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Dr. Lopez is a recurring minor character in The Loud House. She is Clyde's therapist, who helps him deal with his obsession over Lori. She also helps Howard and Harold McBride with their relationship, and she is intentionally never shown on screen.


Season 1

Dr. Lopez is first mentioned in "Overnight Success" by Harold McBride. When Howard is hesitant to let Clyde spend the night at Lincoln's house, Harold reminds Howard about how Dr. Lopez encourages parents to "let go" in such situations.

In "Two Boys and a Baby," Clyde mentions that Dr. Lopez has an extensive selection of magazines and books in her lobby. He is particularly interested in the books about how to take care of babies. Four of the book titles are Food for Tot, NapQuest: The Impossible Journey, Take a Walk on the Child Side, and Oopsie, My Baby Made a Poopsie.

In "Save the Date," Clyde is distressed after seeing Lori and Bobby together. He calls Dr. Lopez, telling her that it is a "Lori emergency," but he is interrupted by Lincoln. Clyde calls her again at the end of the episode.

Season 2

Clyde as Dr. Lopez.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'," Howard starts to cry tears of joy after seeing Mr. Grouse and Lincoln as friends. Harold tries to remind him about what Dr. Lopez said, (presumably something about controlling his emotions) but he realizes that the moment really is too beautiful. He says to Howard, "Oh, forget about Dr. Lopez! This is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen!" as they walk off screen.

"Brawl in the Family" is Dr. Lopez's most prominent episode yet, since there is an entire scene in which Clyde dresses up as her and pretends to be Lincoln's therapist. In this scene, he says that Dr. Lopez helps him by listening to his problems as he lies down on a couch. It is also shown that Clyde's meetings with Dr. Lopez are timed, and that she has a watch that tells her when the session is over.

In "Making the Grade," Clyde books an appointment to see Dr. Lopez after he could not sit next to Lincoln in class, but afterwards, he cancels the appointment when Lisa declares that she is going back to kindergarten.

In "The Whole Picture," Clyde tells Lincoln about the "steps of healing" that Dr. Lopez taught him.

In "Out of the Picture," Clyde tells Coach Pacowski that he has had nine years of therapy.

In "ARGGH! You for Real?," Howard wants to call her but Harold tells him not to because she and Robert are trying to make their marriage or relationship work.

In "Lynner Takes All," when Lynn asks if her siblings know any good therapists, Lincoln begins to tell her that Clyde recommends Dr. Lopez, but Lynn cuts him off.

In "Tricked!", Clyde says that he will tell Dr. Lopez about trick-or-treating in a group session.

Season 3

In "Deal Me Out," Clyde says that according to Dr. Lopez, "I can't move forward if I'm always looking in the rear view mirror".

In "Jeers for Fears," Clyde tries to call Dr. Lopez but her call goes to voicemail.

In "Predict Ability", Dr. Lopez is away from town and vacationing in Aruba. When Lincoln starts changing up his routine, Clyde calls Dr. Lopez about spiraling as a result, but when Lincoln decides not to change, Clyde is relieved and begs Lincoln not to change again, especially during Dr. Lopez's vacations.

Season 4

In "Rocket Men", Clyde mentions that Dr. Lopez states that Clyde working on stepping outside his comfort zone.

In "Purrfect Gig", Clyde mentions that Dr. Lopez is helping his fathers work on their trust issues.

Season 5

In "Schooled!," when Lincoln is sent to Canada, Clyde calls Dr. Lopez to schedule an emergency appointment that afternoon. She tells him she is having a massage, resulting in him telling her to cancel the massage.

In "A Flipmas Carol", Ghost Clyde tells Flip that he and Ghost Lincoln will be taking him on what Dr. Lopez calls "a journey of personal growth".


According to his bio, Clyde's idea of a perfect day would include a zombie movie marathon with Lincoln, a picnic with Howard and Harold, and a double-session with Dr. Lopez.

One of Clyde's quotes in the Cartoon Creator game is: "Dr. Lopez? Do you have any appointments this week?"


"Remember what Dr. Lopez said about letting go."


Dr. Lopez and Clyde are apparently very close. Clyde knows her phone number and calls her whenever he comes across a "Lori emergency".

Howard and Harold

Dr. Lopez has met Howard and Harold. Whenever Howard starts to get emotional about seeing his son Clyde grow up, Harold reminds him about Dr. Lopez's teachings.

Other characters

It is unknown whether or not Dr. Lopez has met the Louds. However, Lincoln knows who she is, probably due to Clyde mentioning her often. She also knows who Lori is, due to her being the main reason that Clyde sees Dr. Lopez in the first place.


Although it is unknown what Dr. Lopez looks like, Clyde dresses up as her in "Brawl in the Family" and gives the viewers an idea of how she dresses. Judging by his outfit, she wears brown shoes, a green overcoat, and a yellow scarf.


  • A running gag is that Dr. Lopez is never shown on screen.
  • Closed captioning for the Latin American Spanish dub spells Dr. Lopez's name as López.
  • Articles from Digital Spy, Christian Today, and Christian Post have mentioned Dr. Lopez in reviews of "Overnight Success".
  • In several foreign dubs, several episodes refer to Dr. Lopez as a male, likely to prevent references to cross-dressing when Clyde dresses up as her.
  • In "ARGGH! You for Real?," it is heard that she is either married, or dating a man named Robert, and that they may be working through issues.
  • "Tea Tale Heart" reveals that Clyde's sessions with her take place on Thursdays.


  1. Dr. Lopez technically does have a voice, but it is only ever heard in the form of indistinguishable babbling.
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