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This article is about the episode. For the short, see Do the Fruit Shake (short). For the song, see Do the Fruit Shake (song).
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Got kicked out, Do the Fruit Shake?
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"Do the Fruit Shake" is the thirty-first episode of the second season, and the sixty-ninth of The Casagrandes.


Carl's new hit song samples a singing group, but he needs to get the group's OK before it can play on the radio.


In the Casagrande apartment, Carl is digging through Carlos' collection of vinyl records. When Carlos arrives to see what Carl is doing, Carl explains that he needs to find a good song to sample for a street party. At Carlos' suggestion, Carl decides to use the song "Do the Fruit Shake" by The Tropical Fruits. During the party, Carl plays a remixed rendition of "Do the Fruit Shake" that ends up wowing the entire crowd. Suddenly, Mr. Funkman, a music executive, arrives and tells Carl that he loved his remix of the song and wishes to play it on his radio station. Realizing this could be his big break, Carl agrees to let him play the song on the radio. However, there's a catch: Carl needs to get permission from The Tropical Fruits to play the song, since he technically doesn't own the rights. When Mr. Funkman tells Carl that he'll back tomorrow, Carl decides to use his detective skills to find the band, where CJ, Sergio and Lalo step in to help as well.

During an interrogation, Carlos reveals that the members' names are Piña, Papaya, and Mango. He explains that the band split up many years ago, but Piña still works as a singer at a restaurant called The Fruit Bowl. Arriving to The Fruit Bowl, Carl, CJ, Sergio and Lalo see Piña performing, and decide to approach her. After distracting the waiter protecting Piña from any fans, Carl introduces himself to the singer and asks for her permission to play a remix of "Do the Fruit Shake" on the radio, and she approves. After signing the contract, Piña states that she doesn't know where Mango is, but she gives them Papaya's address.

At Papaya's residence, Carl asks for permission to use "Do the Fruit Shake", but she denies, saying that she has a bigger problem to deal with: carrying a grand piano to her apartment. Knowing it's the only way to get her approval, Carl, CJ, Sergio and Lalo take on the rigorous task of taking it up the stairs (with Sergio ditching them in the middle of the task to answer a call from Sancho). Later, after getting the piano to her apartment, Papaya signs the contract, and she too has no idea on where Mango is.

At the mercado, as Carl tries to figure out who Mango could be, he, CJ, Sergio and Lalo realize that Maybelle is Mango, as she's singing the song, and has a strong resemblance to her picture on the record sleeve. The group quickly approach her and ask for her permission to use a remix of "Do the Fruit Shake", but she refuses, saying that the song brings back too many bad memories. She decides to tell the story why this is the case. Back in the 1970s, The Tropical Fruits were about to perform their song, but before the show began, Maybelle started to panic, as Piña and Papaya, who loved to pull pranks on her, hid her pre-show mango, which helps her calm down. At that second, the band went on stage, and Maybelle, out of panic, accidentally introduces themselves as The Tropical Toots, causing the crowd to laugh at them. This prompts Maybelle to lash out at her partners for their prank, and runs off in tears and embarrassment, effectively resulting in the group breaking up. After finishing her story and leaving, Carl deduces that they need Piña and Papaya to simply apologize to Maybelle, and she'll give her approval. Inspired by Bobby dropping a crate of oranges, resulting in him increasing its sale price, Carl comes up with the plan to lure the three singers to the mercado by saying that they're having a sale on their favorite fruits at 5:00.

When 5:00 arrives, Piña, Papaya, and Maybelle arrive, and the three singers are shocked to see each other after so many years. Suddenly, Bobby knocks over a box of oranges, and Maybelle ends up slipping. Thinking this is another one of Piña and Papaya's pranks, Maybelle retaliates by tossing oranges at them, prompting them to fight back. Unable to see them fight, Carl confesses that he deliberately brought them back together so that Piña and Papaya could apologize to Maybelle for stealing her mango in the past. Piña and Papaya admit that they wanted to apologize to Maybelle, but she ran off before she gave them a chance to explain, and couldn't find her for years. When Piña reveals that she kept Maybelle's lucky mango, Maybelle, touched at this sight, forgives her bandmates, and Piña and Papaya apologize for their prank. When Maybelle realizes that they spent so many years apart, she wishes that they could get that feeling back, and Carl says that he might know a way.

Later, at DJ Funkman's studio, Carl, along with the reunited Tropical Fruits, perform the remixed rendition of "Do the Fruit Shake", which ends up being such a smash hit, that the song eventually gets its own vinyl record.




  • This episode reveals that Maybelle used to be part of a singing group called the Tropical Fruits, where her nickname was Mango.
    • This could be an indication on Maybelle's high affinity for mangoes, as she mentions that eating a mango before a show calms her down.
    • It's also revealed that she will sing, and even dance, whenever she has a song in her head, even if it's one she hates.
  • Each of The Tropical Fruits are named after a type of tropical fruit, which is also their favorite. In fact, even their earrings are in the shape of their respective favorite fruits.
  • Innuendo: When Piña, Papaya and Maybelle throw their oranges at Bobby while he hides in the fridge, the oranges form the shape of a skull with crossbones.
  • Foreshadowing: Two major hints that prove that Maybelle is Mango from The Tropical Fruits is 1) her obvious love for mangoes, and 2) she bears a close resemblance to her picture on the record sleeve.
  • Cartoon biology: Maybelle blushes red. In real life, when a dark-skinned person blushes, their skin darkens rather than reddening.
  • Cartoon physics: Carl and Sergio high five each other through a split screen, from two separate locations.


  • Do the Fruit Shake - The title of this episode is likely a reference to the 2012 Baauer song "Harlem Shake".


  • When Carl tells Sergio to give Carlos his torta back, the torta is still filled. However, when Carlos gets the torta back, only the bread remains.

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