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"Don't Zoo That" is the fifteenth episode of the third season, and the ninetieth episode of The Casagrandes.


Adelaide and Carl go head to head to win Junior Zookeeper badges, but their competitiveness might ruin both of their chances.


In the Chang apartment, Adelaide is excited to become a member of the Great Lakes City Zoo's Junior Zookeepers. If she becomes a member, she'll have access to several perks, one of which is being allowed to name a baby animal (she already plans on naming a baby panda "Pandalaide").

At the zoo, Adelaide and Becca encounter Carl and CJ, where they reveal that they want to become Junior Zookeepers as well (Carl thinks the perks will give him power, while CJ just wants to learn more about the animals). Adelaide at first believes the role is assigned to one person, but Becca tells her that anyone can be a Junior Zookeeper, saying that it's a team effort. Becca tells the three kids that in order to become Junior Zookeepers, they need to earn four badges.

  • For the first badge, the kids are tasked with cleaning the teeth of Glen the alligator. After being given a giant toothbrush with a giant tube of toothpaste, Carl and Adelaide begin to bicker over who should hold the brush. As they argue, CJ decides to improvise by sliding Glen back and forth so that the brush cleans his teeth. With the task complete, Becca tells the kids they won their first badge.
  • For the second badge, the kids are tasked with making a meal for a pair of porcupines named Spike and Prickly Pete. As Carl and Adelaide argue over what to give the porcupines (Adelaide suggests a salad, while Carl suggests a fruit smoothie), the porcupines, triggered by their food fight, fire some of their quills towards the kids. CJ, shielding himself from the flying quills, decides to use two of them to make kebabs, which the porcupines like. Seeing the porcupines happily fed, Becca tells the kids that they won their second badge.
  • For the third badge, the kids are tasked with getting a quill out of Gregor the giraffe's neck (as a result of the porcupines' attack a few moments ago). After being given a bandage, Carl and Adelaide begin to fight over who should put the bandage on. During their scuffle, they accidentally drop it, but CJ manages to catch it. CJ instructs Carl and Adelaide to hold the ladder while he climbs it, but the two begin to argue when they accuse each other on not holding the ladder properly, causing CJ to fall off, but he gets saved by a vulture named Connie, where she carries him to Gregor so he can take out the quill and put the bandage on. With the task complete, Becca tells the kids that they won their third badge.

For the final badge, the kids are tasked with building a new home for Lois, an endangered Galapagos tortoise. After Becca provides them with building material (specifically rocks and bamboo), she leaves, but not before telling them to keep the gate that allows for access into Lois' habitat closed at all times, as she will most likely wander out. When Carl and Adelaide begin to bicker over what the house should be made of, they declare that they will build their own home for Lois. When Adelaide attempts to lift a couple pieces of bamboo, she accidentally drops it onto the rock pile, causing one of the rocks to open the gate, and Lois to wander out. However, her leave is unnoticed by the kids, as Carl and Adelaide are too busy bickering, and CJ is busy trying to find roofing material for the house. Eventually, the kids realize that Lois is missing when they find the gate open, and Carl and Adelaide admit that all their bickering is what led them to losing Lois. CJ tells the two that if they want to find Lois, they need to work together, and Carl and Adelaide agree to drop their rivalry for Lois' sake.

Arriving to Gregor's habitat, CJ, using a pair of binoculars, spots Lois boarding a zoo tram. As Lois begins to eat the balls of cabbage on the driver's seat, one of the cabbages falls onto the gas pedal, causing the tram to move at a fast speed. Seeing that the tram is too fast for them to catch, the three arrive to the porcupine habitat, where they use Spike and Prickly Pete's quills to fashion some road spikes that pop the tram's tires, lauching Lois out of the tram and into Glen's habitat. Glen, seeing Lois, prepares himself to eat her. Acting fast, they attempt to carry her out, but the 200 lb. tortoise is too heavy for them. Seeing Lois climbing on the giant toothbrush, CJ realizes that they can use the brush as a makeshift seesaw, where the three use their combined weight to launch Lois right back into her habitat.

Realizing how much they accomplished by working together, the three now work together as a proper team to make a home for Lois. As they build the house, Becca arrives and, seeing how they accomplished their task, tells them that they won their fourth badge and now officially Junior Zookeepers. For their first task, they get to decide on the name for the baby panda. Adelaide and Carl attempt to suggest their names ("Pandalaide" for Adelaide, and "El Falcon Jr." for Carl), but agree to let CJ name it. Seeing the baby panda soil his diaper, CJ suggests the name "Senor Stinky", and Becca says that their next task is to change him, much to Carl and Adelaide's disgust.




  • Don't Zoo That - The title of the episode is a pun of the phrase "don't do that."
  • Recess - Prickly Pete has a name similar to Principal Peter Prickly from the Disney animated series Recess.

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