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The Loud House series has been translated and dubbed into many different languages, for different countries. All the dubs and languages for the series are listed below and include the following information: the language, the title, the channels it is on, and the logo.

Language Title Channel

Title card/Logo

Albanian Shtëpia e zhurmshme Çufo The Loud House - logo (Albanian)
Arabic منزل لاود Nickelodeon Arabia, MBC 3, Nicktoons Arabia منزل لاود
Bulgarian (voice-over (2007-2014)

dub (2013-present)

Къщата на Шумникови Nickelodeon Central & Eastern Europe, Nicktoons Central & Eastern Europe

TLH Logo

Chinese 劳德之家 Nickelodeon Southeast Asia, Nickelodeon Malaysia劳德之家
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