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Edwin is so cold and tormented and mysterious. Sigh... if only he wasn't from another century.

Lucy Loud

Edwin is a bust of a fictional character of the same name from The Vampires of Melancholia, and Lucy's fictional love interest. He is, as the title of the series suggests, a vampire.


Edwin is a vampire and the main protagonist of The Vampires of Melancholia. He first appears in a book series of the same name, and then a TV series based on the books. He also appears in another book titled Edwin's Sensitivity Cookbook.


Edwin appears also as a bust in the series, that is seen multiple times. It is owned by Lucy, who is romantically attached to it. Both Lincoln and Lucy have kissed the bust. The bust first appears in "Making the Case". He also appears as a poster on Lucy's side of her and Lynn's room.


As a bust, only half of his body is shown. He has black hair that resembles a traditional vampire, pale light gray skin, swelling lips with vampire fangs, light yellow sclera, and black eye bags. He also has a pointy nose and ears. He wears a black vampire coat, and a gray shirt.

In "Spell It Out", the character Edwin is shown in physical form, and not as a bust. He still has his same hairstyle and coat, but he has a few notable differences: his lips do not swell anymore, his eye bags aren't that black anymore, and he now wears a red ascot, and a black vest with gold buttons, as opposed to simply wearing a tan shirt. He also wears gray pants, and brown boots.


  • His name is a nod to Edward Cullen, from the Twilight series.
  • In "Fandom Pains", it is revealed that he is played by Edward Moore.
    • He also has a great-great-great-grand-nephew named Tristan.
    • "Fright Bite" further reveals that Edward Moore's natural accent is British, as opposed to Edwin's Transylvanian accent. Robert Pattinson, who plays the American Edward Cullen in Twilight, is also British.

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