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Got kicked out, Don't Escar-go?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Russia due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Don't Escar-go" (originally titled "Don't Escargot") is the third episode of the sixth season, the two-hundred-forty-ninth episode of The Loud House, and the first episode of the sixth season to air.


When Clyde has an opportunity to study cooking in France, the gang tries to keep him closer to home.


At the McBride house, Clyde is showing his friends various amounts of food that he has cooked up. When his friends ask what's the occasion, he tells them that he got a call from Gayle, where she said that Dean DuPont, the dean of a prestigious culinary school is visiting Sunset Canyon and encourages him to stop by and present his food to her. After presenting his food to DuPont, Clyde said that she loved it and is offering him a spot into the school if he can complete the final test of preparing a whole dinner. Unfortunately, the gang's congratulations towards Clyde are short-lived, as Clyde explains the biggest downside to attending this school: it's in France. Clyde says that he's uncertain whether or not he would be accepted, but he couldn't turn down this opportunity. Lincoln, unable to lose his friend, tries to suggest to Clyde that he can learn how to cook French dishes in Royal Woods from the chefs they know.

in order to keep the gang together, Clyde has to find some teachers in Royal Woods.

First, the gang suggests that Clyde get French cooking lessons from Lynn Sr. In the kitchen, Lynn Sr. tells Clyde that they're going to make escargot, but before they get past adding two ingredients into a pot, Kotaro informs Lynn Sr. that lunch rush is kicking in. As Lynn Sr. tends to the meals he and Kotaro need to serve, he begins to throw off-hand comments on the food he's making, and Clyde mistakes this as instructions he needs to follow. After adding a number of oddities into the pot, including fish heads, he gives his "meal" to Kotaro to serve to his friends. Unfortunately, the dish causes the gang to hurl and declare that Lynn Sr. isn't the best option.

Second, the gang asks Chef Pat if she can teach Clyde how to cook French food, and she agrees on the condition that they watch over her niece, Waffles. Clyde suggests that they make quiche Lorraine, and Pat agrees. However, because she wants to make an amount that would be enough for a whole school, she begins to crack numerous eggs. Unfortunately, the high abundance of eggs create a mess, causing the gang to declare that working with Pat won't work. Not giving up yet, Lincoln declares that they must resort to Plan B: sabotage Clyde's dinner.

That night, the gang arrives to the McBride house and are let in, where they meet Dean DuPont. As everyone sits down, Clyde is prepared to serve his meals. Clyde's friends attempt to sabotage his meals by tampering with them, but the tampered food ends up going to everyone but DuPont, like the hors d'oeuvre Lincoln laced with salt going to Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti, and a dish Rusty spikes with hot sauce going only Zach. Clyde is prepared is serve the main course, and Liam goes to "help" him. Distracting Clyde by saying there's a spider on the loose, Liam proceeds to dump a large amount of seasoning onto the meal. After Liam places the dish on the table, DuPont declares a toast to Clyde's future, where she tells Clyde that his curriculum will involve him going all around Europe learning new cooking techniques. Now feeling bad about taking away their friend's chance at a happy future, the gang attempts to stop the meal from being served by trying to keep it away from Clyde, but the chase eventually ends with the meal being dropped and showering all over everyone. An angry Clyde demands to know what's going on, and the gang confesses that they sabotaged his meal in an attempt to prevent DuPont from giving him a spot, saying that they couldn't bear the idea of him leaving. The gang apologizes, tell DuPont to give Clyde a chance, and are prepared to leave. Suddenly, Clyde stops them, saying that he changed his mind on going, saying that the curriculum is too much for him, and claims that he might end up changing interests in the future. DuPont says that she admires his decision, but claims that she knows a way that they can cook together.

Clyde get to stay in Royal woods and with the gang after all.

Sometime later, it is revealed that Clyde is taking part-time online classes with DuPont, as are Lynn Sr. and Pat, who are joined alongside him.


Harold has no lines in this episode.


  • "Escargot" is the French word for snail.
    • Coincidentally, there's a snail on the title card.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the orange in the brown food bag.
  • Liam mentions the events of "Schooled!" by saying that Clyde going to school in France will be just as bad as when Lincoln went to school in Canada.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes are the first in broadcast order of their respective seasons.
  • Clyde's acrophobia is revisited in this episode when Clyde mentions that he has a fear of "tall snow-capped places."
  • This episode reveals that Pat has a niece named Waffles (nicknamed so due to her obsessive consumption of waffles).
    • It also reveals that she does not excel at mathematics, and that she cooks sloppy Joes for the students at school because they like them.
  • This episode reveals that Zach prefers chicken over fish.
  • This is the first proper episode where Jahzir Bruno voices Clyde for dialogue, as he only voiced Clyde for his vocal effects in "Present Danger".


  • Don't Escar-go - The title of this episode is a pun of the phrase "don't go".
  • Scoville scale - On the bottle of hot sauce Rusty uses to tamper with Zach's dish, the word "Scoville" can be seen. This refers to the chart that is used to outline the pungency/spiciness of certain peppers.

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