The following is a transcript for the episode "Everybody Loves Leni".


[One afternoon at Reininger's, Leni is fixing up the window mannequins, she turns ones head and lowers its arm.]
Leni: "Hmm." [Puts a pair of pink sunglasses on the mannequin.] "These totes bring out your nose." [Drapes a scarf over another mannequin.] "Here, don't want you getting cold."
Miguel: [Offscreen, behind Leni] "Hey, Leni."
Leni: [To the mannequin] "Who told you my name? Oh, I'm wearing a name tag."
Miguel: "Shift's over, let's go get pretzels."
[Leni looks around, and sees Miguel and Fiona standing behind her.]
Leni: "Oh, it's you guys."
Fiona: "Nice window dressing, you made the 'kins look like friends."
Leni: "Thanks, I modeled them after us."
[They all pose. Later, they are in the food court eating pretzels.]
Leni: [Looking in the direction Fiona is dreamily looking.] "That's him, right? Burger guy?"
Fiona: "Yeah, I'm so nervous about tonight, I haven't been on a date since things fizzled with smoothie guy."
[Fiona points to smoothie guy, who is putting blueberries in the blender, and sadly staring at Fiona.]
Leni: "We'll come over after work, and help you get ready. Right, Miguel?"
Miguel: "Oh I am yours, girl."
Jackie: [Offscreen, gasps] "Hey, Leni."
[Leni's friends approach her, they are all excited to see each other, and air kiss. Miguel and Fiona are not amused.]
Leni: "What a fun surprise, these are my two best friends at school; Jackie and Mandee, and these are my two best friends at work; Miguel and Fiona."
[They all disdainfully exchange greetings.]
Mandee: "Leni, we bought so many cute shoes."
Jackie: "With money to spare for the pop-up sale this weekend."
Leni: "Yes! Pop-up sale!" [Screams]
Miguel: [Gets up] "Sounds like you guys have a lot to talk about, I should mosey."
Fiona: [Also getting up] "Yeah, me too." [They take off] "But we'll see you tonight, Leni?"
Leni: "See you at seven."
[They walk past the smoothie place, and smoothie guy watches dreadfully Fiona leave, while the uncovered blender spits blueberry juice everywhere.]
Jackie: "Wait, you're hanging out with those guys tonight?"
Leni: "Well, yeah, is that bad?"
Mandee: "It's fine, I mean, I can't remember the last time we spent a Friday night together, but it's fine."
Leni: "No, no, it's not fine, if I'm not making enough time for you guys, I need to fix that. I'll come over after I'm done at Fiona's house, okay?"
Mandee: "Sounds good." [She and Jackie leave]
Jackie: "See you laters."

[Later, at Fiona's house, Leni is primping Fiona while Miguel is looking for something for her to wear.]
Fiona: "I hate first dates, what if we have nothing to talk about?"
Leni: "Don't worry, you can use this list of twenty-five first date questions I found." [Takes out her phone to show Fiona the list, when she gets a text from her school friends that reads 'WHERE U @'] "Oh, what time are you leaving for your date, Fiona? I should let Jackie and Mandee know when to expect me."
Miguel: "Wait, you double booked us?"
Leni: "No, I just made two separate plans for the same night."
Fiona: [Trying not to sound jealous.] "I mean, that's legit what a double book is, but it's fine."
Miguel: [Also trying not to sound jealous.] "Yeah, go be with your school friends, we have this covered."
Leni: [Leaves] "But I'll see you guys at the pop-up sale this weekend?"
[Miguel and Fiona look at each other.]
Fiona: [In union] "I mean, sure."
Miguel: [In union] "Yeah, I guess."
[Leni leaves]

[Later, Leni arrives at Jackie's house.]
Leni: "Hey guys, I'm so glad we can hang out, tell me what's new with you."
Jackie: "Oh my gosh, so much, I'm not sure I want to be a veterinarian anymore."
Mandee: "I'm thinking about getting bangs." [Leni's phone vibrates]
Leni: "Wow, that is big. Speaking of bangs, I should go check mine, make sure they're not too flat, BRB." [Leaves for the bathroom, but sees that Jackie's little brother was headed for it and heads him off, much to his surprise.] "Sorry, really got to get in there." [Closes the door, and answers her phone.] "Fiona, what's the matter?"
Fiona: "Sorry to bother you guys, but I need help, we already got through those twenty-five questions, his answer to every one was 'I guess'."
Leni: "There have to be other things you can talk about." [Gets an idea] "I know, tell him about that time you went to Canada, guys love adventure."
[Leni returns to Jackie and Mandee.]
Mandee: "Are you okay? I thought I heard you talking to someone."
Leni: "Oh yeah, I was just talking to, myself, it helps me pee. [Her phone vibrates again] "Uh, but it didn't work, I should go again, this time I'll try singing. [Leaves for the bathroom again, she and Jackie's brother look at each other, and race to the bathroom, Leni wins, accidentally hitting Sebastian with the door, and starts singing.] "♫ Row, row, row, you're boat, gently down the stream. ♫" [Answers her phone]
Fiona: [Who is hiding behind a plant.] "Leni, guess who's seated at the table next to mine, smoothie guy, and he looks so cute and sensitive.
Leni: "Move to another table, immediately."
Miguel: "Focus on burger guy, it didn't work with smoothie guy, remember? Don't get sucked back into that blender."
Fiona: "Thanks guys."
[Call ends]
Leni: [Back to singing] "♫ Life is but a dream. ♫" [Flushes the toilet, and later, is back with her school friends, when her phone vibrates again.] "You know what we need? Snacks, don't get up, your nails are wet." [Goes back to the bathroom, and gasps at something Fiona said.] "Smoothie guy sent you some chili fries, and now burger guy is going over there to confront him?" [Walks back into Jackie's room, but her phone vibrates again.] "Whoops, this isn't the kitchen." [Runs back to the bathroom, just as Sebastian, having regained consciousness, is about to walk in. Leni darts past him without saying anything, and Sebastian desperately tries to hold it.] "What! Now burger guy and smoothie guy are hanging out without you?"
Jackie: [Knocking on the door] "Leni, are you in here again? My brother really needs to pee."
Leni: "Sorry, I'll be right out, just washing my hands." [Turns on the sink, and to her work friends] "I'm really sorry, guys. I have to go."
Fiona: "Oh, I guess your other friends are more important than my life."
Leni: "Fiona, it's not like that."
Mandee: [From outside the door] "O, M, gosh! Are you talking to your work friends right now?!"
[Leni sees that the sink is overflowing and freaks out. She grabs a towel, accidentally ripping the rack out of the wall, and puts it under the water.]
Jackie: "Leni, are you okay?"
[Leni turns the faucet off, but Jackie, Mandee, and Sebastian come in, unhappy.]
Leni: "I'm so sorry, I'll clean it up."
Jackie: [Angry with Leni] "Don't bother, Mandee will help me. We won't take up any more of your time."
Fiona: [on the phone] "Yeah, neither will we."
[Fiona and Miguel hang up, and Leni is now sad.]

[Later that night, Lori is laying on her bed texting, when Leni walks in sighing heavily and plops down on her bed.]
Lori: [Sighs] "Leni, your sighing is literally ruining my texting. What's wrong?"
Leni: "I don't know what to do, I feel torn between two groups of friends. How do I make them both happy?"
[Lincoln, who is standing behind the doorway, clears his throat.]
Lori: [Sighs] "Lincoln, what do you want?"
Lincoln: [Comes in the room] "I think I know how to help Leni. When I started hanging out with Rusty and Zach, Clyde and Liam felt left out. So I invited everyone to hang out together and now we're all BFFs."
Leni: "So, you're saying my friends should hang out with your friends?"
Lincoln: [Facepalms] "No, bring your friends together."
Lori: [Impressed] "Huh, that is surprisingly mature advice for an eleven-year-old."
Lincoln: "Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me," [revealed to not be wearing pants.] "I have to go write my name on my new Ace Savvy underwear." [Pulls a marker out of his underwear, and starts to leave, but not without stopping in the doorway and slapping his butt.]
Lori: [Unimpressed] "I literally take that back."
[Leni takes out her phone, and gets texting.]

[The next night, Leni is bringing her school friends into the basement.]
Leni: "We're gonna have so much fun tonight. I planned a bunch of stuff for us to do."
Jackie: [Liking what she sees] "Yogurt covered pretzels," [Gasps] "and Sixteen and a half magazine, my favorites."
Mandee: [Sees something she likes] "Ooh, sparkling water. [Is then revolted] "Eww, who drinks pomelo flavor?"
[The doorbell rings.]
Leni: "Oh, good, the other guests are here." [Leaves to get them, while Jackie and Mandee look at each other with confusion. Leni comes down with her work friends.] "...and, I got your favorite drink."
Miguel: [Not too pleased to see Jackie and Mandee.] "Oh, I didn't realize this was a party party."
Leni: "It's just the five of us," [Hugs them all] "I can't wait for you guys to get to know each other." [The two groups have very little enthusiasm about this. Later, the four are on a sofa, Leni giving each of them a set of cards.] "I thought we could play a 'getting to know you' game, on each card, is a fun fact about someone in this room, your job is to guess who. Miguel, you can go first."
Miguel: [Unenthusiastic] "I like pumpkin spice lattes. I'm gonna guess Mandee."
Mandee: [Gasps with interest] "You're right, how'd you know?"
Miguel: [Scoffs] "If your name's Mandee, liking pumpkin spice lattes is pretty much your entire brand."
[Smirks as Mandee and Jackie glare at him, offended.]
Leni: "Wow, you guys know each other so well already. Jackie, your turn."
Jackie: "I have a winning smile." [Giggles] "Well, that must be about Mandee."
[Mandee smiles]
Leni: "Actually, it was about Miguel."
[Miguel smiles]
Jackie: "Hmm, I don't see it."
Miguel: [Abruptly gets up] "I'm done with this game."
Mandee: "Huh, which card says, I'm a quitter?" [Miguel and Fiona look at her, angry.]
Leni: [Seeing where this is going.] "Uh, why don't we try something else?" [Pulls out Froot Tangle. Rolls out the mat.] "Okay, I'll go first." [rolls a pair of dice] "Right foot, apple. Mandee, why don't you go next?" [Hands her the dice]
Mandee: "Leni knows I'm good at this game." [Rolls the dice] "Oop, left foot, pineapple."
Miguel: "I'm pretty good at it, too. I'm a part-time yoga instructor, so." [Puts his drink on the floor, next to Fiona's bag, rolls the dice, and does a yoga pose for his move.] "Right foot, grape. Leni, I didn't tell you, yesterday, I had to deal with a total penny."
Leni: "Oh no, that's awful." [To Jackie and Mandee] "A penny's what we call someone who tries using an expired coupon."
Fiona: [Takes the dice; smugly.] "You kind of have to work with us to get it." [Rolls right hand, orange.]
Jackie: "Leni, did you see Rashida's prom-posal to Brandon? [Rolls rights hand, pineapple.] "It was so, addy-addy bing bang."
Leni: [To Miguel and Fiona] "That's our friend word for 'adorable'."
Mandee: [Smugly] "You kind of have to go to school with us to get it."
[Later on, in the game]
Fiona: "Leni, I meant to thank you for helping me get through that awful twelve-hour sale, I was thinking about how working together is pretty much, the deepest bond there is.
Mandee: "Really, cause I was thinking that true friendship isn't something you can find on a rack."
[All four grow an annoyed expression, the play continues, and Mandee accidentally spills Miguel's drink all over Fiona's bag.]
Miguel: [Gasps] "My pomelo."
Fiona: "My bag!"
Mandee: "It was an accident. I'm sorry I'm not a part-time yoga instructor."
Jackie: "Leni, this was a terrible idea. Why did you want us to hang out with them?"
Miguel: "Well, believe me, we didn't wanna hang out with you."
Mandee: [Gasps] "We're leaving."
Fiona: "Don't bother, we're leaving."
[They all work on untangling themselves.]
Leni: [Trying to stop them.] "Guys, wait, we didn't get to eat the 'new best friends' cake I baked."
[Pans over to the said cake, but Leni's friends get up.]
Mandee: "Sorry, Leni. And by the way, Miguel, everyone likes pumpkin spice." [She and Jackie leave] "Except maybe, stuck up part-time yoga instructors."
[Miguel gasps at this, he leaves and Fiona picks up her wet bag and follows.]
Lincoln: [As everyone passes him and Lori.] "Wow, poor Leni. She's literally bending over backwards for her friends."
[Leni is still on the Froot Tangle mat, trying to hold her position, but falls, sad.]

[The next day, at the pop-up sale, Miguel and Fiona are waiting for the changing rooms.]
Miguel: "Ugh, these clothes will go out of style before I get to try them on."
[The rooms open, but Miguel and Fiona are not pleased with who walks out.]
Fiona: [sour tone] "Oh, it's you."
[Jackie and Mandee are no more pleased to see them.]
Miguel: [To Jackie, about the outfit she's holding.] "Didn't Leni tell you that fuchsia was last season's color?"
Jackie: [Looks at what Miguel picked out.] "Guess she didn't tell you that you can't pull off those jeans." [Miguel, overdramatically, gasps in shock at this.]
Fiona: [Having had enough, marches over to the third changing room.] "That's it." [Bangs on the door] "Leni, come out! You have to choose, either them or us." [An old lady comes out of the room as Fiona looks.] "Oops, heh heh, my bad." [Awkwardly closes the door; to Jackie and Mandee.] "Wait, isn't Leni with you guys?"
Mandee: "We thought she was with you." [Gasps] "Is she blowing us all off?"
[At the Loud House, Leni is on the couch watching TV, wearing a pink hoodie and eating cartons of pudding.]
Host: "On this week's episode of 'Vest Friends Forever', Kurt is torn between suede fringe and classic pinstripe."
Kurt: "Luckily, my best friends are here to help me choose the perfect vest."
[Leni starts to cry because her best friends hate each other, when she gets a call.]
Leni: "Hello?"
Jackie: [Mad, as are Leni's other friends.] "Leni, what the heck? Where are you?"
Leni: "Oh, hey, how's the pop-up sale?"
Fiona: "Never mind that, you ditched us. Do you have another group of friends we don't know about?"
Leni: "I'm sorry, I knew that no matter who I went to the sale with, [Her friends anger turn to sympathetic] I'd be upsetting someone, so I decided to stay home. I'll let you guys go, I don't want to ruin your day." [Hangs up, and her friends realize what they have done and now feel horrible.]
Jackie: "Wow, Leni missed her favorite sale because of us."
Fiona: "Ugh, we are the worst."
[Cuts back to Leni reaching for the remote but Lincoln takes it and Leni notices him and Lori standing next to her.]
Lincoln: "Leni, we need to talk to you."
Lori: "We overheard your phone call and we're worried about you. It's not your fault if your friends can't get along."
Leni: "It's not?"
Lincoln: "No, and if they can't hang out together, they'll just have to learn to share you."
Leni: "You know what? You're right."
Lori: "Now, you march over to the store, and tell them that they're going to have to grow up."
Leni: [determined] "Yeah!" [gets up] "I will do that." [marches over to do so, but when she opens the door, her friends are right there.] "Oh, you're here. Well, good. There's something I have to say to you."
Miguel: "Actually, there's something we have to say to you."
Leni: "No, me first! If you can't share the store, then you're going to have to march over to the room, and grow me up! Wait, that's not right. Dang it, I was gonna practice this on the bus!"
Mandee: "Leni, never mind that. We came to apologize."
[Leni grows surprised.]
Miguel: "We've been acting like total jerks, and we're sorry we got so jealous."
Jackie: "Even if the four of us aren't gonna be besties, we can at least try to get along."
Fiona: "'Cause the last thing any of us want is to lose you as a friend."
Leni: [touched] "Aww, that's supes sweet. Thanks, you guys. Hey, do you want to come in? I was just watching 'Vest Friends Forever'."
Miguel & Jackie: "I love that show!" [The two look at each other surprised then smile at each other.]
[And so...]
Kurt: [Hugging his friends, and tearing up] "Ha, right? I mean, how could you go wrong."
Fiona: [While the five of them are eating Leni's 'New Best Friends' cake.] "That vest, is so addy-addy bing bang."
Mandee: [Drinking her sparkling water] "Hey, this pomelo's really tasty. Good call, Miguel."
[Leni is especially happy. The episode ends with the frosting Leni on the cake winking at the audience.]

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