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"Dine and Bash" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-sixtieth episode of The Loud House.


After failing to make Chef Guy Grazer a meal on his show, the kids try to erase the footage before it airs.


The Loud kids are being picked up from school by Todd. After all the kids are picked up, they're dropped off at Lynn's Table, where Lynn Sr. is relieved to see them, since it's rush hour at the restaurant. After several hours of the kids helping around the restaurant. Lynn Sr. gets a call from Kotaro informing him that the Doo Dads have just been booked for a wedding ceremony being held at Sunset Canyon. Lynn Sr. is excited about this opportunity but is disappointed in the fact that he has to work the dinner shift, since he allowed Grant to partake in a LARPing event with his friends. However, the kids state that they can work the restaurant while he's gone. Lynn Sr. approves of this and leaves, ready to get themselves ready for the ceremony.

The kids help with the afternoon rush.

After several hours of the working the restaurant, the kids are about to close up. Suddenly, famous TV chef Guy Grazer arrives, ready to film a new episode of his show Kitchen Ambush. Intimidated by his mere presence, the kids attempt to cater to his demands. However, the night suffers numerous bumps, like Guy being annoyed by the menu's heavy use of puns, being given more appetizers than necessary, being shocked at the fact that the restaurant is being run by kids, and the kids watching Guy seemingly unimpressed with the food they provided. After some picking at his meals, Guy and his crew leave, saying they've captured enough footage for the show. The moment they leave, the kids proclaim that the restaurant is done for should the episode air, but Lincoln realizes that if they can get the flash drive that contains their footage and destroy it, they could save the restaurant.

After Guy and his crew drive off in their van, Todd arrives with Vanzilla, the kids jump in start to chase after Guy. As Guy's van stops at an intersection, Lincoln says they need a way to distract Guy long enough so they can steal their footage. Lisa manages to distract Guy by calling him up and telling him that she got an anonymous tip about a food emergency at Jean Juan's. Falling for the trick, Guy orders his crew to drive over to Jean Juan's where, after he and the crew enter the restaurant, Lincoln, Leni, Lucy and Todd quickly jump into the unattended van to find the flash drive, but they couldn't find it in time, due to Guy realizing the tip was bogus.

Guy and his crew eventually arrive to the broadcast station, ready to air the new episode of Kitchen Ambush. Needing a way to stop the broadcast, Lincoln theorizes that they can stop it by taking out the antenna, and Lana manages to take it down by swinging a grappling hook at it and tying it to Vanzilla. However, the TVs behind them start to play the episode; Lisa realizes that the antenna they knocked down was a fake and was only up just for show. Remembering that broadcasts use satellites now, Lisa attempts to use her giant laser to take out the satellite that broadcasts Royal Woods, but despite her careful calculating, she is unsuccessful in hitting the correct satellite and instead takes out the satellites for Norway and Iceland. Realizing they have no hope of stopping the broadcast, the kids decide to give up and head home so they can apologize to their father.

The kids did handle Guy after all.

Arriving home, the kids discover that Lynn Sr. has already seen the episode. The kids profusely apologize to their father for ruining the restaurant by saying they couldn't handle Guy, but Lynn Sr. is confused, saying they actually did handle Guy. He rewinds the episode, where Guy explains that, despite the crazy antics of the Loud kids, he finds it admirable that they went through a lot of trouble just make their father proud and eagerly announces that he will return when the real chef (Lynn Sr.) will be back. As an emotionally moved Lynn Sr. tells his kids to bring it in, they hear Grant at the front door. Grant explains that he's quitting his job at Lynn's Table in order to focus on his "newfound wizard powers" (due to witnessing Lisa's laser going off and believing he did that). Suddenly, Lily grabs Lisa's tablet that controls the laser and accidentally fires it, causing a satellite to fall and crush Vanzilla. Grant, thinking he was responsible, apologizes by saying that he's "still working out the kinks."


Lori, Rita, Cheryl, Whitney, the teen girl, Teri's boyfriend, Grant's friends, Raj, and the unnamed couple and their kids have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the second episode to feature Guy Grazer (following "Present Tense") and the first to feature him in a main role.
  • This is the second episode where Todd is shown driving Vanzilla, the first being "High Crimes".
    • It's also revealed that he has a "maternal mode".
  • According to Kotaro, Bernie has been married twice. In this episode, he marries his third wife: his lady friend from Boca (previously mentioned in "Ruthless People").
  • This episode reveals that Lisa's underground bunker houses a laser that can destroy satellites.
  • According to Lana, she keeps a spare grappling hook in Vanzilla in case of an emergency.
  • The call sign of the television station that airs Kitchen Ambush, WLDH, is a self-reference to The Loud House.
    • The W is meant to signify that this station is located in the Eastern US, as call signs beginning with a W are generally assigned to states located east of the Mississippi River (which includes Michigan), while call signs beginning with a K are generally assigned to the states west of the Mississippi River.
  • Teri's boyfriend, the teen girl and Whitney are shown to be still attending high school in this episode. This implies that they're either younger than Lori or have to repeat classes.

For Sale by Loner

Dine and Bash

  • The couple that appeared in "Tripped!" and "For Sale by Loner" appear in this episode, and are revealed to have two kids, one of whom is the cookie seller from "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".
  • Irony: Lisa failed to strike the American satellite with her laser despite careful planning, but Lily managed to hit it by pure random chance just by playing with the tablet that controls the laser.


  • Dine and Bash - This episode's title is a pun on the phrase "dine and dash," which is when someone has a meal at a restaurant but leaves before they are supposed to pay.
  • Kitchen Nightmares - Kitchen Ambush is likely a reference to this show featuring Gordon Ramsay, who would attend failing restaurants and examine the causes of their failure before transforming them.


And all this happens in less than a minute!

  • There are numerous errors involving the unnamed couple:
    • When they first appear in the restaurant, the wife is wearing a pink dress, the husband is wearing a white shirt and is capless and are shown to be just by themselves.
    • When Lincoln delivers their food, the wife is wearing a blue dress and the husband is wearing a yellow shirt and a green hat.
    • When Lisa runs up how much their meal was, the husband and wife are wearing the clothes they wore first time they appeared, have swapped their seats, and are shown to have children.
  • When the Louds are at Jean Juan's, Luna was at the left and Leni was on the right, but when they got to the broadcast station, they swapped spots.
  • When the Loud siblings are being dropped off at Lynn's Table, they exit Vanzilla like exiting through one door like a doorway.
  • When the sisters cheer after Lisa managed to distract Guy with her fake tip, Luna's arm is overlapping the seat when they drive to Jean Juan's.
  • When Lisa taps into the cellular network to distract Guy, she and Lynn are seen non shaded compare to Lola as if light is shining on the two of them.
  • When the Loud kids are going through Guy's van, Lucy's head is bean shaped.
  • When Luan makes Mr. Coconuts say "Yeesh! I'd hate to be in her shoes.", the closed-captions spell "hate" as "date."
  • In some scenes, the Seatbelts in Vanzilla are not attached to the B post, they're either are attached to the window, the seat or the new the top of the door.

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