S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "Don't You Fore-get About Me".


[Lori and Leni are taking a magazine quiz at the Loud house]
Lori: "Okay, you answered A for nine questions, which means... the color of your aura is teal."
Leni: "Oh, it so is, look at my dress."
[Lynn Sr. comes in with the mail]
Lynn Sr.: "Hey yo! Mail call people. Lana, Mud of the Month Club." [Tosses her a muddy package, which she jumps up and catches in her mouth] "Nice grab. Charles, Bone of the Month Club." [Charles jumps and catches his package in his mouth] "Lisa, Bacteria of the Month Club." [Lisa jumps to catch her package, but it hits her in the head] "Ooh, Lori, something from Fairway University."
Lori: [Reads her letter] "Oh, this says the deadline to officially enrol for fall semester is... next week."
Luna: "Why the bum look dude? Thought you were excited to go to Fairway?"

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