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"Dial M. for Mustard" is the thirty-eighth episode of the first season, and the first-season finale of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and her friends uncover a town mystery: what happened to Bruno's hot dog cart?


At Great Lakes City Park, Ronnie Anne is showing Arturo a new skateboarding move called "vertigo", which is when the skateboarder spins around so fast, those watching will get dizzy. When she attempts the move, she ends up running into Bruno's hot dog cart. After getting her usual hot dog on the house, Bruno reveals that he'll be participating in a hot dog contest tomorrow (with Arturo as the judge), where the winner will receive two tickets to Vienna for a sausage tasting tour. At that moment, Vito and his dogs arrive for their hot dogs, and Maybelle arrives, demanding a refund for her hot dog having too much relish. When Bruno informs her that no refunds are accepted after two bites, Maybelle storms off in anger.

Bruno panicking because his hot dog cart was missing.

The next day, as Ronnie Anne attempts to pull off "vertigo" in front of CJ, Carl, Lalo and Sergio, Bruno arrives and asks if they have seen his hot dog cart. He says that when he was done with his afternoon bathroom break, he discovered that someone had stolen it. When Vito arrives asking for his usual, Bruno breaks the bad news to him, causing Vito and his dogs to wallow in despair, and Bruno admitting that he'll have say goodbye to his chances of going to Vienna if he can't find it. When the kids state that they must find Bruno's hot dog cart, Carl decides to use this opportunity to put his detective skills to work. After dressing up like a detective, Carl escorts the others to his "office" and points out the possible suspects, which include Laird, Maybelle, Vito and Hector. After interviewing all four suspects, they conclude that Hector might be the thief, as everyone else has confirmed alibis. As they ponder this decision, Bobby arrives with a hot dog. As Bobby and Sergio fight over it, Ronnie Anne asks Bobby where he got it, and Bobby says that it came from the mercado, stating that Hector is trying to perfect his recipe for the hot dog contest. This causes everyone to believe that Hector stole Bruno's cart so he can eliminate him from the contest, and suggest they find proof.

As the gang tries to gather evidence to see if Hector is the thief, Ronnie Anne discovers that Carlota has security footage of the park the day Bruno's cart went missing, with Carlota stating that it's for her blog post about camouflage fashion. As they examine the footage, they discover that Hector approached the cart, but simply just stole a hot dog, revealing that he's not the thief. As they continue watching, they discover a man in a hot dog costume pushing the cart away with no one looking. Now knowing who the thief is, the gang decide to go look for the mysterious hot dog costume.

Going around town, the gang ask the citizens if they've seen a man in a hot dog costume, but they all deny. Suddenly, Sancho passes by, wearing one of the costume's pickle shoes. After a trade with a bag of chips, Lalo uses the scent of the shoe to find the thief, where they arrive to an abandoned factory. Upon entering, they spot Bruno's cart and the hot dog costume. The thief manages to evade them by squirting mustard at them, but Ronnie Anne manages to stop them with "vertigo". With the hot dog costume knocked out, Ronnie Anne pulls off its mask to reveal that Vito and his dogs were the culprits. Vito says that the reason why he stole Bruno's cart was because he didn't want Bruno to go to Vienna, because it would mean having to endure a whole month without his hot dogs. Knowing what he did was wrong, Vito says that he intended to bring the cart back to him, and when Carl says that the contest will start in five minutes, Ronnie Anne assures that they can make it in time.

Greetings from Vienna!

At the hot dog contest, as Arturo eats the contestant's hot dogs, Bruno can do nothing but look on and admit that he won't be able to go to Vienna. Just before Arturo can declare the winner, the gang arrives with Bruno's cart, and Bruno promptly makes his submission. Upon tasking a bite, Arturo, mesmerized by its taste, gives Bruno a perfect 10 and declares him the winner. As Bruno celebrates that he won, Vito admits to him that he was the one who stole his cart, saying that he couldn't bear the idea of not having his hot dogs for a month. After confessing, Vito tells Bruno to go to Vienna, saying that he'll put up with eating inferior hot dogs. However, Bruno reveals that, because he's his best customer, he was intending to bring Vito with him to Vienna, much to his happiness. Knowing things ended happily, the gang considers the case closed, and later receive a postcard from Bruno and Vito in Vienna.


Nikki, Sameer, Casey, Mrs. Margarita and the Pizza Chef have no dialogue.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released before the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • This is the last eleven-minute episode to premiere in 2020.
  • This is the last episode animated by Jam Filled Toronto.
  • According to Bruno, his biggest dream is to go to Vienna, the capital of Austria.
  • This episode reveals that Hector sometimes gets gas when nervous, and that Lalo can point.


  • Dial M. for Mustard - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1954 crime mystery film Dial M for Murder.
  • Scooby-Doo - The way Vito gets unmasked, as well as the kids saying his name out loud is similar to how the villains in this animated franchise get exposed.

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