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"Driving Miss Hazy" is the fifth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Finally tired of doing favors for Lori to get rides, Lincoln decides to help Leni pass her driver's test.


Lori is the only Loud child to have a driver's license, and therefore the only Loud child who can drive her siblings to wherever they need/want to go, provided they do her chores and other favors for her in return. Lincoln is tired of doing Lori favors just to get her to give him a ride, and is surprised that Leni has to do it as well, especially considering that she's legally old enough to drive. Leni explains that because she has failed her driving test twelve times before and no one is willing to teach her how to drive anymore, she doesn't have an official driver's license yet. Seeing an opportunity, Lincoln decides to help Leni get ready for her next road test, figuring that if Leni had her license, she wouldn't force him and the rest of their sisters to do favors for her in exchange for rides like Lori does.

Teaching Leni to drive...

Lincoln tries to train Leni with a video game that utilizes a wireless wheel controller. Leni keeps losing at first, but Lincoln gives her motivation by saying that they're going to the mall. This helps Leni win the game, and she feels confident to take her test again, but she is brought home by the police for driving recklessly like in the game.

On Lincoln's next attempt, the rest of the sisters (minus Lori) decide to join in and help their brother get Leni ready for her road test--as it turns out, Leni and Lincoln's eight other sisters are just as tired of doing stuff for Lori in exchange for rides as Lincoln is. Lincoln and the sisters fashion a makeshift car to help Leni learn good driving habits, but Leni doesn't understand the technical names for things, such as calling the steering wheel the "spinny thingy" and the turn signal the "blinky blink". Lincoln realizes that he has to talk down to her level to get her to understand. By using simple terms and fashion lingo, Leni's able to drive the fake car, and then the lawnmower flawlessly, and again feels ready to ace her next road test. But Lori, not wanting her siblings to weasel out of doing stuff for her, wants to make sure that Leni fails her test. Later that night, Lori slips on a pair of headphones onto Leni's ears and plays a tape that teaches bad driving habits.

The next day, after Leni leaves to take her test, Lincoln refuses to do any more of Lori's laundry for a ride since Leni will give him (and the rest of their sisters) rides without forcing them to do favors for her, but Lori reiterates by saying that Leni won't pass because she assured it, accidentally revealing her treachery. When a suspicious Lincoln threatens to shrink her favorite Bobby-sweater, Lori confesses to her sabotage--ultimately, she claims that she did it because she's worried that Lincoln and the rest of their sisters won't need her for anything if Leni ends up getting her driver's license. Lincoln calls Lori out on her selfishness, pointing out that her actions have put Leni in possibly severe danger. Realizing the severity of what she did, Lori (now greatly worried about Leni's safety) drives herself and Lincoln to the local DMV to stop/help Leni.

Driving isn't as easy as it seems, especially when you're Leni.

When they arrive, they are relived to find that Leni is perfectly fine, but she did fail her driver's test again, this time due to Lori's bad instructions. After some insistence from Lincoln, Lori confesses to Leni about what she did, and to make it up to her, she agrees to help Leni train for her next test, which proves to be far easier said than done.


Lynn Sr. has no lines in this episode but he's listed in the credits because he was heard crying.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Title card, opening]
  Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Wait, why are you doing chores for Lori?"]
  ? [Total Turbo XXII]
  ? ["If I can help Leni get her license, she'll drive us anywhere! And Lori will have to wash her own jeggings."]
  Night Talking - Anthony Hymas [Lincoln gives Leni a steering wheel]
  ? [Leni puts on her special driving outfit]
  ? [Leni starts playing Total Turbo XXII]
  Game On - The Jetboys [Leni driving to the mall in Total Turbo XXII]
  ? [Leni gets a new high score in Total Turbo XXII]
  ? [Leni knocks over an old lady in Total Turbo XXII]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell ["Now we're getting somewhere!"]
  ? [Leni driving a lawn mower]
  ? [Leni ready to drive]
  Old Sleepy Head (a) - Clem Clempson, Hugh Burns [Lincoln explaining everything about how to drive to Leni]
  ? [Lincoln realizes he hasn't been speaking Leni]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell ["Now we're getting somewhere!"]
  Prairie Dogging - David Vanacore, Brandon Thompson [Lori looking for everyone]
  ? [Lori putting headphones on Leni]
  Setting the Trap - Dick Walter [Lori says she made sure of Leni not passing]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Lincoln and Lori going to the DMV]
  Magic By Candlelight - Marian McPartland [Leni walks down to Vanzilla from the DMV]
  Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Lori helped Leni practice for her next test]

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Welcome to the Loud House" "The Complete First Season", and "L'amour Vache" DVDs.


  • The Loud family's address is revealed to be 1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan.[1]
    • Royal Woods is a take on Royal Oak, Michigan, the birthplace of show creator Chris Savino.
  • This is the first episode to have one of Lincoln's sisters depicted on the title card.
  • This episode is set four weeks after Undie Pressure, because in that episode it is revealed that Lori & Bobby have been dating for six weeks, and in this episode Lucy wrote a poem for their ten-week anniversary.
  • This is the first episode where Clyde is absent.
  • Although the previous episode is technically the first to use Pop Punk as the title card music, it used a different portion of the track than normal, thus making this the first episode to use the usual portion of the track in the title card.
  • According to the video "Firsts with Baby Lily", this is the first time Lily has ever dressed up in a costume.
  • This episode reveals that Leni considers her left-hand side to be her "good side".
  • Irony: In the end, Lori tried to teach Leni how to drive, even though she was a threat to her.
  • Foreshadowing: The false driving instructions Lori sneaks to a sleeping Leni told her to never check her mirrors, commentate on the driving instructor’s appearance, and drive on the left side of the road. These are all the reasons why she failed her driving test for the fourteenth time.
  • Dora Dolphin (who played Leni in A Loud House Christmas) has stated that Lincoln trying to teach Leni to drive using his video game is one of her favorite Loud House moments.[2]


  • Driving Miss Hazy - The episode's title parodies the play and 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy, with the title card also parodying its movie poster.
  • Wacky Races and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop - Leni's driving outfit is based on that of Penelope Pitstop.
  • Three Wolf Moon - Bobby's sweater is a take-off of this t-shirt design, knowing for the satirical comments targeted at it.
  • Comune di Leni - Leni's line, "There's a country named after me?" references this Southern municipality in Italy (Sicilia).
  • Wii and Nintendo 64 - Lincoln's steering wheel-shaped gaming peripheral bears a resemblance to the Wii Wheel peripheral used for the Nintendo Wii. A remote that resembles the Wii remote is seen as well. Also, the game is inserted similar to how a Nintendo 64 game is inserted.
  • Fast & Furious - Lincoln calls Leni "Fast and Furious,"[3] alluding to this film franchise.


  • During Lori's line, "Click," her earrings are missing, but when she puts the headphones on Leni while she's asleep, Lori's earrings returned.
  • When Lincoln says "Lori's the only Loud kid with a driver's license," the closed-captions don't capitalize "Loud."
  • Possible: On the cop's citations, Mrs. Jelinsky's name is misspelled "Jelinski".
  • During Lynn's line, "Ah, you're teaching Leni to drive?", Leni's name is misspelled in the closed-captions as Lenny.
  • When Leni jumps out of her car in the game, her skirt is white. Also in the orange box, Leni's turtle neck seems to be purple. Lastly, at the end of the game, her leggings are colored like her skin.

Uncolored features on Vanzilla.

  • As Lori and Lincoln arrive at the DMV to pick up Leni from her driver's test, many features on Vanzilla (door handles, bumpers, gas door, mirrors) were left uncolored - appearing completely black, sharply contrasting the rest of the van.

The grass is discharging on the wrong side of the lawnmower.

  • When Leni is practicing on the lawnmower, the grass is discharging on the left side of the mower. All lawn mowers discharge from the right side.



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