori, she's holding a sign that says "Save R Sports".
S4E16A Rivers being carried off

If she saved the Music Club, why is she being carried by the Sports Club?

  • During the song at the end, Lori is wearing her usual clothes instead of her golf uniform.
  • Lori's eyelashes disappear at several points throughout the episode.
  • After Principal Rivers accepts the Music Club's protest, she gets carried away by the Sports Club, even though they did not protest yet.


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