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The following is a transcript for the episode "Deep Cuts".


[The episode starts off at Royal Woods High School. Inside, Luna, Sam, Mazzy, and Sully comes out and starts cheering.]
Sully: "Rock 'n roll!"
Sam: "Whoo-hoo! It's time to get our jam on!"
Luna: "I can't wait to show you guys this new track I've been working on."
[They all walk to the music room with a note on it.]
Sully: "Hey, what's that? Someone's selling their gear?"
Luna: "No, it looks like a note from Principal Rivers." [She grabs the note and reads it.] "Due to recent budget cuts, the Music Club has been... CANCELLED?!"
All: "WHAT?!"
Luna: "How can she cancel the Music Club?" [desperately trying to open the door, she slams her head on the door]
Sam: "Doesn't she know how much it means to us?"
Sully: "There must be some mistake."
[Suddenly, the door opens, slamming Luna into the wall. A janitor comes out of the music room, taking the Music Club's drum with him.]
Mazzy: "Wait! That's our drum!"
[The door swings closed, with Luna standing on the corner of the wall she was slammed into.]
Luna: "Dudes, we gotta stop this!"

[Outside the school. Luna, Sam, Mazzy, and Sully are protesting for Principal Rivers to keep the Music Club. They hold up signs saying "No Cuts" for Luna and Sully, "Music Club 4 Ever" for Sam, and "Cuts R Nuts" for Mazzy.]
Music Club: "We wanna rock! We wanna roll! Music Club's our heart and soul!"
[Oliver watches the Music Club protesting through the window leading to Principal Rivers's office.]
Oliver: Eh, Principal Rivers, you might wanna see this."
[Principal Rivers is struggling to choose between two flavors of doughnuts.]
Principal Rivers: "Hang on. I can't decide between the maple glazed or the bear claw. Ooh!" [She covers her eyes and eats a random flavor.] "Oh, yeah, grr, bear claw." [swallows]
Music Club: [off-screen] "We wanna rock!"
Principal Rivers: "Hmm?"
Music Club: "We wanna roll! Music Club's our heart and soul!"
[Principal Rivers gets off her chair and looks out the window with Oliver.]
Principal Rivers: [Worried] "Oh no! Are those the music kids? Oh, they seem really mad at me, maybe I shouldn't have cut their club."
Oliver: "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, don't panic, you spent weeks making the new budget, stand firm!"
Principal Rivers: "Mmm, right!"
Luna: [shouts off-screen] "Principal Rivers!" [cuts to a shot of the Music Club] "We're not giving up our club without a fight!"
Sam: "So listen up, cause this song's going out to you!"
[Luna starts singing "Save the Music" as the school bell rings]

♫ "When the last bell rings, we reach for our guitars.

Kick out the jams and pretend that we're rock and roll stars.
Our Music Club is everything to us.

We'd be lost without it, so we're putting up a fuss." ♫

Oliver: "It's a catchy song, but you've already made up your mind. Right, Principal Rivers?" [turns around only to find Principal Rivers out of sight, Oliver stammers] "Pri-pri-principal Rivers?"
[Principal Rivers is rocking out with the band]


♫ "We gotta save the music.
Save it from going away.
We gotta save the music.

Principal Rivers, what do you say?" ♫

Principal Rivers: [Ecstatic] "I say, I say," [Starts singing] "I say we save the music, it's up to me cause I'm the principal, oh yeah."
[Starts scatting, while Oliver is dispirited. The students carry their principal on there shoulders, while Oliver face palms]

[Back at the Loud house, Luna is playing her ukulele in her room]
Luna: [Singing to herself] "When the last bell ri-"
[Suddenly, Lori, holding her golf clubs, kicks the door open]
Lori: [Furious at Luna] "Well, I guess I can give these golf clubs back to Pop-Pop, cause I literally don't need them anymore!"
Luna: "Dude, what are you talking about?"
Lori: "Thanks to your little protest, Principal Rivers cut all of the school sports clubs, including golf. How could you do this to me?"
[Luan happens to be in the room]
Luan: [To Mr. Coconuts] "Uh, we should go."
Mr. Coconuts: [As they walk out] "Ah, come on toots, it's just gettin' good."
Luna: [Getting mad] "Listen, I'm sorry for your loss dude, but don't rage out at me, I was just trying to save my music club."
Mr. Coconuts: "Ten bucks on the short one."
[They leave, and Lincoln enters]
Lincoln: "Umm, guys."
Lori & Luna: [Aggravated] "WHAT, LINCOLN?!"
Lincoln: "I just wanted to let you know that dinner is ready." [Fighting sounds are heard] "Okay then, I'll look forward to seeing you there."
[Chuckles and goes, tripping on Lori's golf clubs]

[The next day, at school, Principal Rivers is making another important decision]
Oliver: "Okay now Principal Rivers, concentrate. Do you want the cob salad, or the vegan sloppy joes for lunch?"
Principal Rivers: "Ah, the both sound so good, um... cob salad."
Oliver: [Writes that down] "Cob salad."
Principal Rivers: "No wait, sloppy joes." [Oliver corrects] "No salad, no, uh, sloppy joes... over salad, oh, wait, that might make the lettuce warm."
[Oliver is about to write that down, when suddenly a kid jump up to their window]

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