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"Dream a Lily Dream" is the thirty-third episode (thirty-fourth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirty-second episode of The Loud House.


Lisa discovers the only way to stop Lily's nightmares is to go inside her dreams and fight them herself.


For the past three nights, Lily has kept everyone awake with her crying because of recurring nightmares. When her groggy family asks her what she could possibly be dreaming about that's giving her nightmares, Lily tries to tell them using a garbage can and Lynn Sr.'s squid from the fridge (for his "ca-Lynn-mari"). When the family is unable to understand her, Lily storms up to her room to make a drawing. Lisa, following her, learns from Lily's drawing that the things that are causing her nightmares are Trashy, her living pile of garbage, and Tentacle, her pet tentacle. Taking pity on the youngest sister and feeling responsible for her troubles, Lisa decides to help her get rid of the nightmares.

Later, Lisa unveils her latest invention: the Dream Machine. It allows whoever uses it to be transferred into the mind of the receiving end (Lily). The siblings fight over who gets to go inside Lily's dream, but Lisa reveals that she had already chosen who to bring with her: Lincoln for his video game skills, Lynn for her strength, Lola for her unstable aggression, and Leni for her ability to speak Lily's babble. That night, Lisa and her team pack up for the trip inside Lily's dreams. After gathering some necessary equipment (along with a bag of Lynn Sr.'s ca-Lynn-mari), being given buttons that will send them back to the real world, and Lisa instructing the rest of her family to make sure Lily doesn't wake up (as it means that everyone in the mission will die), Lisa's new robot Lull-a-Bot fits the team into the machine activates it to send them into Lily's dreams.

Lincoln, Leni, Lynn, Lola and Lisa immediately find themselves in the scary, red-tinted basement. Hearing Lily crying and a monster growling, Lisa realizes that Trashy is attacking, and promptly orders the team to follow her. The team arrives to Lily's room, where they see Trashy scaring Lily. As Leni keeps Lily company, the remaining members fight Trashy, and he is swiftly defeated by Lola after she attacks him in a fit of rage after getting her gown dirty. Exiting the room, the team discovers Tentacle in the bathroom. Lincoln manages to defeat it with a teddy bear given to him by Lisa that serves as a grenade as he pulls the string. Meanwhile, in the real world, the remaining Louds look over Lily. However, something outside would begin making a lot of noise that would likely wake up Lily, like Mr. Grouse's lawnmower or Scoots, Seymour and Bernie riding around on their scooters. Rita and Lana step in to deal with the noises themselves (Rita deals with Mr. Grouse, while Lana deals with the elders), where they both immediately crash out in a shrub.

Back in Lily's dream, the team believes they succeeded in their mission. However, Lily is still scared, and reveals that there's one more monster left. After a quick rumble, the roof is ripped off to reveal a giant Flip. The team quickly flee the house and head to the backyard. Lincoln suggests that, like a boss from his video game, they attack him at different angles. After getting Flip's attention, Lincoln orders the sisters to fire their milk guns at him. After getting the warm milk into his mouth, he falls asleep. Suddenly, Lincoln remembers that Flip is lactose intolerant, which causes Flip to let out an intense fart that stinks up the environment around him. Realizing Flip is too dangerous to take down, Lisa tells the team to abort the mission, and orders them to press their buttons to wake up. Everyone presses their buttons and they promptly wake up, but Lincoln, Leni, Lynn, and Lola discover that Lisa is still sleeping. Lisa tells them through her walkie-talkie that she ordered them to wake up so she can deal with Flip herself, not wanting to put more of her siblings in danger. Suddenly, Flip captures Lisa, and Lily, seeing her sister in danger, transforms the ca-Lynn-mari Lynn Sr. gave Lisa earlier into a sword and slices the sleazy monster into a stinking mess. With the monster defeated, the environment is now pink and bright, and Lisa praises Lily for saving her. When Lily says she overcame her fears, Lisa declares the mission a success, and presses her button after Lily says farewell. Lisa wakes up, and when the team asks if she defeated Flip, Lisa tells them that it was Lily, now sleeping soundly, who defeated him.

At sunrise, Lily wakes up to see her family sleeping beside her, as well as Lisa. Happy, Lily crawls out of her crib, and climbs onto Lisa's bed, waking her up. The baby tells her older sister that she had a good dream about her, and Lisa, happy to see Lily happy, responds with "Tell me all about it, Lily."


Scoots, Bernie, and Seymour have no lines in this episode.


  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the footpad on the left hind leg of Lily's teddy bear.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Trashy, Lisa's living pile of garbage from the Season 1 episode "Chore and Peace".
  • Lisa mentions the events of "Blinded by Science" by bringing up Flip's two butt cracks.
  • Lisa reveals that she has a lever in her room that sounds an alarm whenever a fight breaks out.
  • Rita, like most people, is revealed to become cranky if she stays up for too long.
  • Lily is revealed to be able to climb out of her crib.
  • Luna and Luan are the only roommates who were neither recruited by Lisa.
  • This is the only Season 5 episode in which Lily's catchphrase, "Poo-poo," is said, specifically spoken by Leni and Lily.
  • Irony: If the Louds in the dreamworld can create everything from nothing, they didn't really need to get all that stuff in the material world.


  • Dream a Lily Dream - The title of this episode is likely a pun of the 1931 song "Dream a Little Dream of Me".
  • Inception - Both the episode and this film focus on traveling into someone's dream to influence the dreamer. Lisa also warns they can get trapped into limbo if something goes wrong.
  • Bleach - Lily's sword resembles Ichigo Kurosaki's from this anime.
  • Final Fantasy VII - Lily's sword resembles the Buster Sword from this video game.
  • Attack on Titan - A giant Flip in Lily's nightmare destroys buildings and is destroyed by a sword similar to the titan in this anime.


  • At the beginning, as Lincoln and Lily are eating cereal, Lincoln falls asleep in his cereal bowl, causing his spoon to fall out of it. Plus, Lily drops her spoon. But when Lincoln asks Lily if she's still having bad dreams, his spoon is back in the bowl and Lily's spoon is on the table.
  • After Lisa's siblings stopped fighting, Lynn's bottom hair is a lighter shade of brown compared to the rest of her hair.
  • Mr. Coconuts's line, "Wow, sleepless Mom doesn't mess around", is said in Luan's normal voice.
  • When Lincoln gets grabbed by Tentacle, he drops his milk blaster. But when he is tossed out of the bathroom, his blaster disappears.
    • In the same scene, Lisa is missing her headband.
  • When Lincoln, Leni, Lynn, and Lola woke up from Lily's dream, Leni is missing her headband.
  • Possible: For the majority of Lily's dream, Lily is barefooted. But when she used the calamari to defeat the Flip monster, she is wearing her booties. Of course, this is Lily's dream, so if she can she may be able to alter her own physical appearance in her dream.
  • Possible: Lily grabs the ca-Lynn-mari from the bag with her right hand, but when she stands up to face Flip, it is in her left hand.
  • Possible plot hole: This episode seems to suggest that Flip is lactose intolerant, even though he was shown eating cheese with no side effects in "Blinded by Science". However, this may be because this is how Lily interprets Flip, as she may falsely believe that Flip is lactose intolerant.


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