Doug and Michelle are minor characters in The Loud House.


They first appeared in "Really Loud Music" where they serve as the two main antagonists of the episode where they both convince Luna into changing her from a Rock n' Roll singer into a Bubble Gum Pop star. They've changed her clothes, her name, and tells her to lip sync her song instead of performing the song herself. But at the end of the episode, Luna choose to stand up to them and perform as herself.

Pre-series History

Doug & Michelle are the producers and judges of their singing show called ¨America's Next Hit Maker¨. They even have a recording studio in the show.


They are very strict and self-interested, who both have no respect towards other's talent. They only like Bubble Gum Pop, Broadway, and perfect fashion.


Doug is a tall man, with light fair skin. He also has short black hair. He wears a white polo shirt and a black blazer, black pants with a small yellow belt buckle, and dark brown shoes.

Michelle is a tall woman, with light fair skin. She also has long brown hair. She wears yellow ring earings on each of her ears, a red dress, a pink scarf around her neck, a yellow belt around her waste, and black high heels.


Season 3

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