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Dr. Shuttleworth is a minor character in The Loud House.


Dr. Shuttleworth runs the Shuttleworth Daycare Academy, which the Loud parents have been wanting their children to go to for years.

In "Potty Mouth", she visits the Loud House to examine Lily as a potential candidate for the academy. Though she’s fooled by Lisa who disguised herself as Lily, she ultimately deems Lily to be a perfect fit for her school. She also figures out that Lily saying, "dannit" is actually her wanting a donut and offers one.

In "Schooled!", Dr. Shuttleworth welcomes Lily to Baby Bunker Preschool, but ultimately sends Lily back home when Lily seemingly turns out to be not potty-trained. During the following week, she also encounters Leni, who has accidentally entered the preschool by mistake and is mistaken for a volunteer.

In "Diss the Cook", she was among guests invited by Rita on her late graduation party.

In "Appetite for Destruction", Dr. Shuttleworth oversees toddlers finger painting and clay carving in her class. However, she finds herself having to deal with Lily and various toddlers causing mischief and mayhem across the preschool.


Dr. Shuttleworth is friendly as long as kids and adults don't cause troubles around her. She's friendly to babies and toddlers due to years of working at preschool. To see potential of her future students she prepares various tests of skills. She's impressed, if a baby shows good skills at any field like music, painting or sports. Despite her intelligence she was easily fooled by Lisa impersonating Lily. Despite years of experience, she stills has troubles with rebellious toddlers.


Dr. Shuttleworth is a short and round woman, with short brown hair, black glasses, white pearl studded earrings and red lipstick. She wears a yellow dress with a white frilled collar, white lines at the end of the sleeves and black high-heeled shoes.


  • According to Lisa, Dr. Shuttleworth has a slight astigmatism, just by examining her glasses.
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