Dirty Diaper Drop! is a minigame from's minigame collection, Hall of Games. It is based on The Loud House.


Lincoln and Lily are sorting the dirty and clean laundry. Lincoln is holding a skateboard, and the player must angle it to aim the piece of laundry into the correct container. The clean clothes go in the laundry basket on the left, and the dirty clothes go in the washing machine. When the game starts, Lincoln will say, "Okay, let's do this." Lily will toss the laundry into the air while giggling, babbling or saying "Poo-poo!" while Lincoln sorts them.

The player has a minute to sort as much clothes as they can into their appropriate sorting pile. Each time that's done, they get 100 points. But if they sort them into the wrong pile, they will lose 2 seconds on the timer. Whenever dirty laundry hits the skateboard, Lincoln will say "Gross!" or "Blech!" over the disgusting content. Sometimes, he'll say "Mayday! Mayday!" Overtime, Lily will start to toss the clothes faster, making it harder to keep track of what was thrown in what order. The game ends when the timer hits zero.

Lily tosses the following clothes, some always clean, and others always dirty.

Clean Laundry

  • Leni's Dress
  • Luna's skirt
  • Lincoln's shirt
  • Lincoln's underwear
  • Sock

Dirty Laundry

  • Lynn's jersey
  • Lynn's shorts
  • Lisa's sweater
  • Lily's diaper
  • Other sock


  • Despite the name, diapers aren't the only dirty thing that you need to watch out for.

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