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"Electshunned" is the eighteenth episode (nineteenth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-sixteenth episode of The Loud House.


Leni goes toe-to-toe with the Mayor in a city-wide Royal Woods election.


At the Royal Woods Town Hall, Leni is helping out sorting files as part of an internship program for Mayor Davis. After done filing, Davis tells Leni to remind her when her campaign manager, Vic, arrives, as she wants to make sure she wins the re-election race. Later, Vic, along with his step-daughter's Gila monster, is explaining to Davis on what she should do in order to win audiences. At that moment, Leni enters and expresses desire to help out with her campaign by presenting some of her ideas, like flavored drinking fountains and better vests for crossing guards. However, Vic tells her that those ideas are terrible, and Davis tells her that being mayor is more than just "quirky ideas", making Leni sadly leave.

That night, as the Louds eat dinner, Leni, offended by Vic's opinion of her ideas, tells her family of what happened earlier. She goes on by saying some of the ideas she has in mind, and her family, impressed with her creativity, motivate her by saying that if she were running for mayor, they would vote for her.

Leni runs for mayor.

The next day, some of the siblings help out Leni with her campaign, being overseen by Lola, the self-promoted campaign manager. Once the stage is set up, Davis and Vic, who were taking yogurt samples at the food court, overhear Leni stating that she is running for mayor. When Davis and Vic think that this will be an easy win, Leni successfully rallies the crowd by promising a shopping day with no taxes. Seeing the people being won over by Leni, Vic says that he knows what to do. Later, at Tall Timbers Park, Leni, sitting on top of Vanzilla, tells the people that she will promise better internet connections for the park. As the crowd cheers, Vic, wanting to throw the competition off, convinces the crowd that Leni is too childish to be mayor. Offended, Rita and Lola attempt to chase him down so they can get even, but they accidentally crash into the pond. Lola suggests that they fight back, but Leni tells her that she does not want to play dirty.

The next day, there is a debate being held at the Royal Woods High School. After Leni gives her speech, Davis, being influenced by Vic, attempts to throw the audience off by saying that family values matter and that Leni cannot be trusted because she comes from a family who has caused some major trouble in the past, which successfully wins the crowd over. Angry over Davis badmouthing her family, Leni now wants to hit back.

At night, Leni, Lynn, Lola and Lana infiltrate Davis' office in town hall to get some dirt on her. As they search, Lynn plays with Davis' keyboard, and when Leni shuts it off, she and Lola discover something incriminating on it. The next day, Leni announces to some reporters and cameramen that the keyboard Davis uses was bought at a store from Hazeltucky, and encourages the people to vote for her since she is a local shopper. Davis and Vic, who are watching the speech on the TV, come up with a plan to fight back. As Leni introduces to the elders of Sunset Canyon Retirement Home a new pudding machine, Lola arrives and shows Leni that Davis and Vic are mailing out flyers to ruin Leni's image by saying she wears denim on denim. Now more angry than before, Leni says that it just got personal. At the Loud House, Lincoln and Leni are watching a commercial he made for her campaign, but once it finishes, a commercial premieres trying to once again paint Leni in a bad way. Before long, Leni and Davis begin to spout one dirty secret about each other back and forth.

Later, at the high school, a rally is being held, as Leni is ready to give out her final speech which, if she succeeds, will beat out Davis. Upon stepping up to the podium, Leni tries to give her speech, but the crowd interrupts her before she can finish her sentences, having been riled by the information she said about Davis. Leni is uneasy about this, but Lola tells her that this is normal, and it will help her win. However, Leni, wracked with guilt for turning the crowd savagely angry, says that Davis is not a bad mayor, bringing up some of her best decisions for the town, and Leni admits that many of the facts she said of Davis weren't true, saying that she was badly influenced to play dirty after Davis did it to her, and that does not reflect on her image. She concludes by saying if she wins or loses, she will stick with her plan of introducing fun and new ideas. Almost immediately, the crowd leaves, having lost all interest for her.

The next day, as Leni sadly listens to the news that Davis won the re-election on her phone in her room, Rita and Lynn Sr. come in and say they are proud of her for being true to herself, and Leni, initially sad for losing, cheers up. Later, Mayor Davis is at the mall for a ceremony, and Leni arrives with the ribbon cutting scissors. After thanking her, Davis reveals to Leni that because of her campaign yesterday, she felt inspired by her honesty and reveals that she fired Vic as her campaign manager, saying that she wants to be just as truthful as Leni. Davis then announces to the crowd the mall's first ever "no tax" shopping day, and allows Leni to cut the ribbon, as she was the one who proposed the idea. As the crowd cheers, Vic, watching nearby, mutters under his breath that he should have run for mayor instead.


Lily, Pop-Pop, Myrtle, Seymour, Bernie, Andrew, Mollie, Chloe, Joy, Jeffery, Roger, Darin McGowan lookalike, Amaris Cavin lookalike, Unnamed Woman, and Unnamed Girl 1 have no lines in this episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Luna has no lines in this episode.


  • The plot of the episode is similar to "Shop Girl", because in both episodes, Leni tries to be aggressive to win her fight, but later decides to be nice instead of aggressive. However, in "Shop Girl", Leni is rewarded for her kindness, but in "Electshunned", she is not rewarded.
  • This episode reveals that Mayor Davis' first name is Theresa.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the emblem on a person's T-shirt.
  • This episode reveals that during the last mayoral election, Flip tried to run for mayor, but lost after major dirt of him was exposed.
  • Mayor Davis brings up some of the Loud family's past incidents in order to persuade the audience not to vote for Leni:
  • Leni's campaign ideas:
    • Having flavored drinking fountains
    • New vests for crossing guards
    • New, comfy cushions for school buses
    • Keeping stores open past 9:00 PM
    • Longer green lights
    • A "no tax" shopping day for the mall (succeeded by Mayor Davis)
    • Internet service at Tall Timbers Park
    • Open more nail salons (top priority)
    • Give Sunset Canyon a new sleek pudding machine (succeeded)
  • Rita's former occupation as a crossing guard was shown in this episode when Leni shows Mayor Davis her idea of new vests for crossing guards, with Rita being the model.
  • The marquee on the mall's entrance sign reads "Missing Frog - Please Call Cheryl at 555-0156".
  • It is revealed that Lincoln's butt has been numb every time he rides the school bus since kindergarten.
  • This is the last episode to be boarded by Jules Bridgers before his departure to work on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.


  • Electshunned - The title of this episode is a portmanteau of election, a formal decision-making process in which a population votes for an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office, and shunned, which means to be persistently avoided, ignored, or rejected.
  • Richard Nixon - Vic's self given nickname "Tricky Vic" references this former President of the United States' nickname "Tricky Dick". Both used dirty tactics on their opponents.
    • However, Nixon's nickname was coined by his opponent Helen Gahagan Douglas during their California Senate race in 1950, due to Nixon's aforementioned tactics.
  • Watergate - Leni, Lynn, Lola, and Lana breaking into Mayor Davis' office to dig up dirt on her is likely a reference to the Watergate scandal, in which operatives of Nixon's re-election campaign broke into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters at the Watergate Office Building in Washington, D.C. to steal campaign documents and wiretap their phones. The ensuing controversy would result in Nixon's 1974 resignation - the first and, as of 2022, only in the entire history of the presidency, due to facing imminent impeachment from Congress.
  • Michael Sessions - The idea of Leni, a high-schooler, running for mayor references Michael Sessions, who was an eighteen-year-old who was known to be the youngest mayor in Hillsdale, Michigan. A high-schooler and resident of Michigan, Sessions stayed in office from 2005 to 2009.


  • Plot holes:
    • Even if Leni did run and win the election, she would not even be qualified to compete since she is still considered a minor at 17 years old and the age limit in Michigan is between age 21 and over.
    • Possible: Mayor Davis said that the Loud family created a zombie scare. But in "Last Loud on Earth", it was actually Lincoln and Clyde who did when they thought their dads were zombies, though it's likely she was just exaggerating.
    • Possible: It is unknown why Leni applied for an internship at City Hall despite already having a job at the Royal Woods Mall. However, it is possible that she is doing it for her college application.
    • Possible: Leni claims that Mayor Davis purchased her keyboard. But in "Racing Hearts", Mayor Davis said that she got it from her kids. It could, however, be a different keyboard, or Leni may have forgotten or been lying to get people to vote for her.
  • When Vanzilla is seen behind Vic's truck, Lola and Rita's positions are incorrect. They are the same as the positions shown through the rear-view mirror.
  • After Vanzilla ends up in the pond, Leni does not have mascara running down for face. But in the next shot, she does.
  • Leni's line, "OMGosh, Mayor Davis, [the internship's] the best!", is microphonic.
  • In the overhead shot where Rita and Lola attempt to chase Vic down, Leni has two set of white frills on the bottom of her dress.


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