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"Diss the Cook" is the fortieth episode (forty-first in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln is convinced that the middle school lunch lady is holding a grudge against him and his older sisters.


Today is Turkey Leg Tuesday at Royal Woods Middle School, and the gang can't wait to get their meal on. One by one, Chef Pat gives each of them a giant turkey leg, but when it comes to Lincoln, she instead gives him a tiny, shriveled-up leg, and orders him to move before he can complain. After sitting down, Lincoln tells his friends that ever since they started middle school, Lincoln has been given inedible food from Pat, and tries to figure out why. Entering the kitchen, Lincoln asks Pat if she has any beef with him, but Pat denies. After exiting the kitchen, he walks up to Lynn, making a meat-shake, and asks her if she knows why Pat has an issue with him. This causes Lynn to reveal that she too has been given bogus lunches from Pat, and Lincoln to realize that it's more than a coincidence that Pat has a supposed grudge on two Loud children. When Lynn says that she did nothing to upset Pat, she comes to the conclusion that one of the older siblings must be responsible, and decides to team up with Lincoln to figure out who's responsible.

At the Loud House, Lincoln suggests using his detective skills to determine which of his older sisters could be responsible for Pat holding a grudge against the Louds, which could take days. Lynn, not having the patience for that, decides to ask them upfront, and tells Lincoln that they too have been given bad lunches from Pat. With Luan, Luna and Leni out, they conclude that Lori was responsible for wronging her in the first place. Calling up Lori, Lincoln and Lynn ask her what she could've done to wrong Chef Pat. Lori suddenly remembers what she did that could've wronged her: on her first day of middle school, Lori was about to get her lunch, but because she was distracted by her new cell phone, she accidentally bumped into the line of students, and it resulted in a bowl of soup to fly right into Pat's face. Lori elaborates that the soup was so thick and cheesy, Pat had to shave her hair, as it wouldn't come off, and she never made the effort to apologize to her because she never set foot in the cafeteria after the incident. After telling the story, Lori suggests sending Pat a text to apologize for the incident, but Lincoln and Lynn tell her that she needs to apologize in person, and threaten to call her every day they get a bad lunch if the text fails, forcing Lori to make the three hour trip from Fairway to Royal Woods. Arriving to the middle school, Lori apologizes to Pat for the incident she caused many years ago, and offers a coffee mug as a peace offering, to which Pat seemingly accepts. Unfortunately, the next day, where french fries are being served, Pat instead offers Lincoln and Lynn plates of uncooked potatoes.

At Flip's Food and Fuel, Lincoln and Lynn are confused on why Pat is still giving them bad meals even after Lori's apology. Suddenly, Flip, who was lounging in the Flippee machine, reveals that he knows Pat, as he went to high school with her, and even brings out his yearbook to prove it. While observing a photo of the two playing dodgeball, Lincoln spots Rita in the picture, making him and Lynn theorize that Pat may have a beef with Rita. At the Loud House, Lincoln and Lynn ask their mother if she knows anything about wronging Pat, but she denies, saying that they were friends, and even offered an invitation for her graduation party. Rita then realizes that Pat never came to the party. Going back to the middle school, Lincoln and Lynn confront Pat and demand to know why she's giving them bad food, even though none of them have done anything wrong to her. When they bring up Rita inviting her to her graduation party, Pat claims that Rita left her out and never gave her an invitation at all. Lincoln and Lynn are initially in denial, thinking their mom wouldn't just ignore her, but they don't have proof to back up their claims.

Back at the Loud House, Lincoln and Lynn ask Rita if she really did invite Pat to her graduation party. Rita insists that she did, explaining in a flashback that she decided to stick her invitation in a cookbook Pat was reading at the library. With this information, Lincoln and Lynn head back to the middle school to tell Pat that Rita did invite her to her graduation party, as the invitation was in the cookbook she was reading. When Pat questions why she didn't see it, it's revealed in a flashback that after Rita put the invitation in the book, Flip arrived to take a sip of Pat's drink, where he's promptly chased away by Pat. Afterwards, Pat proceeded to put the book back on its shelf, but because she was distracted eyeing Flip, she unknowingly closed the book with the invitation still inside. Quickly racing to the high school, Lincoln, Lynn and Pat find the cookbook, and after opening it up, they discover the invitation, confirming Rita's story. Realizing all the trouble she caused because of her own negligence, Pat apologizes for giving the Louds bad meals, and wishes that she could've gone to Rita's party. This gives Lincoln an idea.

Sometime later, another graduation party is being held in the Loud House's backyard, where Rita's former high school classmates have a great time, especially Pat, who provided high quality food for the party to make up for the all the bad meals she gave to the Loud kids.


Lynn Sr., Pop-Pop, Mr. and Mrs. Gurdle, Zach, Stella and Dr. Shuttleworth have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that Rita is friends with Chef Pat and Mrs. Gurdle, as they went to high school together.
    • Just like Lincoln and his friends, they also did lunch swaps.
    • Upon closer inspection, Rita's high school yearbook reads "1990s Period."
  • Up until this episode, it was revealed that because of her bitterness of missing Rita's graduation party, Pat would exact vengeance by serving Rita's children unpalatable food.
    • As a result, Lynn would resort to making her own meals through meat shakes.
    • According to Luan, she found the food so terrible, she couldn't joke about it.
    • According to Luna, she had to resort to eating in the band room just to avoid Pat serving her terrible food.
  • Lori's cell phone from her first day of middle school is shown to be a flip phone.
  • This episode reveals that Albert gave his daughter a hovercraft as a graduation present.
  • According to Lynn, she wanted a flamethrower for her birthday, but Rita refused, saying it's "too dangerous".
  • This episode reveals that Fairway University is located approximately three hours away from Royal Woods, and that the golf team is named the Birdies.
  • This episode references "A Flipmas Carol" by showing that high-schooler Flip still had the mustache he grew at middle school.
  • Irony: The book Rita sticks her invitation for Pat into is called A Chewed Awakening, which is a pun of the expression "a rude awakening", the state of being shocked about learning the truth of a situation. Because Pat didn't notice the invitation Rita put in the book, she falsely believed Rita snubbed her, and her learning that Rita didn't snub her was her rude awakening.
  • Cartoon physics: Lynn stuffs a whole ham (including the bone) into her blender.

International edits

  • In the Hebrew dub, the ham in Lynn's shake is genericized as meat.


  • Diss the Cook - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "kiss the cook."


  • Plot holes:
    • Possible: This episode reveals that Pat has been giving the Loud kids terrible meals, even though it was shown in "Middle Men" that Lynn got three high-quality meatball subs from her. Though it is possible that she brought it from home.
    • It was implied in "Stall Monitor" that Rita and Lynn Sr. had never met Zach's parents, but this episode reveals that Rita and Mrs. Gurdle were best friends in high school.
    • Possible: The episode indicates that due to not being invited to Rita's graduation party, Pat would subject Rita's children with terrible food for lunch. However, Pat couldn't have know that Lincoln and his sisters are Rita's children because Rita would have went by her maiden name during high school, and the incident happened before Rita met and married Lynn Sr. That said, it is possible that Pat somehow got ahold of the Louds' records and realized they were Rita's children.
    • Lynn Sr. is seen at Rita's second graduation party at the end of the episode but it's not clear if he went to Royal Woods High School himself during his teenage years, though he does make a reference to attending prom with Rita in "The Sweet Spot".
      • He also could have just been at the party due to being a resident of the Loud House because Lynn and Lincoln also were present as well.


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