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"Deuces Wild" is an Internet-exclusive short based on The Loud House. It is an adaptation of the 2016 mini-comic of the same name.


A foul stench leads Lincoln and Clyde battling it, Ace Savvy style.


Lincoln and Clyde arrive with brand new comics in hand, and are prepared to read it. However, before they can start, a foul smelling odor seeps into Lincoln's room, and Lincoln and Clyde take note of it. They decide to find the source of the smell... Ace Savvy style.

In the world of Ace Savvy, Ace Savvy (Lincoln) and One-Eyed Jack (Clyde) begin tracking down the source of the foul odor. After finding a trail of ooze, Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack find the source of the smell: a giant gas monster. Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack try to attack it, but they phase right through him (due to being gaseous). When the gas monster (is somehow able) to grab hold of them, One-Eyed Jack suggests they forfeit, but Ace Savvy decides to call up the whole deck (High Card, Eleven of Hearts, Night Club, Joker, Strong Suit, Eight of Spades, Royal Flush, Queen of Diamonds, and Card Counter). A van with the superheroines arrives, and they attack the monster with their own gimmicks, ending with The Card Counter sucking the monster into a metal bin.

Another battle begins.

In the real world, it turns out that the foul smell was actually coming from Lily, who just needed a diaper change, and each sibling contributed into helping. Just when Lincoln declares a job well done, Rita informs them that they need to take out the trash, due to it really piling up. Pulling out his deck again, Lincoln, Clyde, and the sisters prepare to face off a new threat: a giant garbage monster.



  • This is the first short produced by Karen Malach.
  • This is the first short where Collin Dean voices Lincoln, as well as the only short where Caleel Harris voices Clyde.
  • There are several differences between the short and the comic:
    • At the beginning, when Lincoln and Clyde walk into the former's room with their new comics, Lincoln says in the comic: "Clyde, is there anything sweeter than the smell of a new Ace Savvy comic?" but in the short he says; "Ah. There's nothing like the smell of a new Ace Savvy comic."
    • When the stench gets into Lincoln's room, one of the boys says, "Go get 'em Ace!" whilst reading his comic. This line is omitted in the short.
    • Comic Clyde does not describe the gas monster as 'giant' like short Clyde does.
    • When the gas monster grabs Lincoln and Clyde, the latter says "He's made of gas - yet somehow he's able to grab us! The short omits the 'made of gas' portion.
      • In that same scene, Lincoln does not say "One-Eyed Jack, we may have over-played our hand!" like he does in the comic.
    • When fighting the gas monster in the comic, Luan says, "You're obviously not playing with a full deck!" But in the short, the first two words in the line have swapped places.
    • Whilst reflecting the water bursting out of the hydrant Lana opens onto the monster, Lynn says "Let's reflect on that!" in the comic; but the short changes that line to "This water will suit you just fine!"


  • Deuces Wild - The title of this short means a card game (such as poker) in which each deuce may represent any card designated by its holder.


  • When Lincoln (as Ace) and Clyde (as Jack) start investigating, they walk past the wall. In the next frame, they're walking past it again.
  • On the Nick website and app, the short is mistakenly titled "Wild Deuces".


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