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"Diamonds Are for Never" is the twenty-second episode (twenty-third in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-first episode of The Loud House.


After Lola and Mr. Grouse find a precious gem, the two struggle to decide who gets to watch over it.


In the Loud House, Lincoln is showing his family some of his magic tricks. As a bored Lola looks out the window, she spots Mr. Grouse holding a fancy ring, and runs over to him. Approaching Mr. Grouse, who is holding a metal detector, Lola asks where he got the ring, and Mr. Grouse tells her that he found it. He says he's participating in a precious stones and metal show tomorrow, and is trying to find enough valuables to make a lot of money. Being a money person herself, Lola requests to join him, but Mr. Grouse says that he works alone. Because of this, Lola decides to consult Lisa on turning her Jeep into a treasure tracker.

At Tall Timbers Park, as Mr. Grouse searches for more precious metals, Lola arrives in her souped-up jeep, now with metal detectors. After showing Mr. Grouse her sack of metals she collected, an angered Mr. Grouse declares that two can play at that game. Throughout the day, the two fight to claim areas to search. Tired of confronting each other for every area they search, Mr. Grouse decides that he and Lola will search their own half of Royal Woods. Later, as the two arrive to Scratchy Bottom Beach, Lola and Mr. Grouse detect something nearby and race to get it. Upon confronting each other, the two start digging, and they manage to find a precious giant diamond. As the two argue over who really owns it, Flip arrives to tell them the diamond sits perfectly on the middle, meaning they both possess it. The two agree to watch over the diamond together until the show tomorrow, but when they can't decide who should watch over it, Flip also suggests that they take turns.

At Mr. Grouse's house, as he examines the diamond, he quickly runs off to use the restroom. As Lola looks on from her house, she sees that Mr. Grouse has left the diamond unattended, and orders Walt to retrieve it. Walt succeeds in nabbing the diamond, just as Mr. Grouse arrives back to discover the diamond gone. Seeing that Lola took it, he uses a fishing line with a plunger to take it back. When Lola discovers that Mr. Grouse took the diamond back, Lola admits that taking turns won't work. She decides to bring in a glass case so they can watch it together, and Mr. Grouse decides to add some extra protection by wrapping a chain around it and swallowing the key. Throughout the day, the two keep a close eye guarding the diamond, slowly getting more and more tired.

The next day, Lola wakes and discovers the diamond is missing. Lola attempts to search Mr. Grouse, but he wakes up and discovers the diamond gone. The two quickly accuse each other of stealing the diamond for themselves and proceed to go on a rampage to find it, destroying each other's houses in the process, like Mr. Grouse using a jackhammer on the Loud's front lawn or Lola trashing Mr. Grouse's living room, and towing his fridge through the front door. As the two begin to accuse each other of stealing the diamond again, Lincoln reveals that the diamond was still in the case this whole time; it was one of his magic props, and it had a false bottom, so at one point, the diamond slipped through the cushion. Realizing they fought for nothing, Lola and Mr. Grouse apologize to each other and decide to go to the precious stones and metal show to sell the diamond and collect their earnings.

Later, Lola and Mr. Grouse arrive back home with their stacks of cash. However, Lynn Sr. takes away Mr. Grouse's half of the earnings in order to pay off for the damage he caused to his house. As Mr. Grouse admits that he deserved it, Lola, feeling bad for him, decides to relinquish her half of the earnings to pay off the damage she did to his house. After thanking her, Mr. Grouse tells her that not all of the money needs to be spent on repairs, saying that they can buy ice cream. Lola agrees, and the two admit that they make "a really good team."


Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lana has no lines in the episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Lucy has no lines.


  • This is third episode where Mr. Grouse bonds with Loud sibling after "11 Louds a Leapin'" and "Good Sports".
  • This episode continues Lincoln's interest in stage magic.
  • Lola and Mr. Grouse demolishing each other's houses to search for the diamond is similar to the Loud siblings demolishing their house to search for money in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".
  • Mr. Grouse is revealed to be a fast runner due to chasing people off his lawn and eating a lot of fiber.
  • Irony: Lola and Mr. Grouse sold the diamond to earn a large sum of money, and they both ended up losing their respective halves to pay off for the destruction they caused to each other's houses.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • It should not be possible for Lola and Mr. Grouse's metal detectors to sense the diamond, since it's not made of metal.
    • Mr. Grouse swallowed the key without choking or any stomach problems.


  • Diamonds Are for Never - The title of this episode is a reference to the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.


S5E13B Disappearing chamber.png
  • When Lisa agrees to customize Lola's car, the chamber pod that Lily is in vanishes right before the shot changes.
  • When Mr. Grouse sees that the diamond is gone after Walt takes it, he is standing. But when he finds one of Walt's feathers, he's sitting on his chair.
  • When Lola and Mr. Grouse see that the diamond is missing from the case, it's shown that the case is still chained up. But the next time the case is seen, it no longer has the chains.
  • When Mr. Grouse breaks his map in two, he keeps the left side of the map and gives Lola the right side, but in the next scene both of them have the left side of the map.
  • Plot holes:
    • It was revealed in "Blinded by Science" that Flip has two butt cracks, but in this episode, he is depicted having only one.
    • When Lincoln revealed that the case the diamond was in was actually one of his magic boxes, and that the diamond simply fell through it, the cushion is still in its original positioning. This means the diamond fell through the cushion, which would only be possible in real life if the cushion was torn.
  • In the close up shot of Lincoln saying "Hold on a minute", Lana is shown with bags around her eyes.
  • In the scene where Lynn Sr. was talking from the hole in the front porch, Lynn was shown with bags around her eyes.


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