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"Double Trouble" is the fourth episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-fiftieth episode of The Loud House.


Lola and Lana take on Cheryl and Meryl for the position of twin spokespeople for Auntie Pam's Parlor.


It's allowance day for the Louds, and Lana and Lola have decided to spend their earnings on some ice cream at Auntie Pam's Parlor. After being given their orders, Pam reveals that they've discontinued one of their menu items to make room for their new sundae: the Double Trouble. Pam elaborates that she's holding a contest to have a pair of twins become the spokespeople for the new dish, and the winners would not only be the spokespeople for said dish, but that they would be given winning crowns and have an unlimited supply of ice cream. Liking the rewards, Lana and Lola decide to sign up.

Sometime later, as the contest is about to start, Lana and Lola scout the parlor to see who they're competing against, where they see Mr. Grouse and Flip (as they have matching mustaches), Liam with twin goats (the only non-humans competing), and Scoots, who is trying to find her twin sister Mopes (Lana and Lola think she's making it up). Just before they can declare themselves as the only true pair of twins competing, Cheryl and Meryl sudden arrive, announcing they're competing as well. With all the teams present, Pam officially starts the contest.

  • Round 1 - Taste Test: For the first challenge, the competitors have to figure out what flavor of ice cream they're eating while blindfolded. Mr. Grouse and Flip are eliminated when they end up crashing out after eating their ice cream.
  • Round 2 - Customer Service: For the second challenge, the competitors are required to serve a dish to Pam on roller skates. As Lana and Lola skate to Pam, Scoots decides to mess with them by honking her horn, causing the two to slip and fling their dish into the air. Luckily, Cheryl and Meryl use their former roller derby skills to save the dish and serve it to Pam. Liam's twin goats are disqualified when they begin fighting over a tray, where Pam explains that the spokespersons for the Double Trouble have to be united and are not allowed to fight.
  • Round 3 - Ice Cream Sculpting: For the third challenge, the competitors are required to make a statue out of ice cream. While Lana and Lola make an elegant statue of the latter, Cheryl and Meryl make a replica of the Eiffel Tower. Scoots is eliminated when her statue of Mopes melts after completing it.

Later, once the contest ends, Pam announces to the crowd that the winners and the new spokespeople of the Double Trouble are Cheryl and Meryl, much to their glee. As Lana and Lola head home, upset that they lost, they suddenly run into Liam's goats, who are fighting over Liam's shirt. When Lana comments that they should be lucky they didn't get eliminated for fighting, Lola suddenly gets the idea that if they can get Cheryl and Meryl to fight, they will lose their title, and Pam will have to give it to them instead.

The next day, after Lana spends her day with Cheryl, she meets up with Lola, where she gets some information on her and Meryl, like watching the same shows together, eating ice cream together, and going on double dates with their boyfriends. First, they attempt to get the two to argue over spilled ice cream, but they state that they got space containers in the freezer. Second, Lana and Lola write a letter to Cheryl under her boyfriend, Darryl's, name where "he" states that she needs to either choose him or her sister, but Cheryl says that in situations like this, she'll always choose Meryl over any lover. In a last-ditch effort, Lola calls up Meryl to inform her, under the guise as Cheryl, of a bee infestation and needs to take care of it and encourages her to watch their show without her, to which Meryl agrees with. At nighttime, as Meryl watches her show, Cheryl, covered with bee stings, comes home and is shocked to discover her twin is watching their show without her. Meryl reminds her of the call "she" made earlier, but Cheryl denies ever making a call like that. This little disagreement creates a rift between the two, and by the next day, during the grand unveiling of the Double Trouble, the two have a fight that causes Pam to revoke their win for breaking the contract of not being in harmony, and officially declares Lana and Lola the new winners and official spokespeople of the Double Trouble.

The next day at the elementary school, Lana and Lola are prepared to give out invites to their ice cream party, when suddenly, Cheryl tearfully gives out the morning announcements. Spying from outside the office, Lana and Lola overhear Cheryl telling Principal Huggins that because of her and Meryl's scuffle from the day before, Meryl has decided to pack her things and board a bus to leave town. Feeling horrible, knowing that they didn't want the situation to go this bad, Lana and Lola offer to help Cheryl stop Meryl from leaving. Arriving to the bus Meryl is about to board, they crash into a bush, and Meryl is initially unhappy seeing her twin. This prompts Lana and Lola to confess that they deliberately got them to argue because they were jealous of them winning the contest, and plead with Meryl to stay in Royal Woods, as twins always need to be there for each other. With the situation cleared up, Meryl agrees to stay, much to Cheryl's happiness.

Later, as Lana, Lola, Cheryl and Meryl eat the Double Trouble, Scoots arrives, saying that she didn't get an invite, despite having a twin. When Lola tells her that Mopes is just a fake identity Scoots created, Mopes suddenly arrives, proving Scoots right, much to the shock of the two pairs of twins.


Principal Huggins, Meli, Chloe, Sammie Crowley and Darin McGowan have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the eighth episode to feature only four voice-actors, following "Toads and Tiaras", "Patching Things Up", "Frog Wild", "Snow Way Down", "What Wood Lincoln Do?", "A Star is Scorned", and "Strife of the Party".
    • Of those episodes, this one currently holds the record of having the most characters speaking with 11, beating out "Strife of the Party", which had 10 speaking characters.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bowl.
  • The title of this episode has two meanings: it refers to the feud between Lana/Lola and Cheryl/Meryl, and it's the name of the new sundae the ice cream parlor is serving.

I think the two goats have grown up,

  • The two goats Liam brought to the contest might possibly be the the same ones that were born in "Stall Monitor".
  • The plot of the episode is similar to "Kings of the Con", as they both involve two main characters resorting to sabotage to win a contest.
  • This episode reveals that Scoots has a twin sister named Mopes.
    • This episode also makes reference to the fact that their names are based on their mode of transportation (Scoots rides a scooter, and Mopes rides a moped).
  • This episode reveals the following about Cheryl and Meryl:
    • They used to play roller derby during their college days
    • They start every sentence they say with "sugar"
    • They watch the same shows together, particularly Southern Hospitality
    • They always eat ice cream together
    • They go on double dates with their boyfriends
      • Their mother also encouraged them to choose each other instead of their lovers (or in her words, "sisters before misters")
  • This is the second episode where Flip and Mr. Grouse team up for a competition, the first being "Racing Hearts".
  • This is the third episode in which Liam appears without Lincoln, the first two being "Senior Moment" and "Cow Pie Kid".
  • Irony:
    • The three pairs of twins that star in this episode, Lana/Lola, Cheryl/Meryl, and Scoots/Mopes, are all voiced by the same actress, Grey Griffin.
    • Lana and Lola were initially happy about having Cheryl and Meryl argue, but immediately regretted it when it severely strained their relationship.


  • Double Trouble - The title of this episode is a type of situation where there is twice as many problems than usual.


  • When Cheryl and Meryl arrive to the competition, Lana's eyelashes are missing.
  • Lana and Lola can be seen reacting in shock before Pam even announces Cheryl and Meryl as the winners of the contest.
  • Lola and Lana are watching Cheryl and Meryl get angry over the season finale, but their silhouettes are not visible on the balcony in the establishing shot beforehand.
  • When Lana, Lola and Cheryl crash into the bush to stop Meryl from boarding the bus, Cheryl has a few dirt spots on her body, but when she jumps into Meryl's arms when she states that she'll stay, Cheryl is completely clean.
  • When Lana says "Mr. Grouse and Flip?!", the closed-captions spell "Grouse" as "Gross."
  • Scoots's name is written as "Scoot" in the closed-captions every time someone says her name in the possessive. This means instead of appearing as "Scoots's" in the closed-captions, it appears as "Scoot's."

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