Dexter is a minor character in The Loud House who made his first appearance in 'Singled Out".


In "Singled Out", Lynn offered a bunch of boys in her school spicy burgers, but none of them were able to tolerate the spiciness except Dexter. From that point Lynn and him started a relationship which promptly ended a few days later, as Lynn stated that "mushy coupley stuff" wasn't for her, and she couldn't keep faking it. Dexter agreed, saying that the only reason he got together with her is so that his friends would stop teasing him about not having a girlfriend. He and Lynn both remained friends afterwards, agreeing that their friends were the weird ones for acting all mushy with their significant others.


Dexter is a typical nerd, who likes video games, comics, anime and spicy food. He gets annoyed when his friends tease him about not having a girlfriend, just because they already have.


Dexter is a chubby light-skinned boy with black hair and black-framed glasses. He wears a red sweater with the word 'Anime' and a character resembling baby Yoda on it. He wears dark colored trousers with light blue sneakers.

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