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"Don't You Fore-get About Me" is the thirty-seventh episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


Hit by the realization that her big sister will be going off to college soon, Leni tries to thwart Lori's plans.


While the siblings are hanging out in the living room, Lynn Sr. enters with the mail. He discovers that there's a letter for Lori from Fairway University. After opening and reading the letter, Lori discovers that enrollment for the fall semester is next week. However, Lori is a bit hesitant, thinking she's not fully ready to go to college. Rita suggests that they spend the day touring the campus. While everyone is excited for the trip, Leni is revealed to be a bit saddened, where she explains (to a lifeless Mr. Coconuts, and then to Lily) that she won't feel the same without Lori. Seeing Leni's plight, Lily suggests to Leni that she try to show the downsides of Fairway University in hopes that Lori will change her mind.

To Leni's distress, Lori is going to college soon.

At Fairway University, the Louds meet up with Ronnie Anne and Carlos and proceed to go their own separate paths, as Lynn Sr. and most of the kids go to the campus store and Lincoln and Ronnie Anne go to make skateboard videos. As Lori, Leni and Rita (pushing Lily in a stroller) tour the campus with their guide, Raj, Leni tries to convince Lori of all the downsides of the college like the awful uniforms, the swimming pool and the crowded bathroom. However, Lori points out that she's literally wearing the same uniform, the "swimming pool" is a water hazard and the crowded bathroom is not any different from their own bathroom. In the store, as Lynn Sr. tries to find a hat (with Lola disapproving of his choices) and Raj showing what they sell, Leni bemoans that her plan isn't working. After one look at the uniform on a mannequin, Leni decides that if she can't convince Lori to not go to college, she'll make the college not want Lori.

After taking the uniform and modifying her hair, Leni passes herself as Lori and attempts to ruin her image by doing bad things. First she tries to steal some lemonade with a free water cup, but the cashier tells her that all the drinks are free. Second, she tries to steal some muffins from the counter, but the cashier says that they're free because of a special promotion. Suddenly, Leni spots Coach Niblick, the coach who gave Lori her scholarship, and believes that if she can convince him that she's a terrible player, he'll want to revoke Lori's scholarship. Approaching Coach Niblick, Leni tricks him into thinking she's Lori, and proceeds to show him "her" golf skills. The first two balls that Leni hits end up being hole-in-ones, so in a last ditch effort to ruin Lori, Leni proceeds to pass herself off as having dementia, saying that she doesn't how to hold the clubs and thinks golf balls are food. When Leni suggests that she revoke "her" scholarship, Coach Niblick complies and heads to his office to make the call, much to Leni's glee.

Even if the two are far away, they will still be close.

As the family is prepared to leave, Lori tells Leni that she was given an unlimited data plan that allows them to stay in touch. This announcement causes Leni to admit that she revoked Lori's scholarship. When a furious Lori asks Leni why she would do this to her, Leni sadly says that she doesn't want her to leave, thinking that they'll never be the same if they're separated. Lori calmly tells Leni that she needs her more than anyone else, and says that it's not too late to stop Niblick. Arriving to Niblick's office, Leni confesses her actions and says she's not the real Lori. After explaining her plan, she asks not to revoke Lori's scholarship, and he agrees (as Lori effortlessly putts a ball with her eyes closed). Niblick makes Leni feel better by saying that he too had a similar dilemma with his own sister leaving for college. He decides to call her, which isn't possible due to Leni cutting the phone cord (and Sergio running over the landline).


Luan has no lines in this episode. Although listed in the credits, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, and Lisa have no lines.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During a rerun of this and its sister episode on July 24, 2020, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. Lori gets a letter from where?
    1. Golf Course College
    2. Hole in One University
    3. Fairway University
    4. Sand Trap School for Higher Learning
  2. Who did Leni get advice from?
    1. Lily
    2. Lori
    3. Lisa
    4. Lincoln
  3. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne leave to do what?
    1. Play Golf
    2. Make skate videos
    3. Play video games
    4. Eat lunch
  4. Who starts swimming in the pond?
    1. Walt
    2. Charles
    3. Geo
    4. Sergio
  5. Where is the last stop on Lori's tour?
    1. The cafeteria
    2. The golf course
    3. The gift shop
    4. The library
  6. Who falls in the cafeteria?
    1. Lincoln
    2. Leni
    3. Ronnie Anne
    4. Lori
  7. What does Leni claim to have?
    1. A stomach ache
    2. A headache
    3. Amnesia
    4. Forgetfulitis

The Winners

  3. Royal Hardcore 059
  4. Lucy Ninja 096

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 2" DVD.


  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the label on Lori's backpack.
  • This episode is a continuation of "Driving Ambition" and "Can't Hardly Wait," as it starts to build up Lori's eventual departure to college.
  • This is the Casagrande family's only Season 4 appearance outside of the Casagrande story arc.
  • Sergio references the events of "The Loudest Thanksgiving" by saying that he's "reunited" with the Loud family.
  • Following "Change of Heart," this is the second episode in which Leni impersonates Lori.


  • Don't You Fore-get About Me - The title of this episode references Simple Minds' 1985 song "Don't You (Forget About Me)."
    • Additionally, a promotional sketch Sarah Johnson did for this episode is in reference to The Breakfast Club, the film for which the song was written.


  • When the sisters are agreeing to go to the campus store, Luna's skirt overlaps one of Lana's pigtails.
  • Possible: After Coach Niblick gives Leni (disguised as Lori) another golf club, she throws it offscreen. But when Leni tells Niblick that she doesn't recognize any of the golf equipment, she picks up the club, which suddenly appeared next to her.
  • When Leni throws Niblick's phone out the window, the phone cord is seen on the window. Then when Lori got her scholarship back, the core disappeared. Then it reappears when Niblick talks to Leni.
  • When the louds meet Ronnie Anne and Carlos once again, Lincoln's chipped tooth was missing.
  • When the siblings agree to go visit Fairway University. Lola's eyes overlapped her eyelashes.
  • When Leni sits up while talking to Lily, the frills on the bottom of her dress was disconnected.
  • When Lynn Sr. asks who wants to check out the campus store, Lana's mouth went from smiling to being partially open in one frame.
  • When Leni stops pushing Lily's pram, her head is disconnected in two frames.
  • When Lori and Leni run up to a student to ask where's Coach Niblick, Leni's left hand disconnected in one frame.


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